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The fact that we have you in mind allows us to announce 📢 our updated Pitch deck.

We are pleased to announce the update of our pitch deck which explains better what our expanding role as a global job platform for professionals and employers is. We are delighted to officially announce the long-overdue update.

What we set out to do with this update was to provide users and visitors of our platform with the necessary knowledge to get familiar with the services we have on offer.

In our pitch deck, we emphasise the problems both employers and employees encounter when there is a need to fill a job role. From the traditional perspective, it appears there are way too many shortcomings that make a straightforward process cumbersome. With this, WorkQuest seeks to rectify discharge issues via the use of blockchain technology. Plus, the pitch deck gives you a better appreciation of the total market outlook and reasons why targeting this problem is a no-brainer for WorkQuest. Aside from that, the financial benefits are also touched on. This is a very vital component for WorkQuest because the faith shown by early investors and future investors in the project should be significantly rewarded. We would also like to use this medium as an appeal to investors to study our pitch and contact us for participation in the next rounds of investment

We also introduce users to the brains behind WorkQuest. We do not doubt that without these people, the ambition to create WorkQuest would have merely remained a pipe dream.

With all that’s been said, you must go right ahead and get informed on the up-to-date information we have for you.

Read our Pitch Deck here 👉🏼


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