Grave of passion

in writing •  3 months ago

And what to expect from a look?
Or the heartbeat produced by your kisses?
How should I feel about first contact?
From a caress? From the awakening of a feeling.

They are gray shadows in a world of darkness,
horizontal and vertical lines that join together at the same point.

plains of desire,
make their way through the immensity of time.

A hug,
then a kiss,
it overflows.

A fleeting torrent of energy rises in my chest,
energies that flow and then flow into a serene light,
illusions, loves.

I breathe,
a pounding heartbeat sprouts from my chest,
hands that meet again,
bodies that melt into one,
one last breath becomes a silence.

A tomb that consumes the passion of this encounter,
once again the glances will meet again,
the first act of this famous tune will bring a new dawn.

Original writing made by myself..

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