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makes me think of Gnarles Barkley. The melody of the song is now running in my mind. My mind is wild. What's crazy is thst Richard Branson is making space travel possible; Virgin Galatic. It costs $100,000+, he says it's better than the Russian's who are charging millions. Traveling to Australia will take 1.5 hours from US.
He started his newspaper business at the age of 15, with $100 startup fund. It grew. Grew like a an orangatang into a beast. Like Bruce Banner into the beast.



Did you know bonce is british slang for head/skull? It pretty much means crazy too.
My first #freewrite is crazy. Literally.

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Love, love, love!!! Life is so crazy in so many ways :) And love the Gif!!! So glad that you are playing with us!!

Thanks for making it happen :)

This was GREAT!! welcome to #freewrite!

Thanks! :)

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Lol - I likey! :)

Thank you :)

You're welcome! I kinda dropped out tho'.. oops!