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Living in a decentralized world may seem like a utopia, but some of the brightest minds of the moment are working with all their energy to make it a reality. Think of Satoshi Nakamoto, whoever he is, has managed in less than 10 years to build a digital currency based on cryptography and decentralized, which at the moment has a combined value of more than 84 billion dollars. If we add to this the value of all the cryptocurrencies that are based on the same technology, we find that an economy of impressive value is being generated and, in passing, the idea that it really makes sense to think about economic models and social networks that work in a decentralized manner, where trust is no longer deposited in governments or people to be deposited in mathematics and software.

Seeking why decentralized worlds are born, I came across a very successful paragraph to start this topic, we all know what the blockchain is, we are in a part of history that will mark a change, in such a way that the story turns when electricity is Invented, the phone or the internet, the blockchain is the other invention that marks time, along with it changes the world, platforms that make history are born and XAYA is one of them


Looking for ways since 2013, the XAYA team (formerly Chimaera) seeks to promote the worlds of video games with the blockchain technology, pioneers of the blockchain gaming develop a decentralized open source platform where the video games and assets that surround this world are truly free and accessible to all, developers, players, investors, miners, all together in a sustainable ecosystem

A platform, a market where millions of people cooperate and compete in virtual realities that are decentralized and without servers. Xaya is this reality dreamed by many whose objective is to manage the world of games creating the environment of sustainable growth in the future for everything related to video games

How XAYA incorporates blockchain technology into the world of games

Realizing its gamma blockchain Xaya introduces block technology to the world of video games, uses the virtue of this technology in favor of developers and players to create a more just and functional platform that encompasses the real blockchain games

Blockchain games?

Well, yes, blockchain games, games that are generated by developers within the platform and are made for the enjoyment of players, everything related to these games is backed by blockchain technology

Imagine being able to meet a challenge, win one level, kill the dragon or rescue the queen and these achievements are supported by a platform where everything is verifiable, without cheating, where the achievements and assets generated are really owned by the user, where you are not a hostage of a single platform and who do not You can own your assets achieved by a challenge or game

And it's not that your style of favorite games change, they are the common games that can be born or be migrated to the XAYA platform, but with a unique support that gives you being in a decentralized platform which the developer uses to create their game, and the user uses the game which is inside the XAYA blockchain which allows the developers to develop their own token for their game, which can be changed by token from the XAYA platform, in addition, the developers can create decentralized and autonomous games in which players can be guaranteed a 100% uptime and enjoy fair play accompanied by a real property.

The XAYA token (CHI)


The Main Sale will take part on the Liquid Exchange. Liquid is a fast, secure and technically advanced crypto exchange platform (Merge of Quoine + Qryptos Exchanges). Upon ending of the sale, CHI will be automatically listed on Liquid.


The Xaya cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology secured by proof of work (Pow) which bears the name of CHI, game developers may choose to generate their own token that can be exchanged for this currency or simply market directly with the token CHI of the platform

Using blockchain technology to achieve:

  • Create games with nature based on the blockchain
  • To be able to provide a system where fairer and more reliable games are created
  • Game availability 24/7
  • Provide tools for developers that are used in the creation of games in the blockchain
  • Deliver real ownership of assets to their owners

XAYA Wallet


Xaya wallet is the wallet of the XAYA blockchain, which is available to all, for the management of assets within the platform, using blockchain technology the wallet has a friendly and functional Interfax capable of supporting multiple functions and with an incredible transaction speed, use a source code that gives you the evolution property at the computer level (you can see its source code at this link: https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/) and its download is active so you can access it (download link: https://github.com/xaya/xaya_electron/releases) only MS Windows Operating System

The developers of XAYA are working hard to continue providing solutions that adapt to the needs of each person, so they are creating support for other platforms such as the case of #Trezor

The XAYA wallet helps marketing within the platform, with faster and safer payments, with the elimination of third parties within the process, with unalterable records, with security and transparency the tranquility and confidence of players and developers within XAYA is achieved

an inclusive token

Being able to exchange an asset whenever you want and where you want it is a great advantage, now if apart from that you can change an asset acquired in a game for another asset that interests you so it is not acquired in the same game and even different designer or supplier who provides that asset, that is a significant advance that marks a new era in video games

Many players are hostages of platforms that only allow you to exchange assets within their platforms, in some cases they are not allowed to do this type of trade, they are objects of banning and a series of measures that discourage the user, if you take time to achieve win any object or currency in a specific game, you have the right to make any change for another asset that is useful at that time, even if it is from another game, this type of trade may be possible on the XAYA platform, YOU ALREADY IT WILL NOT BE A HOSTAGE OF ITS GAMES


Atomic transactions:

With its CHI token the platform allows a free trade, developers can generate their own token but all are changeable to CHI which allows a new free market in the gaming trade.

Provably Fair

The blockchain technology is eternally just, everything is verifiable, everything is registered and can be brought to light to exercise justice, enough unfair deals on platforms that use the information for their benefit, enough of disputes that are resolved by corruptible judges, the blockchain technology came to support the righteous and make the video game market more human

Easy Development

For developers to migrate to new platforms is a headache to think of new programming languages that must be studied to create new games on the nascent platform, this is not the case because XAYA is compatible with the main and most used languages of existing programming, even games already created can migrate to the platform easily and safely

No Servers

Run your games completely on the blockchain without the need for centralized servers, an innovation that translates into less waiting time for users, faster gameplay and greater access to the market by beginning developers


Designed from the ground up with game channel technology for virtually unlimited transactions inside game worlds.




It's amazing everything that virtual worlds can give, you can do practically everything, and that's what attracts many people, it's so complete that many people live on this, people get involved in games and platforms that they spend time doing. is rewarded in a certain way, many achievements, hierarchies, assets that are earned with only dedication and effort

After a while, people accumulate assets that they want to change, markets are created and many want to change chips, other currencies or some assets but platforms sometimes only accept specific changes, in other cases they accept that an asset passes from hands

This type of prison has become a headache for users, if you are in a virtual world, because you feel locked in? Why have limitations? If I want to sell an asset, if I want to exchange a currency, why can not I do it? Many times they are banned (expulsion or sanction within a community or game) for the simple fact of wanting to change an asset

If one as a person managed to accumulate a coin. Or an implement of a character in a game, that cost time and dedication, because I can not give value to that? There is the fundamental part of all this, as I see it, the power to maintain a decentralized platform more fair, without restrictions, where the user has the true value of its assets, the power to have a video game market and its assets very inclusive where everything is related and you can create supply and demand of various types

Many people are rooted in their games and platforms, but all suffer the same, I myself have suffered from what I'm talking about, in the long run that ends up with the player looking for new horizons more free and fair, there will be XAYA waiting for them , to make them free again



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