Is Social Media Hurting Us?

Hi, I am Olivia and I have taken over the account because I want to share more, learn more and interact more here on Steemit.
Today I was reading something on Instagram, someone put up a post saying that life is not perfect, like in all the photos that we see, it's not pink all the time, and the lifes of influencers are not always that pink. We don't all have perfect bodies, run around on beaches constantly, go on yachts. Life is about something else. And we are wasting it getting angry when we keep scrolling and scrolling and all we see is perfection.
I think social media nowadays has put in our heads this image of everything has to be perfect, or look at those people, what wonderful lives they're living. But maybe we should just start unfollowing those people, to keep our focus where it needs to be and not on pretty pictures.

Is social media hurting us? I would say yes. It makes us waste time, it makes us doubt ourselves, obsess about Pinterest like lives, and so on...

What do you think?



I think it is more nuanced than that. You can use social media as a way to connect with new people, inspire others, and earn money in some cases. But if you use it as a way to put yourself down and compare yourself to a perfect snap shot of someone else's life then you're gonna end up miserable.

In the end social media isn't going anywhere and that puts the responsibility on your shoulders. Are you going to use it to better your life or as an excuse to feel bad about it? The choice isn't easy but that doesn't mean that it isn't there.

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