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With the state this nation is in financially, socially and politically I feel the need to be prepared for uncertain times . Uncertain times which I believe are coming. If we find ourselves in survival mode from a financial collapse, or an EMP attack, or any other number of life changing events, who among us believes that we can survive alone? I submit that even with a few family and friends it will be extremely difficult. Think of all the day to day chores such as hauling water. Cutting and splitting and moving firewood. Cooking off grid. And the list goes on endlessly.

Can we start a group? Can we join an existing group? The answer to both questions is, yes we can. The real question is how? Both options require networking. They require reaching out and getting to know others to the point of completely trusting them. Trust. There's a complex dynamic. The trust needed in any survival scenario is complete and comprehensive. We must trust with our lives, and more importantly, the lives of our family and loved ones.


Building the kind of relationships needed for this level of trust often spans entire life times. In many cases a relationship never reaches that level. The thought of opening ourselves up to reveal what we have, who we are, is difficult under the best of circumstances. How do we let someone in to the point where we reveal what we have, and where we have it. To the point where we open our homes, our land, and everything we worked hard to build. To the point where we expose ourselves and our family to these people.

However if we do not find a way to reach this level of trust. If we attempt to survive alone , or with a very small group of family or friends, then we will almost certainly fail. As many of us wake up to these issues facing this nation and see the need to prepare, we decide to move out of the cities and urban areas. We decide to move out to the country. Out to areas where we can homestead. Grow our own food. Raise livestock. A place where we can truly be free Americans.

As we do make these moves, how do we start over in the formation of relationships. How do we build community where we know nobody? How do we join an existing community where nobody knows us? How do we accomplish these things while at the same time, build our skills and establish our infrastructure? Think on these things. I believe the day is approaching.

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I'm hollering at you on Discord, timmo. Come back to the Block when you can.

I agree with what you are saying. Do you have an article planned to answer the questions of how to build those relationships and establish that trust? I have attempted to ensure that our farmstead is as autonomous as possible, but no farm is an island. I actually just wrote an article on a similar topic. I look forward to reading more.


Thank you.. I dont know if I have the answers,,,I am planning more articles on the subject of preparedness. Even though I dont have all the answers , I just want people to think about the questions and issues we may face during these times.


That makes a lot of sense. Maybe connecting with more like minded people in this community will help us all find some answers.