Are you Financially literate?

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What's up homies?

Lately, I've been busy reading some finance related books and haven't been posting much here. I should actually be doing the opposite right now and work my ass off because Steemfest 3 is nearing and gotta collect the funds to travel.

Guess I'll be focusing more on work from now on...

Anyways, the books I've been reading lately have brought about a lot of changes in the way I think in terms of life or finances. The latest book that I just finished was "The Cashflow Quadrant" by Robert Kiyosaki.

It's by the same guy who wrote "Rich Dad Poor Dad" which went on to become a best seller in the world and is still one of the bestsellers.

From reading the books, what I can say is when it comes to money, we all are illiterates unless we read these book because we are taught nothing about how to handle money, where to invest them, assets, liabilities and how these matter.

This is the main reason why most of us remain working throughout our lives and never seem to have enough money that keeps flowing in without putting in hours of work.

How reading these financial books helps?

Well, to put it in simple terms: Imagine you are in a forest and it is night. You are not able to see anything. You are scared to move anywhere out of the fear of stepping on snakes or something like that. So, you'd remain stuck there and pray that you remain safe until it's daylight.

Now, imagine you had a torch. With the help of the torch light, you'd be able to see what's in front of you and it'll help keep you from any harm, wouldn't it? And if you dare to take action, you could also free yourself by finding your way out as soon as possible.

In the above comparison, think of forest as the financial world and there's darkness because you don't know shit about handling your money.

Financial literacy is the torch. If you read financial books, it'll help you see what's in front of you and save you from any harm. When you dare to take action, you will try to free yourself, that is when you act using the knowledge you gained, it can make you financially free.

School is outdated!

Hope this comparison made it clear why financial literacy is important. I have no idea why the schools remain so outdated and don't bother teaching financial literacy to young kids. Maybe, that's the aim? To keep students working hard for big companies throughout their lives?

I know for a fact that schools were started during the industrial age to prepare people to become workers in the industries. But, we're way past the industrial age and have moved into information age where the things don't work the same as industrial age. Pretty soon maybe in 5-10 years, we'd be moving to the automation age and we'd better start planning to work in an industry that won't replace us with robots.

So far nobody has bothered to think about this issue that they're gonna face but you guys who are reading this post had better start planning for the future ahead.

How's the thumbnail relevant to the post?

Well, I started off this post thinking about posting something else and this ended up going somewhere. So, the thumbnail isn't very releant to the topic. but let me add something to make it more relevant.

Opportunities are everywhere around you. All you need to find is the right key to unlock them. Remain open to everything, learn to observe and be aware. That's the key.



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Investment is subject to market risk......which is wrong you need to be aware what is going on market to unlock the tressure behind the vault. This i belive is financial literacy👌

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Yeah! Gotta be updated with what's happening in the market.

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lol, why not?