Xaya: The revolutionary decentralized video game platform.

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  Xaya is a virtual platform of decentralized video games, which run on the blockchain. This implies a revolution in the style of Ready Player One with its Oasis.Specially designed for videogame developers to create and add their games to the blockchain of the platform, making it grow even more and with a practically zero cost.  



Never again have to install a game, lose the progress of your game by a bug or risk that your PC or console is broken, since all your data is recorded forever in the blockchain! all these will be problems of the past! 


The amount of improvements to the video game experience is immense, if not total.The options with Decentralized Autonomous Universes (DAU) are almost endless: Imagine a mixture of Matrix with Tron, but real. A decentralized universe where you can do what you want, while earning money in the cryptocurrency of the platform called Chi.     The first example of this was Huntercoin, being a success!  



Launched in 2013, it was the first decentralized game and massive muntijugador, with 35,000 active users, with the first cryptocurrency specially designed for the game and with Human Mining.The game does not require a server, so it works at all times and was launched to last a year, but still works today, with a market capitalization of 10,000 dollars.  This makes Xaya a reality, the beginning of a true virtual universe, which already has several videogames under its belt as Treat Fighter, a fun fighting game where you can compete with people from all over the world. 



Soccer Manager will also have a decentralized version, which deals with the administration of football teams and is very popular. The resources you have in this game will belong to you, with real value, as players, football teams and stadiums! With greater benefits for the first ones that start playing it!  



Some benefits and possibilities of Xaya:   

-In this new virtual universe the cost of servers and maintenance of the platform will be considerably cheaper.  -Function 24/7 with no possibility of the server falling (which really is the blockchain and your pc or console).  -Impossibility of someone cheating or altering video games for your benefit.  

- No need to have a console, since the games work in the blockchain.  

-The players will earn money with both Human Mining (undermining the cryptocurrency of the platform while playing), and getting all kinds of resources and prizes playing video games which can be exchanged for real world money. And all this without it being possible to lose your assets due to the negligence of third parties.  

- Fraud proof commerce  -Commerce with all kinds of videogame resources: weapons, equipment, oil, food, gold, etc.  

-Buy and / or rent armies for users of different video games, providing a vital and very profitable service.  -Financial projects for other users: You can be a lender!  

-Buy and rent houses. In this growing virtual reality, eventually there will be games in real time and you should have a place to stay and store your belongings. You can become a real estate mogul.  

-Can start with businesses such as casinos, all kinds of Pawn Stars buying and selling businesses, the limit is set by the needs of other users and the amount of video games that exist.  

-Invest your money in the Chi cryptocurrency, which is the currency of the platform, practically its actions. It will rise in value as more users join.     



A whole new economy is emerging, and everything you know in the real world is going to exist in the oasis of Xaya, but super powered! The first to enter this universe will be the ones that have the most benefits, the pioneers in founding their own world! Just think about the wide range of possible games, from simple board games such as dice and cards, to RPG and RPG strategy games, all played by hundreds of thousands giving life to a virtual super ecosystem never seen before, with a own economy with thousands and thousands of jobs, something that will undoubtedly impact very positively in the real world. The amount of adventures that can be lived, and even more when virtual reality is more immersive, will be like being a super hero in real life, you can fulfill all the dreams of the whole world in the most realistic way possible. And we will all be part.    

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