SMOKE or EDIBLES - A Pothead’s Lament

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Even with all the research about how Marijuana smoke isn’t bad for you, it’s hard to ignore that hot smoke going into your lungs via your throat is good for you. And thus out of necessity or personal preference, various other ways to ingest pot have come about. You can drop it in your tea, rub it on your belly, or spritz it in your eyes, but the biggest alternative has to be edibles. That said, they can be VERY tricky. Knowing exactly what dose to take is hard, but that only helps you if the preparer is consistent. You can be wildly off, and be SUPER stoned for what seems like days. Smokeables or “flowers” are usually much easier to regulate.

So what do you prefer? Smoke it if you got it? Or chow down and get down?

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It is wonderful having so many options on how to consume cannabis. I prefer to vape flower daily and consume edibles when vaping isn't appropriate. A flight or a long movie can be an excellent occasion for edibles. You are totally right about the inconsistency of the strength of edibles. This is especially an issue for homemade edibles. Fortunately legalization is helping with this matter. I know the edible industry in Colorado is extremely regulated and consistent strength is one of the things they focus on. They also require the individual pieces to be no stronger than 100mg. So no longer will you eat a little piece of chocolate only to have your friend tell you that you just ate 400mg! 😂

there is always a good and the bad side of it only thing if bad> good reject it if Good> bad accept it

I smoked fairly heavily for over a decade. I stopped before going into the military, and didn't smoke again for about 10 years. When I finally started smoking again, I couldn't handle it like I once did. The way it effected me had completely changed. While it once actually gave me energy and motivation to do things, it now just lays my ass out. It still has the same mental effects (creativity, laughter, etc...), but my body just can't take it like it once did. I sometimes wonder if edibles might be something that would bring back the old sensation, but I have yet to try them.

Look into vapes for flower. You can heat it to different temperatures for different kind of highs. Lower temps = Energy/Creativity. Higher Temps = Stoned AF. Of course it also depends on the strain, but the vape helps you regulate what kind of buzz you want.

Try smaller doses and keep a journal. Write what each specific strain is needed and your reaction. Start small with vaporizer or edibles for best control. And it can't hurt you!

It had the same affect on me when I quit but I like it because now I can conserve. The smallest amount will do the trick 😀

Different strains can have different effects. Sounds like you need something heavy on the Sativa side. Also CBD oil could provide the benefits you are looking for. :)

I prefer to smoke but I also have good experience with edibles. It's frustrating that it is still illegal in most parts of the world. I often think how many new jobs and tax income it would generate if it would be legal.


Move to Canada! Legal for recreational use Country wide this fall :)

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Hey @writebackwards! I actually quit smoking pot about 3 months ago. I had been a regular user for 20 years and I found it got to the point where I just became lazy after using it.
I always smoked the plant but there were a few times that I did eat some brownies and got baked beyond belief. I always preferred to relax and be creative when I smoked but the edibles made that next to impossible as I found my self just trying to 'hang on'.

Always wondering how people can't get lazy after using marijuana. But there seem to be exeptions. Look at the inspiring McKenna. How on earth he managed to be so creative over long periods of his life, as he hardly spend a day whithout it.

Unfortunately it is still illegal in my country. Can only hope that things will changes in the near future and people will understand the real benefits of Marijuana :)

Following and you can change the world. Just say nature isn't a crime. Get a friend. Go advocate and join in the revolution to free a plant. Free the flower!

Everything is about money for them. They want to sell us cigarettes and alcohol instead of free plants.

Yep tax people into the ground and make so much you get to need more...

Sadly, most people know the benefits. It's illegal because prohibition is big business, provides talking points for fear mongering, erodes civil and human rights with little public resistance or outcry, and generally, empowers the state at the expense of disempowering the citizenry.

Is it just me or is there some critical thinking error statements in this piece? like how "it's hard to ignore that hot smoke going into your lungs via your throat is good for you."

Even though its a needed topic of discussion and the information is relevant, i find it quite interesting that a post with 2 fundamental errors in the 1st sentence still get so many votes. The 1st being the statement that "even with all the research about how marijuana smoke isn't bad for you" is a gross misinterpretation or understatement as a conclusion of the scientific findings of the topic of marijuana smoking and/or use in general. I shall have to do a similar article.. i've also been considering switching over to ingesting of my herbs as oppose to smoking it due to the high tar content and consequently harshly affecting the smoker who burns the plant matter and inhales the smoke directly (i.e. spliffs or bongs) where as smoking vaporized smoke would contain less harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and heavy plant matter like tar etc.

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It is just safe to light it up and smoke it. Eating an edible for a first timer is dangerous because the concentration tends to be higher.

Edibles are almost always going to be healthier. If the point is to get high, then why ruin your lungs doing it? Don't get cancer and die young just cuz you wanted to feel good for a little time. If you want some good recipes, check out The Anarchist Cookbook

Vaporizing is a great alternative to smoking as well!

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I do not smoke marijuana but I'm interested in knowing more about its different flavors

Flavors? From sugar to baby diapers and vomit. Nearly every flavor and odor in nature can be produced by cannabis. It's amazing, when properly grown. I wrote a book about growi g superior quality. The flavors and aromas are awesome. ;) Printed versions coming soon. lol

Smoking weeds is illegal to our country. You might be killed because of it but I'm curious about its taste and its effect. Honestly, I kind of want to try it to really know what's in it.

I recommend Vapor! The best & healthiest way to enjoy your herbs is a Vaporizer- mobile or stationary. Best buy a quality Vaporizer for good results, u know. The "Volcano" is great ;)
No Toxics, pure taste & effect, plus better control compared to eating.
And smoke is toxic... so, keep it clean ;)
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Yes the Volcano is great! The Mighty also is great, if you like to be able to vape anywhere! I never leave the house without my Mighty. Buying a vaporizer is the best investment one can make. The health benefits are worth it alone, plus it uses your cannabis more efficiently and effectively.

I agree , MightyVolcano! :) Gotta love your name! Greetings

Interesante el tema, según cuentan algunos consumidores, luego del consumo de marihuana, da un apetito descomunal. Buen Post.

Smoke without a doubt as you can control the amount so much better. Smoking pure through a pipe...few puffs every 20 mins or so allows me to monitor my high

It's not legal where I am, but I've travelled to multiple places that it is. I think smoking it is better if you want to control how much you have. Or make the food/butter yourself. I don't recommend buying edibles because the regulations haven't kept up with demand/sales. The only effect from the edibles I bought was a stomach ache.

The dope thing about smoking is the social quality. Sometimes there's nothing better than connecting with strangers over a good J.

Chowing is dope for watching movies or listening to music with headset. Or playing a game of chess, but that's just me.. Love your clips @writesbackwards..

What's Reefer Revolutionaries!? I'm a joint fan. Then bowls, a vape pen, tincture and a nice 5-10mg mint throughout the day. a good high dose edible for an evening out , since I don't drink, works if it is a good one. I have a very high tolerance for edibles. For everything really.

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Hiya everyone
Id have to agree the heat wouldnt be good for the lungs, but there IS always the "ecigs" that use waxes and oils and produce no real noticeable heat , and still help you reach your personal desired affect.

healthy living is a choice, let's start, this is nice post, thank my bro

Cannabis Smoke is NOT Hot

Cannabis smoke is cool and soft and packed with delicious flavors and aromas. It's nutrients and dust and ladybug poop, pollen and mod spores, hair and dander. The contaminates are what burn hot, taste nasty and smell like a tobacco ashtray. ;)

I vote both. I use edibles to cut down on the times I have to stop and smoke to medicate further. :)

pure ladybug poop is literally, the shit.

lol, indeed it is. :)

Hahahahahahahahahaha yes! I'm laughing so hard.. Following and voted! Nice work! Happy to support this kinda work! Blaze it!

I do like to smoke as it’s more familiar for me, however, recently I’ve not wanted to keep inhaling hot smoke as my throat hurts sometimes, and my lungs.

When I’ve made edibles it’s all been good, but I’ve eaten ‘proper’ edibles from dispensary’s before and holy shit... I was baked as fuck and it’s just kept on coming! Getting higher and higher I was like whaatttt!

Another time I ate some seriously strong edibles and went to sleep, woke up forgetting where the hell i was, having no recollection of what happened the night before haha, was baked for like 12 hours from them at least.

I find smoking more controllable I guess and just more familiar, but I do want to invest in a good vape and see how I get on with that :)


I like edibles. They keep me topped up longer and the highs and lows are less dramatic. It's more of a slow gradually rising high. Edibles are tricky to judge the dosage at first. Make sure you don't have anything important planned for the next three or four hours until you get sorted out how much is right for you.

I like smoking too. It doesn't make me as lazy as edibles do. Edibles usually leave me not wanting to do much. When I smoke I can go about my day normally. I'm on opiates right now to help deal with pain from a rectal tumour. I stopped using edibles because it was making me too dopey when I take it with my morphine. All I wanted to do was sleep all the time. I guess I'll be more of a smoker until I go for surgery and get the tumour removed.

I take edibles like pain killers or sleeping pills. they tend to have a very drowsy and relaxed effect. whereas if i vape some flower I often feel alert and energized.

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Mantap luar biasa karya anda

Smoke cannabis feel high.

hemp known in aceh ,, the number one quality in the world. just come to aceh, indonesia westernmost region.

I think edibles are superior in a lot of ways but it is good to keep some weed for smoking when you want a fast buzz.

A dab or ten a day keeps the doctor away.

i have been smoking weed from past 4 years now and i will definitely choose weed over edibles.. edibles and destroy your life. i once had two brownies of hash and that was the day i said i won't do it again ever. smoke a blunt is way better

I'm unlucky enough to have been cursed with hypersensitivity to smoked weed. I end up paranoid, in the fetal position, with my skin crawling.

I'd go as far as saying smoke is like a bad LSD trip for me.

So edibles it is!

Personally I vaporize it, and sometimes consume oils. Best way to go for sure!

Many thanks dear i listened about this great plant in the threatment of ephileptical problem, but the recommendation is the oil, unfortunately in our country it is a prosuct ilegal.
Best regard @ galberto

The aim is to get high, take a blunt smoke it and fly,
Thats clean, who's got time to bang pans and bake...🎂🎂🎂

Most of the time, just good old fashioned smoked flowers.
My tolerance is lower for edibles and they also make me tired, but I like the act of smoking or vaping; it is strangely soothing.
I prefer the taste of a good concentrate, especially a terp sauce, but having i am not in a place where i am always looking to get that high as you do with concentrates. sometimes of course, its bliss.

I like to smoking more!! Mostly because I love to roll it's like the calm before the storm

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SMOKE or EDIBLES - A Pothead’s Lament

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SMOKE or EDIBLES - A Pothead’s Lament


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SMOKE or EDIBLES - A Pothead’s Lament


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