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(Tharnday, cont.)

Irola – A’mara Complex

Jilia lay still, breathing shallowly, but still unconscious. Jerreck sat next to her bed, his hands on her arm, desperately trying to will the leya into her to help her heal, but one healing dragonstone had already shattered and now the stella had disappeared to find a blackstone.

Doctors didn’t understand Yerduan magick. Without a blackstone, he would watch the love of his life dwindle away to nothing and the doctors would be powerless to help – and devoid of answers. Jerreck felt helpless to do anything to ward off another tragedy like which had befallen Saraca’s sister Denica only the previous summer. An otherwise healthy woman died of apparently minor injuries, all because of the invisible damage Yerduan magick inflicted. All for wont of a blackstone, they had only recently realized.

Saraca sat in another chair next to the bed to await the return of Truji. She remained silent, for which Jerreck was grateful.

He could feel that Jilia’s leya imprint continued to weaken as she lay there. The fear that welled up inside him was nothing like anything he had felt before, except, perhaps the deaths of his foster parents and then his maqla – the event that had led to him being named abári. But this was different, the woman he loved, the lover he had failed to recognize until only yesterday, lay seriously injured – not only in body, but in her essence as well.

At last, Truji burst back into the room, her hair dripping wet. “It was raining at Savai’s!” she explained as cheerfully as if she were bringing pizza.

She put her cloak on the back of a chair where it dripped on the hard floor.

“Someone has hidden or stolen my blackstone,” Truji said severely. “So, I had to go to X’lea to get a new one.”

Saraca looked at Jerreck.

“Many of the stellas have portals – it helps them to be of greater service, such as now,” Jerreck explained. “Generally speaking, the abári is the only other person to know about it. Obviously, the wrong people can abuse it.”

Saraca nodded her agreement to keep the knowledge secret. Truji held the blackstone over Jilia.

“Help me, Jerreck,” Truji said. “Hold the blackstone.”

“I’m no stella,” he replied.

“Stella/A’mara – the distinction is not always as cut and dried as you might think, Abári. Please.”

He held the blackstone over Jilia’s body.

“Will the black magick into the blackstone. It can absorb and destroy the evil,” Truji instructed. “As much as I can do, your love is more important. It will help the blackstone work more efficiently and effectively.”

Jerreck nodded and watched through the leya as the black tendrils of energy were drawn away from Jilia and into the blackstone. A few minutes passed as he held the stone. He wondered how long it would take.

At last, no more black energy could be seen.

“I think you’ve got it now,” Truji said. “I will cleanse it tonight, with the moons being almost full. Now, you can help with the dragonstone. I had to grab another of those too after the first one shattered.”

“Is it true that all dragonstones were once one of Terra’s scales?” Saraca asked.

“I am not old enough to remember that far back,” Truji replied. “Legend says that they were. But I have to wonder. After all, if all dragonstones were the product of one dragon – and no more were made, they would be scarce enough to become valuable. I don’t know, Saraca.”

Jerreck focused completely on Jilia. He willed the leya to heal her. Then he felt Truji’s voice intrude further into his mind.

“The dragonstone can heal completely, even if you’re not sure where the problems lie, but it will work better if you can find the hidden things first. Your knowledge can help focus the healing better.”

Jerreck nodded and concentrated on any internal injuries. He found each spot and willed the leya to mend it.

“It wasn’t Sipper’s fault,” Jilia’s weak voice said.

“Oh my Jilia!” Jerreck cried out, kissing her desperately, his tears splashing onto her face. “I was so scared I’d lost you – so soon after finally understanding you!”

“You can’t get rid of me that easily, Jerreck. You should know that by now,” she said, smiling weakly.

“If it wasn’t Sipper, who was it?” Saraca asked.

“Do you remember Luoley?” Jilia asked.

“Viper?!” Saraca asked. “He did this to you?”

Jilia nodded. “I got too close to them, I guess. He panicked.”

“Viper is Yerdua?” Saraca asked.

“Seems that way,” Jilia replied. “He hit me with some pretty powerful energy blasts – then tossed me over the railing. I don’t remember anything after that.”

“You landed in a dumpster of scrap. I think that probably saved your life – besides the blackstone,” Jerreck said. “I shouldn’t have let you go alone.”

“Oh, Jerreck! You are my lover, you are also my abári, but you are not to blame. I chose to meet Sipper, alone, in the Understory. I took the risk myself. It should have been okay – it would have been okay if all I’d met were thugs. Yerdua change everything. If anyone is to be at fault, it is me. I didn’t guard my thoughts well enough when I recognized Viper. He heard my thought and came after me,” Jilia said quietly.

“How did you know to look for her?” Saraca asked, looking at the abári.

“I felt her pain, then heard her call me,” Jerreck replied.

“In other words, your love saved her life,” Saraca said quietly.

The doctor came rushing in. “She’s conscious?” he asked needlessly. “I’m relieved!”

“The power of a blackstone and a dragonstone,” Truji said.

Saraca picked up the bag of shards and left with the stella.

The doctor explained to Jilia the extent of her injuries and how amazed he was that she was even alive. “If Jerreck hadn’t got to you as quickly as he had..,” the doctor said.

“But I did, my Jilia,” Jerreck replied, looking at his fiancée with tender love. Then he turned back to the man. “Can I take her home, Doctor? It will be easier to look after her there.”

“I will say you may, Jerreck, but you have to follow my instructions. That includes being Jilia’s full-time carer until I say otherwise. It means cutting back your own obligations for awhile. I’m sure you have someone capable of filling your shoes while you’re caring for Jilia,” the doctor said sternly.

Jerreck nodded. “Anything. I will do anything for this woman – as she has always cared for me.”

The doctor smiled tenderly. “I never thought I’d see you like this, Jerreck, but it’s a beautiful thing. I’ll get someone to help you get her home.” The doctor left them alone.

“I love you, Jerreck,” Jilia’s weak voice sounded.

“I know. You have always loved me and I plan to make myself worthy of that love,” he replied, stroking her hair.



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