I don't know what the hell I just watched, but I'm pretty sure drugs were involved :P — Steemit

I don't know what the hell I just watched, but I'm pretty sure drugs were involved :P

in wtf •  2 years ago

It just keeps getting weirder..

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To me it's not weird! It's the cat-ladys and they make me purrrrfect!! I'm an 80s child what can I say?


lol, nice!

@timcliff, you just sent me on a really weird memory acid trip here!

OK, so I spent my teen years in Spain (mid- to late 70's) and these guys would actually appear regularly on evening "variety shows." Really cheesy and trippy and surreal even back then when it was "modern dance." It was all very "disco meets Doctor Who on acid."

Haven't thought of this in something like 35 years!

Really, that has got to be the weirdest thing I have every seen lol

Groovy, man!!! I think I just found my new exercise routine! :D

oh god I love this.


Saturday nights bring out the best posts! :P

nice post @timcliff


Thanks :)

I laugh every time I see this. haha

Psychedelic man

But, I am really put out man, no cat ears on those crazy cat's heads.

So you watch this and you didn't know if you took drugs? Hehehe :-)


After watching that - I'm not even sure, lol.

Dear @timcliff! Engaging and very useful material. Keep posting!

Even we loved Makaren.

Oh my fekkin' gawd I'm laughing my ass off...and slightly embarrassed to be born in the 70s.

I wonder if this is the decade's version of the Macarena?


lol, yes. Macarena - good times :)


This is my favorite version of this song. Thanks

Excellent video sir @timcliff thanks for sharing

Ha...ha... Nice ! :)

hahahaha sooo funny! may be ground work for the 80s breakdance 90s fitness and Cirque du Soleil. I want to see life! any idea where that (still) happens? :)


I have no idea. I doubt they are still doing it anymore, hehe :)

I think I need to make me some portobello mushroom bacon to go with all those psychedelic "kitty kats"... lol