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Our VISION Decentralized Autonomous Universes Imagine countless millions of players competing and cooperating in the desentalized virtual realities that run serverless and unstoppable. Inprovably fair environmants, they use their skills and intellience to harvest resources and acquire rare real world values. What if develepere could provide the autonomous, desertralised worlde rich n tracabie virtual items for gamers? What if developers can go from concept to game releases in less time and for less coney without worrying about irfrastructure costs (such as servers and recrring costs (such account administration) Wha if cou couid offer true ownership, gamers to simple and safe treding methods What if both gamers and devebpers could share a win-win outcome with bcth to new revenue streams on capital and prosperous new eccnomies in part? and growing demand for a criptocurrency increasing its Utilité and valua fer users?

XAYA wil be able to achieve all this through a single, blockchain-besed platform that offers:

*Truly decentiralised massively muftiplayer Decentralized Autanomous Universes (DAU)
*True and fair virtual item ownership with simple and safe trading and sharing
*Rapid and Ocet effective game player games and gemes in general Juat imagery, bcing unstoppahle and serure Interanting on the horrhain itself and communicating saccharly over encrypted text or voice.

Imagine owning your own virtual apartment that you can buy or sell for the world value, or even share the keys (symbolc of ercryption keys) with a friend. insidc a decentralized autoromous univerac, 0 THINK IT, BUILD IT, PLAY IT A NEW FRONTIER What is the Boing proposal that is being used by the match to a secure decontralised, autonomous, cnd flexiblc plotform on which a voricty of gomca con bc buit.
Tris is cryptocurrency and blockchain both in a new frontier. based gamirg, but it is an unknown front era. In 2013, the XAYA was developed and successfully completed the Huntercoin experiment. Tis achieved a numer of world firsts, but not limited to:

  1. The worla's first decentralized massively multiplayer gama

  2. The world's frost human mining permissibie cryptocurrency

Huntercoin is a proof of technological development Challenges and tests Huntercoin was sucoessful and within just a few months of aunch achieved over 35,000 simultaneously contrclled characters in the popularity, and despite the need for some specialis: hardware (ie, solid state drives, which were uncommon at the time of a reasonablelevel Huntercoin was largely autonomous and required no servers or other infrastructure. It got a market capitalization cloce to $ 1 million within a few weeks and within 2K17 in S6.3 milion around peaked. its purpose sereral years ago, and this hobby project 'prcvided a number cf world leaking insights into blockcnain tectnology, including the blockbuster ournal ledçer The XAYA platform, Namecoin and Huntercoin experiments across the known know-how on the development and a wealth cf tools ard infrastructure for games developer to hild their own game worlds thatt the visier and rrojact Tey can fu lly everage the XAYA technology to buils dscentralised games and ecue ther own game purrency: hat can be traded for 'Cl'or thr XAYA game coirs cr assets THINK IT, BUILD IT, PLAYI It is important then to point out that XAYA aims to: enable developers to create real games in decentralized autosomous universes of global brands. EXPERIENCE assets


Cryptocurrency Capitalisation is, at the TEM ofwriting of this document, circa $ 350 billon with tredes and transaction volumes accounting for billions (USD) each day. CryptccuTencies are becoming more accepted globally, though there are stil briers faced by their proponents. These include regulations and usability The underpinning blockchain technology behind 3itcoin and the altematives (altcoins) is being proposed for a range of apolications in baiking, de enze, and oh sectors. Successful cryptocurrances brirg new techrologies and innovatize solutions to the market, such as how Zcash and McNorro have enjayed great popularity due tc their strong privacy features.

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Even Microsoft is using the Ethereal blockchain technology as part of a olchchain as a service model. Beyond theutility queetion, cryptquurrenciec largely denvetheir value from the number of people they have and how much they areused. That is, withmany users and a high "velocity of money" curency values ​​go up XAYA inaddition to being acryptocurrency, is essentially a blockchanbasad gaming and virtual item trading patform. Correctly, the value of the XAYA economy will grow as more developers and gamers adopt and use the platferm. Given te time to market and cost saving petential of XAYA the team anticipates rapid adoprion hype of antimatter anticipation of Nif deveyers trying to get their vicione to market quickly and affordably affordably. Ao pioneers in the blockchain gaming sector, XAYA will be easitionally democratise gaming development.


Tirme and cost fom concept to market as many new anc anniversary is often prohibitive. t is ccmmonly knawn that the majority of the euclicers are unable to reach the market because of the aforementioned restrictions. With appropriate developer tools and ising he blcckchain to create a ralised autonomous corporation, with a 24/7 uptime, the costs and setup time associated with servers or coud based services, as are the recurring costs, such as user account administration. This democratization of the game will be published through the blockchain will be a new era of game developrrent as well as new gaming genres.


However, there was a technical chalenges reating to sca ablity associated with ncreasingly ich and complex universes within MMO games, as well as scaling challenges accociated with cryptocurreneiec andacset cterage ledgere. Theoe challengec are of underestimated, including in other erering viitual asset storage ledgers. GAMERS Inghere is a growing cesire for inceasingly rich virtual garring universes in which virtual asset ownership is important for gamer status and regressihn thugh a partilar gare. Additionally, the time and effort spent is gamer cauld alone, and through the cimple exorcism Exchange of n-garne virtual items for real world value or for virtual iterms avaiabe in another game This represents a challenge on two tronts. The irst chalenge is thal is a truly scalable and real or near real-time asset storage is required for the gamer. The second challenging requirement is to create a means of managing ownership and sharing in increasingly complax game universes. like those in typ ca MMO games. Over time and given the possible high value of many virtual assets ancd the gameplay itel, it would be critically important to ensure prcvably fair gameplay and provable fair item acquisition, which is not addressed in the emerging asset trad ng platforms. THINK IT, BUILD IT, PLAY MODEL CHARACTERISTICS The following are the features of the feature: the first thing in terms of gamers, ceveloper and suppo ters ramers: Provably fair gameplay Reliability and staticity ie. 24/7 security of the Secure Virtual asset ownersnip Rapid and easy trade and / or staring of virtual assets and conversion to real wold value e.g. playto earn or human mining) Secure suvery and easy to use game app launcher Human readable wallet accounts anc "helpers it should be rotated that in bockchain gaming, provably fair gameplay is unique to XAYA Other asset tradirg platforms require developers to pre-areate or spawn all items in a closed environment, which means that tems can be printed at will. Therefor those templates that have been proven to be inherently have greate value far developers:

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