Fantasy booking - Seth Rollins heel turn at WWE Hell in a Cell

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Seth Rollins is going to face The Fiend at Hell in a Cell 2019. This is a highly anticipated match, as The Fiend is the hottest thing in the company, and possibly in wrestling today. Everyone's hyped up for this one.

A lot of people think that WWE should wait on a Fiend title reign. I, however, think they absolutely cannot wait to pull it off. He's the most talked-about guy in all of wrestling, and you just have to capitalize off of his incredible momentum. But that's not the only thing there is to acheive in this match. You see, as you all know, many fans are growing tired of Seth as the dominant babyface. His antics on Twitter haven't helped, either. People just want to be able to boo him, and that's when you have to pull off the good ol' heel turn, and well... I think I have a damn good fantasy booking to share with you here. Let's. GO:

So at Hell in a Cell, The Fiend DEMOLISHES Seth Rollins. He beats him up so badly Rollins doesn’t even get almost any offence in. It can be lengthy, sure, but he absolutely destroys him. Basically like Lesnar vs Cena at SummerSlam 2014.

After the match, Seth looks heartbroken. He cannot believe how this just happened. He goes into a fit of rage, annihilating the ring, attacking the announcers and security, ripping the mat and the floor padding, the whole nine yards. Like The Nexus’s debut, but just by one man. He loses it.

The following night on Raw, Seth comes down to the ring and explodes on the fans in a promo. He says that he went to hell this year. He won the Royal Rumble and beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, only to lose it after Brock cashed in. Then he miraculously defeated Brock AGAIN at SummerSlam and Braun Strowman just one month later. But despite all of that, the fans turned on him. They thought he was bland when he is the best wrestler on the planet. And then this guy Bray Wyatt just comes in and steals his title? Fuck that. You know what? Have him say “fuck that” live on television. Get some buzz.

He calls the fans traitors for betraying him despite everything he’s done for them, and says he will no longer fight for them, but for himself, since he is the only one that’s ever believed in him.

Then, The Fiend interrupts him with the Fire Fly Funhouse and says that Seth should be happy that he’s had a good year and learn to not get all angry. Seth again turns into a raging monster, storming to the back and disappearing from our eyes. Then, at the end of the show we see him again backstage and he is going mental, trashing everything in sight. He kicks crates into people, tears up papers, at one point he even pins the 24/7 Champion, and subsequently throws the belt out the window. He hits wrestlers, security, and when Becky Lynch comes to try and stop him, he doesn’t see anything becuase of his fury and goes for a punch on her, which she blocks, but looks at him with a face that says: “Seth… What the hell’s happened to you?”.

Next week Stephanie McMahon comes down to the ring (don’t worry, she won’t be appearing that much). She says that Seth has clearly crossed a line and that he’s been suspended for 2 weeks and fined 250,000 dollars. She goes on about how WWE is trying to get him help, when suddenly Seth, wearing a black hoodey like CM Punk used to, runs from the crowd, screaming at Stephanie and trying to get over the barrincade, but he’s stopped by an especially large number of security people. Seth is going wild, throwing his limbs out everywhere, trying to get past security and into the ring. Steph screams at him, telling him that if he doesn’t stop now, he’ll be suspended for 60 days. Security then takes Seth out of the building through the crowd.

Two weeks later (meaning we had another week in beetween the last one and now) Seth comes down to the ring wearing a suit. He is then joined by Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. They tell him that if he doesn’t stop his erratic behavior, he will be fired. More than that, he is on a suspended sentence. If he does anything even remotely unprofessional, he will be met with immediate termination of contract. To this Seth responds with “WHA-” before Hunter stops him with his finger. Seth calms down, but he looks like his body is a bomb that he's barely able to put down. The segment ends and the show goes on.

Next week, Seth comes down to the ring for his match. He gets ready, but then he hears Heath Slater’s music. He takes a mic and says: “What the hell is this, I am Seth Freakin’ Rollins, why are you giving me this jobber?!” (again, he says the word “jobber”). He starts to get out of the ring to beat Slater up, but he is stopped by Triple H on the titantron. He tells him to calm down, and that this is the absolute last time he will remind him. Seth sucks it in and goes back to his corner of the ring.

When the match starts, Seth simply walks over to Slater, kicks him in the gut and stomps him right there. No run, no nothing, just jumps up and stomps him. He then covers for the 1–2–3.

This continues on for weeks. Seth fights some jobber (not local ones, because that’s for monster heels), kicks him in the gut and stomps him on the spot, no run. Just the same match week after week. Eventually, he starts facing talent upper and upper on the card. Drew McIntyre, Cedric Alexander and so on, and the matches start to get more competitive, but Seth never loses that laser-focused mentality. No flashy moves, no summersault planchas, just a straight, brutal style, and a stomp on the spot to end the match. And, of course, he wins every single match.

After about 3 months since HIAC, we’re at the Royal Rumble. In the build-up, Seth says that he is going to win the Rumble once again, because while last year he won it with resilience, this year he’s gonna win it because of his focus. He doesn’t care about the fans anymore, or about anything other than wins. He is going to win the Rumble for himself, because he is the only person that’s ever done good for him.

The Rumble match comes, and Seth enters at number 26–28 and just walks to the ring laser-focused. He starts clearing the ring, tossing 2–3 people right off the bat. He doesn’t perform any moves on those first 2–3 people, just simply throws them over the top rope and eliminates them.

The Rumble match goes on, until we’re at the final two. It’s Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins, squaring off in the middle of the ring, teasing a future dream match between the two. They have a 2007 Rumble-esque ending game, and after a good 5–7 minutes of battle, both men just stand up against each other, staggering, when the lights start to go out. Seth looks terrified, because he knows what’s going to happen. Bryan doesn’t know what to do at all, and when the lights go all out, The Fiend appears in the middle of the ring. You think he’s going to attack Rollins, but instead, he tosses Bryan over the top and out of the ring. You keep hearing The Fiend’s signature sounds, and he just looks at Rollins, who’s both shocked and terrified.

The lights come back on. There’s silence for a while. Finally, the bell rings. Seth Rollins is announced to have won the 2020 Royal Rumble. No music plays. Rollins is shaking, he still can’t believe what just happened. Finally, Rollins’ music starts playing and he just goes down to his knees with a big smile, almost crying. The show fades to black with Seth Rollins on his knees, having just won his second Royal Rumble in a row.

The following night, Seth comes down to the ring, wearing a suit, and he just can’t stop smiling. He brags about how he proved that he never needed the fans and how he won it all by himself. Then, he is interrupted by Cedric Alexander, who politely reminds Seth that he only won because of The Fiend’s interference. Seth responds by saying he couldn’t care less about how he won the match, becuase he no longer cares what the fans, or anyone, think. Cedric then comes down to the ring and challenges Seth for a match, but Seth goes right out of there, saying that he doesn’t fight for nothing, and certainly not to please anyone whose initials aren’t SR…

…Which then prompts William Regal to come back as Lord Steven Regal to a massive pop. This is just me being a wrestling nerd, it doesn’t have to happen, but it’d be so funny! If you don't like that, you can just have Seth and Cedric fight in the main event with Seth wining.

Anyways, next week Rollins is in the ring to announce who he’s going to fight at WrestleMania. He doesn’t go too far into the promo, though, as the Fire Fly Funhouse interrupts him. Seth is visibly annoyed, but he keeps a cool head. Bray tells him that he should pick him, as it’d be so much fun if they could meet again. Rollins responds with a loud and clear “NO”, and instead chooses Kofi Kingston (who’s still the WWE Champion in my fantasy world. I don’t care if there’s no chance he’ll win, my post, my rules).

In the build-up to Seth and Kofi’s WrestleMania clash, Seth constantly belittles Kofi, saying he’s got no chance in hell of defeating him. Kofi obviously answers with in his usual, confident style, and it’s that way until WrestleMania 36 rolls around.

In their match, the two fight like their life is on the line. Seth throws everything at Kofi, but it’s just not enough. Falcon arrow after falcon arrow, even The Pedifree, nothing in Seth’s arsenal can put Kofi down. He hits him with a Stomp and thinks he has the match won, but Kofi somehow still kicks out. Seth starts to get nervous, and he realizes he has to change his game plan. Remember, up to this point Seth had wrestled a very strict style, no flashy moves, no dives at all. Now, Seth realizes that he has to use those moves to use those moves in order to beat Kofi. The summersault plancha, the springboard knee strike, the superplex into a suplex, his incredible offence come back, but Kofi just keeps kicking out. The crowd are starting to cheer Seth, because he’s starting to be his old, exciting self again, but Kofi just doesn’t stay down. Finally, Seth hits a Pheonix Splash to finally defeat Kofi and win the WWE Championship, 5 months after he lost the Universal title to The Fiend, 5 months after he turned on the fans and changed his entire mentality, 5 months later, in the main event of WrestleMania, he finally wins the big one and the crowd just applaudes him. He gets up, shakes Kofi’s hand, and WrestleMania fades to black after, hopefully, an absolutely incredible match and a match of the year candidate.

The following night on Raw, Seth embraces the fans and confirms his face turn, thus ending an amazing 5-month journey, and an unbelievable angle.

Oh, and just so you know, The Fiend tossing Bryan over the top rope in the Rumble sets up the other world title match at WrestleMania, which The Fiend wins.