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People have used the swap system to meet the products they need in the past. It was enough for one side to have a substance needed by the other party for this trade. This system, which continued quite nicely in the early days, was interrupted in the future due to the lack of sufficient raw materials. Since this event, which caused the birth of the monetary system, the money changed shape and entered our lives.

The money was first produced by melting and recycling precious metals. After the reduction of precious metals and the use of these coins for different purposes, the coins made of precious metals were replaced with paper money. Paper money, which forms the basis of today's banking system, actually has no logic. Built on precious metals such as gold, this system contains huge chaos with stocks and credits.

Crypto markets have entered our lives for the last 10 years and are preparing to destroy the traditional systems. The elements that form the banking system do not want the crypto markets to develop. They have imposed big sanctions on this situation. The elements of change in the crypto market are becoming increasingly difficult.

The Xcoynz team, which reviewed the current conditions of the crypto market, set out to create an alternative project where users would own their own systems. The Xcoynz platform is built on different modules to answer users' expectations. First of all, the Xcoynz team, which has implemented the payment gateway for the transition from the traditional market to the crypto market, aims to bring the traditional investors and the crypto market together.

Why XCOYNZ platform is unique?

  • One of the biggest nightmares of crypto lovers is the high commission fees received by the stock exchanges. When users are making money transfers, they are constantly being charged from them when sending a market order or sending money to another account. The Xcoynz team offers an alternative discount method for users to pay lower commission fees and calculate their own expenses. According to the number of token in the hands of users in the platform to pay the fees to fall or often does not pay any money.
  • Another positive feature of the Xcoynz platform is that it has its own trading recommendation module. Crypto lovers are often forced to take crypto money. The news or the crypto coins they receive from others often cause the users to carry out transactions with loss. The system uses its own recommendation system by alerting users according to the amount in the trading system. This system is designed to sell before the price rise and before it falls.
  • Xcoynz system, which has its own digital card, allows users to use these systems in their real purchases. Users can withdraw money from ATM machines at any time. Or users can make purchases from e-commerce sites, negotiated stores.
  • Launching its own payment gateway system, Xcoynz Stock Exchange supports traditional users or retailers to participate in the crypto market. With this system, store owners who want to appeal to more customers can expand their business gateways using the Xcoynz platform. Apart from real money, people who use digital money systems can adapt their technology more easily in a short period of time.

Features of Xcoynz Platform

  • The platform works with large brokers to attract more investors and create high liquidity. Designed to appeal to all types of users, this system is not only for advanced users but also for new investors. Xcoynz stock exchange designed with advanced interface system has been designed and implemented in accordance with today's technological tools. Users can even enter the Xcoynz stock exchange on their tablet, computer, phone or even TV.
  • Xcoynz stock exchange, which prioritizes the satisfaction of the users, has implemented multi-language customer service. The Xcoynz team, which aims to establish a unique stock exchange system that will listen to the feedback from the users, ensures that transactions such as transfer, kyc are carried out as quickly as possible.
  • Order waiting and deletion times on the stock market is one of the biggest problems of users. Users who consider canceling the order will, in some cases, see that the order has not really been deleted and that the transaction has occurred. This causes people to suffer or suffer high losses. Xcoynz platform has a continuously updated server structure. There are no cases where the order is not realized or not canceled on these servers which are capable of performing millions of transactions in milliseconds.

As a result

The Xcoynz project, which has received very high scores from the world-famous ico rating sites, is shown among investmentable icos. You can reach the details of this successful project which has reached the soft cap figures by completing the seed investment stage in a short time

Social Media and Sale Details

WebSite: https://xcoynz.com
WhitePaper: https://xcoynz.com/#documents
Telegram: https://t.me/XCOYNZ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Xcoynz-2221813577868815/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xcoynz

Bounty0x Username : Assasin

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