Writing Prompts (Week 4) Update

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Only 2.5 days left to submit your entries to Writing Prompts (Week 4)! Any entries after the official countdown cannot be accepted. Use the countdown link above for the official time remaining.


The theme for week 4 is The first time I realized I was a wizard.

Prize Pool

The prize pool is currently 50 Steem. All prize money will be delivered as powered up Steem to the winner chosen by the judges. If the pool gets larger than 100 Steem, I reserve the right to award more than one winner. The target is to keep the prize to at least 50 Steem each. If we hit 150 Steem, there could be three winners for 50 Steem.

Want to increase the pool?

Send any amount of STEEM with writing prompts as the memo and I will add it to the pool and credit you in all posts for the week.


Judging will be done by @llfarms and myself and will happen through the week after the contest ends.

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ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Thats great man :) i like the idea of writing prompts.thanks for sharing :) ;support

This is great. I am eager to know the winner

Are you going to answer me why your bot ripped me off?


Half the amount transferred to upmewhale got me a much larger upvote, I am not going away mark.

@buildawhale has a max vote of 83.36 Steem yet someone put in a bid that put it over that limit (120.371 Steem).

Thu Jan 17 2019 13:59:45 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) - Bidding Round End! Starting to vote! Total bids: 5 - $39.896631936763136 | 0.000 SBD | 120.371 STEEM
Thu Jan 17 2019 13:59:45 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) - Total vote weight: 100
Thu Jan 17 2019 13:59:45 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) - =======================================================
Thu Jan 17 2019 13:59:45 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) - Casting: 35.20% vote cast for: @shepz1/the-power-structure-illuminati-soros-or-part-1
Thu Jan 17 2019 13:59:48 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) - 35.20% vote cast for: @shepz1/the-power-structure-illuminati-soros-or-part-1

I was the the first bid, I timed it with steem bot tracker. Are you stating as fact it is OK to rip people off?

It is an auction. A 100% vote is split between everyone who bids based on their bid, it has always been this way.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

You used to have ethics and refund people if it was overbid or leave the vote for the next round, no, it has always not been this way, you also removed me from the whitelist according to a different service I wish not to mention.

You took over 40 steem to give a 15 steem vote, it is noted, it will be mentioned in a post, I approached you first, edit
are you saying everyone above the limit of your bots limit gets their steem taken and a low upvote, well below what they should receive? And they have to suck it up and move on?

I don't have a whitelist there are like 4 people on a whitelist, I never update it as it really isn't used for anything. So you were never added or removed to a whitelist.

I never refund people who overbid, I don't touch the windows or manipulate them. If there is a mistake on my end, I will fix it, but the bidding is open and transparent.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

So it is suck it up and accept the loss then, from your view? Are you publicly stating your bot and bids can not be trusted even when timed? And what your bid is not what you get? I am screen shooting this mark, or whom ever you are.

I am publicly saying that you will give the % of the 100% based on how much you bid compared to what other people bid in the window. That's what happened, that's what always happens. In your case, someone put in a big bid after you (likely not looking at the Steem Bot Tracker). That's something that is out of my control.

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