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In the gaming world, questions from console users need to be quickly clarified. Answering some of those – specifically with regard to Xbox consoles and services – is the first thing we intend to do. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, we like readers to know how to avail of the Xbox Live Gold (XBL Gold) service and codes without having to shell out a dime. We hope you’d be lucky to get codes from our site. So, for everybody on the road for a code hunt, happy Xbox gaming!

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Free Xbox Live Gold

Maybe the first questions needing elucidation before going over this section’s main topic is “What exactly is XBL Gold, and what is its difference from its predecessor XBL Silver?” To start with, each of these versions pertains to a different membership type. The free membership, formerly called XBL Silver, has limited functionality. The free service does not allow members to play multiplayer online games. The second service XBL Gold is not free, so it is sometimes referred to as “paid membership”. It allows gamers multiplayer access to online games from Microsoft.

When people say “online subscription” related to Xbox, it’s the XBL Gold membership that they are referring to. Now, some time after the Gold launch, it became clear that the new service was not envisioned by Microsoft to remain superior in all aspects of the company’s services. They later announced that Xbox One and Xbox 360 console owners would now be able to access entertainment services as Hulu Plus and Netflix without the Gold subscription requirement. The announcement also said that aside from the two entertainment services, gaming apps such as Upload, Twitch and Minichima would be accessible to non-Gold customers.

The same goes for other services like HBO Go, Red Bull TV, GoPro, Deportes, NFL app, MLB.TV, NHL, Game Center and NBA Game Time. The NFL app is available for Xbox One users only. In the new setup, services such as Games for Gold, Game DVR and Cloud Gave Saves would remain solely under the domain of XBL Gold. Of the Gold services, we understand that it is the Microsoft games that most subscribers are most interested in and it is the games that they are paying money for. However, a great number of game enthusiasts don’t like paying for online games if they can only play them for free.

This is where searches for “Free Xbox Live Gold” come into play and that’s what we are here for. We’re here to help people like them to figure what to do to save money while enjoying the great games from Microsoft and get those free games they roll out every month only for legitimate subscribers.

Free Xbox Live Codes

Now, here’s what we do. We are a code generator site offering Free Xbox Live Codes, and you may marvel how we do that without getting the ire of a powerful company like Microsoft. Well, to us, it is very simple and it is as simple as knowing the Xbox Live calculation algorithm that Microsoft uses. With that knowledge at hand, we have limitless capacity to produce codes. But how do free sites get profit through code generation? We earn through advertisements that other companies post in our site.

Consider the popularity that Xbox Live Gold and other Xbox services are enjoying and you can see how attractive our business is to game players and advertisers. That’s basically the basis for our business. But that is not much of a concern to you now as your priority is to get Xbox Live Codes for free. Whatever code generating site you’re using, the steps are pretty much similar.

First, go to the site’s page where their generator can be seen and where different packages/cards are ready for choosing. Commonly, sites use cards with values of $10, $25, $50 and $100 and we use the same values in our own site. We advise users to choose the lowest which is $10 as these cards are the easiest to generate and also the most secure. After choosing, you will be given a code immediately. Some users encounter a CAPTCHA or a verification requirement before receiving their code. Just flow with the process when it happens to you, because these are intended to secure the process.

We guarantee that our codes will work because they are neither stolen nor bought from the black market. As these codes are produced by us, we can give you codes on a regular basis, but don’t abuse the system by generating too many codes. Rest assured that our codes are genuine and work according to their intended purpose.

Xbox Live Codes

From this part, we focus on Xbox Live codes for XBL Gold, because what you really need is to get hold of codes to do away with the paid service and use them to start using the service for free, continue using it and play all the games you can get your hands on. However, it is wise to choose only one game to play at a time. Playing many games will force you to spend a lot of time searching the internet for free codes applicable to each one of them.

As you can see, there are myriads of games that Microsoft has already released so far. We project there are more to come. Perhaps, you can start with the newer games and then pick one from this group. Then you scour the internet for free codes for that particular game. Once you find a site that offers codes for that game, make sure to confirm with the site if the codes are currently available. Sometimes sites fail to inform visitors and customers about games they no longer have codes for.

Further, read reviews of these sites. The gaming industry has also its own share of crooks. Check if former customers have reported sites for offering used or stolen codes. Xbox Live codes come in different categories. There are gift card codes, usually valued at $5, $10, $20 or $50. You can also get Game Pass Gift Card codes at $10. Then you can also have membership codes – typically for 6-month or 3-month membership. Finally, there are codes for specific games, each carrying a different value. An example would be the $30-free code for King’s Quest: Season Past. Getting this code will allow you to play it through chapters 2 – 5 of the game.

The thrill of playing this game relates to a king’s reminisces of the past decisions he made in running his kingdom. If influencing this king’s past decisions is your cup of tea, go ahead and get a code. You’ll love the trip back in time where you can intervene in the past events that shaped this kingdom, and possibly give the kingdom’s story a more favorable conclusion.

Free Xbox Live Codes No Survey

As you go along with this free-code escapade, raking no-hassle codes month after month, you may find some sites are actually offering codes in exchange for a commitment to help them out with other businesses they are running on the side. We can honestly tell you that we are not guilty of such. We are not here to trouble you except if you can give us a small portion of your time to try us out to get free codes. We said that it’s okay to deal with human verification process, because it must be the most convenient request from code generators to searchers and perhaps the least annoying.

We do have cases where our searchers encounter CAPTCHA, so pardon us if that happens to you, but that is the most convenient we can offer for now, as we expect to put additional system modifications so in the future, none of these irritating situations can ever be experienced again in our site. So why do most gamer-searchers of Xbox Live free codes use the keyword “Free Xbox Live Codes No Survey” or “no human verification” or “no downloads”? It’s easy to see. With the download requirement that also requires inputting the user’s email, you know what happens next. A deluge of unwanted mails will come to the user’s inbox and outbox. What about the “survey” thing? Well, they will not give you their free codes until their survey questionnaire has been accomplished, and for many, that is the meanest trick they have ever met in their entire gaming life.

People are in a hurry and don’t like to wait. If you are one of them, you are good to avoid any of these hidden business tactics. But a few don’t mind them at all, as they are not in a hurry or they don’t care spending a small amount of time for deleting unexpected mails – even on a daily basis. Our site aims to give the best experience. Just continue getting your free codes from us. In the future, we promise to be your most benevolent Xbox Live free code benefactor that puts your interest above ours.

Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

A lot of benefits are in store for you after getting Free Xbox Live Gold Codes. Free memberships can be availed of. This will allow you to play online games for 3, 6 or even 12 months without any charge. All three options are available in our site. Know also that Microsoft gives out free games through their “Games with Gold” service. The duration of availability of offered games vary. Some last for an entire month, while others can be availed only within two weeks from release.

These free games are exclusively for Gold subscribers, but you can redeem them as well with just the use of free codes. Just make it sure that you redeem within the allotted time period. So act fast. Get codes from us and then redeem games from the Xbox download official website or simply use your Xbox console. The third benefit is the great chance for you to be a part of a community of gamers that like you are excited to hoard in free codes as well. While your future community is waiting for you to join their endless gaming adventure team, it’s good for you to realize that with the community membership you will acquire, Gold free codes will serve as your passport to making new friends and having opportunities to talk about and compare your games with other members.

This will also be your ticket to getting requests and discussing avatar-related things with your newly-gained friends. But your soon-to-be-found community is only a part of a huge iceberg of benefits that you stand to get. Completing that massive ice of things to take advantage of is your opportunity to be supported well by no less than our complimentary customer support team. We understand that you have questions. We know you want some people to be there at your side while you learn the ropes about Free Xbox Live Gold Codes. Much as we want you to be our partners to promote our business, your interest forms a big part of the driving force of why we are here. Just enjoy the games. We’ll take care of the rest.

How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold

We’re halfway through and here we’ll talk about the process of actually getting your XBL Gold service free of charge. There are many options you can use, but make sure you are clear about whether or not a certain option is beneficial or not. In our site, we have an option that is simple, quick and smooth. No downloads are required. The system is also ready with different card values to give out after processing. Finally, it is totally free. First, enter your email in the designated box on the free code page of the site (Your email serves only as the address to where we will send free codes. There will be no marketing emails that will vex you).

Next, indicate the particular free code voucher you intend to get. Our generator will then create a code for you. Get your code. In the event that you failed to use the code at the time when another user applied for a voucher under the same category that you had requested, the company reserves the right to transfer the right of usage of the code to the new applicant. After receiving the code, you are required to initiate it. Finally, finish one CAPTCHA.

This last step is for the use of our advertisers who’ve been very kind with their helping entrepreneurial spirit. By initiating the code, you will be assigning the amount you have indicated to it. Remember that temporary or trial subscriptions are available from Microsoft, but they come with a disadvantage. This has something to do with the need to repeat the process over and over again when the trial expires. This will require you to create a new Microsoft account every time and use a different phone number each time you register. Anybody who has never had a Gold account before is free to use Xbox Live’s trial version.

Xbox Live Redeem Code Free

As you go through the hunt, you’ll find websites using the expression redeem codes. These codes are pretty much the same and are mainly used to extend subscriptions and to make Xbox purchases. The only difference from other codes is redeem codes are redeemable only at the Microsoft store. That’s where you should also go every time you acquire Xbox Live Redeem Code Free from this site.

On their side, Microsoft calls their redeem codes as “prepaid codes”. These codes are therefore paid, although there are legitimate ways by which they can be obtained without paying money. One is by point accumulation, which requires effort. Use Bing search. Gather at least 7000 points. Submit the points in the Microsoft website to redeem and get a one month free subscription of Xbox Live. Specifically, use the Microsoft Rewards feature of the Xbox service to redeem.

Other acceptable ways via the Microsoft system are signing up for a free trial with the use of a new gamertag and by entering 2 or 3-day subscription cards that come with new or pre-ordered games. But you know these ways are not favored by many. Many want real free redeem codes, not just because they are free but also because they save gamers from many hassles that go along with the official Xbox system.

Now here’s the catch. You can earn points by hundreds of thousands or by millions from outside Microsoft, go to the redeem center and convert them to eternal hours of Xbox Live play quests. And you need not go far! Just stick with us and we will give you free redeem codes from our generator that never sleeps. You either get continuous supply in smaller increments, or get your million points a single time. When you run out, you can simply come back to fill up your bucket again!

Xbox Live Card

Filling up your Xbox game wallet need not only be through the ways mentioned above. Microsoft is a great inventor of ways by which they can get attention for their services. For Xbox subscriptions and other purchases, they still have “cards” which usually appear green in their own site and in other game seller pages online.

These cards are green and they don’t appear under the items being sold like you would generally see with tag prices appearing under items. The cards are posted separately, each with embedded values. They are not physical but digital, so they must be digitally purchased and digitally processed for use. Microsoft favors many sites, like us, who also want to make their offerings numerous and inviting. So besides the codes that we offer, we also have these cards, which basically function as tools for housing codes.

Once you get an Xbox Live Card from us, follow the same redemption steps. Be ready to provide your email so Microsoft can promptly send you the code assigned for the card. Simply choose your card with the specific value that you want – $25, $50, or $100. Click the card and wait for the generator to find an unused card. You can use your mobile, tablet or PC to redeem. Once that code is ready, go to the Xbox store. Type the code. After recognition, the system will send the amount directly to your account.

You don’t do this with every free site that you come across. It is just erroneously and simply dangerous. You don’t want your account suspended simply because the free site is new or doesn’t know how it all runs in the Xbox official system. We’ve heard this happening with so many account holders before. Don’t be the next victim. Play your cards well.

Free Xbox Live Gold Membership Codes

To be 100% safe for our patrons, we got everything covered for them, including Free Xbox Live Gold Membership Codes. Aside from that full protection offered to account holders, you can also enjoy all the additions that you can normally find offered in official subscriptions. Our membership codes can truly guarantee that you have all these for free within the length of membership time you have chosen.

Membership types available with our codes are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. The perks include: 1) 50- 75% discounts on games and more, 2) free games, and 3) Advanced multiplayer games and invites to multiplayer tournament. Oh yes, you need to first sign up with us. After sign up, you will receive an email from us. That is just for email validation. If your email is valid, we can now proceed to business. You get your codes and you get your points.

It is up to you to earn more points from us, but the activities and promos that we have for members are designed to get them going, to attract them to get more points to stack in their wallets and make it easy for them to continuously collect codes. You can earn points and even codes by just signing up. But remember that this is a first-come-first-serve offer. As you know, there are so many out there on the wait for freshly generated membership codes. We want everyone accommodated in a manner that they will not have to waste time, but the codes that we generate can’t sometimes catch up with the demand.

We are thankful that we have a generous support team who keeps themselves busy answering members’ questions. So keep your questions coming if it ever happens that you need to wait on a queue. Anybody’s wait will pay off – always pay off. Once you get hold of your first membership code and start running your game with it, you will know that the time it took for you to wait is really nothing compared to the kind of game experience that our company and code can give you.

Xbox Live Code Generator

And here’s the crown of it all! Our services are nothing without the tremendous contribution of our Xbox Live Code Generator to our business. This generator is the reason why more and more wholesale businesses come to us offering a partnership with us. Most of those from our current pool of partners are actually code-generating companies as well, but they are beginners in the business on the stage where they are still trying to draw in advertisers and gamers to their site.

With these people around and the tremendous resources available to us, our greatest pride is still our generator that was carefully engineered by men and women who labored day and night to come up with software that works perfectly well not only for the business, but also the gamers who have been our loyal customers for years now and the new ones that have recently joined us.

In a nutshell, our code generator is tireless in generating codes one after another, safely being able to generate and choose codes that will not harm gamers in any way, user-friendly as it requires no downloading of software or filling up or surveys, and effective at being able to separate the wheat codes from the chaff codes. With this generator, all you need is a couple of steps on your way to the best kind of multiplayer gaming experience with Xbox sans the burden on the pocket. This is all yours.

When we and this Xbox Live Code Generator were launched, we were still on a very tight situation and were asking gamers to spread the good news to friends and relatives. We are not so much compelled to ask of you to do that now, but every kind act from our patrons are heartwarmingly welcome. The generator will not be able to send you the message of gratitude, but we will. Let’s begin the journey. You’re now in.

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