Making Of A Murder Mystery

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This is a lyrical poem about writing a murder mystery story. Pushing the creative mind to develop a story with the proper twists. Hope you enjoy.


Making Of A Murder Mystery

Finally, ability to free my ability to write with agility, special place, humility 

Confidence confounding; culpability astounding, exercising in futility 

Working out in tranquility, tranquil environment that is meant for my soul 

What stories are untold? What characters are youthfully old, what is given, what is sold?

“What temperature does the turkey cook?” Said the wife to the mother. 

“How long until summer?” said the son to the dad, both missing his brother 

Dark is the sight. Terrible wind like sinful delight blowing from the south tonight. 

The figure was shadowed by the light, moving like a mouth in fright. 

Shuttered like the shutters captured timeless like developed shutters 

Nothing mutters pain like the wane of a tear when the cry utters 

Dreary cause, sedated and placated, lost… alone and vibrated 

Temporal, cerebral hesitated in verbal libations that he created 

His eyes closed for demise like the minds of the opposing side. 

Lost in confidence, political mind didn’t see he was about to die. 


Officer feared for his life, let one squeeze according to his sworn rights. 

The dull glow from under light showed a 14 year old with a butter knife. 

“No, No NO, it needs to be more creative”, said the canvas to the artist. 

Painting melodies with fingers was the hardest part of being a guitarist 

Images danced of war and romanced the horror that I try to underscore 

Underlined in time and highlighted more ‘til the importance was ignored 

Then the twist, the ending bliss. You ever know a daughter even exist? 

He grabbed her wrist, she cracked his ribs. Unexpected and reckless 

No wait… I got this…  Suddenly she shot this with a shotgun smile, killed it, then daughter exits… 

Now the explosion hits, her father’s death is the twist…She caused it…  

Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts below.

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