Wake up and smell the rain! :)

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These are the best days of the year. Its monsoon in India and I literally wait for it the whole year. It is only in these days that you can get rid of the scorching heat of Jaipur atleast for a few days.

I love the mornings when you open your eyes to the smell of the rain; when you just want to see it raining and doesn’t want to go to work. I find peace in the rain and love to listen to the rhythm to the falling rain. I also love to have tea along with pakoras on rainy mornings.

Sharing with you all a picture I clicked when I was returning from the office in the evening.


You can call it a regular shot during rainy days but it is mandatory. It started raining so heavily and suddenly that my clothes almost got wet till I get into the cab. After that I didn’t spend a single moment worrying about my clothes and couldn’t stop myself gazing at the dripping droplets on the cab’s window. It was a wonderful moment and it was completely dark on the road. I could only see heavy rainfall and the lights of the other cars passing by. I caught into the moment and get this photograph clicked.

Hope you liked it.
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I would also like to hear from you all. Do you like rain? What do you like to do when it rains? Put down your thoughts in the comments below.
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