🗓️ Development Plan for December ❄️

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Please accept a warm welcome from the WorkQuest Community. We have some great tracks at the moment, so check them out and make sure you follow them.

🔥We are constantly working on our project, and there are a lot of new things coming for you, such as exciting development plans, brand-new corporations, and inspirational ideas.

A change in our lives can result in success for all of us. WorkQuest combines the useful with the necessary in exploring the labor market and crypto industry together.🚀 We're going to explore the crypto marketplace and labor market together at WorkQuest, but we won't end there! We will continue to work towards a successful WorkQuest. As of now, here are the updates:

Here are the updates what we plan:
🔖- The WorkQuest Wallet App features update.
🔖- WorkQuest bridge development: $USDT and $USDC integration in WorkQuest Bridge;
🔖- Continued development of Defi products.
🔖- $WUSD Stablecoin development. Preparing the $USDT collateral pool launch;
🔖- $WUSD Stablecoin development. Preparing the $USDC collateral pool launch;
🔖- The WorkQuest platform’s general functionality updates: includes quests, quest search, chats, search for employees, search for employers, paid services, etc.💱 (liquidity mining, bridge, $WQT purchase);
🔖- WorkQuest Referral Program development 🤩

Follow our updates! 👣The interest continues

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