The Giza Death Star Revisited: A New Steemit Novel Chapter 65

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The Giza Death Star Revisited: A Novel Based on the Work of Joseph P. Farrell

©2017 by Carl Joseph DeMarco


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Chapter 65

Daryl showed up with a group of men that were not prima donnas. They threw themselves into the planning, measuring and construction with everyone else. Not only would it pass the time, it would hasten the success of the team and increase their detailed knowledge of the place.

Obviously, moving 30-ton stones wasn’t the most practical way to go about it, nor was their goal to produce an accurate duplicate of the pyramid. Their goal was to reproduce the space they’d be moving in. Wood, plastic, and fiberglass took the place of stone, and in a few instances, concrete.

Faro, Frank and Melissa did their damnedest to guess what the fully reconstructed interior would be like replete with the functioning parts. They also started developing and testing their own scalar technology with the help of Carrie and Mary owing to their experience with electronics and sound. Georgeanne acted as administrator of the project. Greaves did quality control along with exercise planning for the paramilitary training with Daryl and his team. Thorny and One Flare took over supply and logistics while Carrie and Mary formed a support team that kept everyone fed, clothed and clean. And everyone did everything and anything when it was needed.

“Check this out,” said Frank as Mary and Carrie lifted a .50 caliber onto its mount in the back of the Land Rover and fastened it into place.

They were at the old control center that Frank and Melissa had expanded to contain a workshop for the project at hand.

“Wow, what a beauty. And the gun looks nice too.”

Carrie and Mary smiled at the Doc.

“You ladies sure do know you way around firearms.”

“Of course, we grew up on the rez.”

“Now we really can play Rat Patrol!” said Faro as he walked around the vehicle admiring its new equipment from every angle. “But what’s it for?”

“Training. And it’ll probably come in handy if you know who ever shows up again.”

Faro let out a big belly laugh. “You got that right!”

“But look at this baby, here,” said Frank sidling over to the workbench. He held up a small black box with a some tubes coming out.

“If I’m not mistaken,” Faro conjectured, “That bears a certain resemblance to Paul LaViolette’s microwave phase conjugate mirror.”

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170804113901.jpg

“You are not mistaken. I intend to produce our own graser, that is gamma ray laser, a step up from LaViolette's maser, to fire our own electromagnetic oscillation beam into the pyramid to disrupt the resonance the pyramid was based on in order to neutralize it, should it come to that.”

"Not the dreaded, hitherto strictly theoretical Mark IV graser!" exclaimed Faro.


“Looks awfully small,” observed one of the girls. “And the pyramid is so big.”

“It doesn’t matter,” countered Frank. “The phase conjugation will amplify the pump maser to enough power to disrupt the pyramid resonance. We don’t need to destroy it, or need planet busting power such as the pyramid has, we only need to dampen the resonance to render the pyramid’s graser harmless.”

“Incredible. But where’s the rest of it, the shooting end? And will it be ready in time?”

“It has to be.”

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Image source: 1-2-(From The Cosmic War: Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts by Joseph P. Farrell)


Interesting! Waiting for next chapter.

Wonderful chapter thanx for sharing

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