The Giza Death Star Revisited: A New Steemit Novel Chapter 64

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The Giza Death Star Revisited: A Novel Based on the Work of Joseph P. Farrell

©2017 by Carl Joseph DeMarco


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Chapter 64

As winter turned into spring, our merry band put their training facility together piece by affordable piece. Thorny and One Flare would take off to Vegas for “romantic getaways” with Carrie and Mary, and somehow always manage to return with a van full of lumber.

“Where the hell are you getting all this lumber?”

“Lucky at craps, I guess.”

“Sounds like crap alright!”

Greaves, knowing the boys as he did, would just walk away shaking his head and doing a Sgt. Schulz impression: “I know nothing! I see nothing!”

In the weeks after Easter, the assembly was gathered around the Barstows’ lunch table enjoying another delicious meal prepared by Melissa when the phone rang. Farkell was on the other end with a big shit-eating grin on his face that could be heard through the receiver.


“Frank?” asked Farkell slyly?


“Go check your mailbox. Don’t hang up.”

“Who’s that dear?”

“It’s Farkell, he says to check the mailbox but not hang up.”

“All the way down there?”

“It must be important. Here, you hold the phone.”

“What’s going on?” someone asked from the kitchen.

“We’re not sure yet.”

Frank grabbed the keys and left. Ten minutes later he burst through the back door.


“What? What?”

“Easter was two weeks ago.”

“Well the goose just laid the golden eggs!” cheered Frank. “Ah, I mean the Easter Bunny brought them. Oh, whatever, goose, Easter Bunny, who cares about mixing metaphors?”

Jolly laughter was heard coming from Alaska on the other end. “How’s that for a day’s work?”

Frank handed Melissa a paper. “OH MY GOD!”

“What? What?” “What’s going on?” “What happened?”

Melissa’s eyes were bulging with astonishment. Her mouth hung open. She was flabbergasted.

Faro went over and turned the paper so he could see it.

“Good Lord, how did that happen?”

That brought the rest of the crowd--Georgeanne, Greaves, Carrie, Mary, Thorny and One Flare—all of whom were straining to see the paper.

Carrie and Mary were so stunned, they uttered something in each of their native tongues that no one else understood.

Greaves stated, “I’ll call Daryl and have him get started.”

Finally Melissa got her mouth to move. “Jack, where on earth did this 20 million dollars come from? Is it some kind of mistake?”

“Nope. Remember that Bitcoin thing I told you about?”


“Well, Just for shits and giggles, I bought 200,000 of them at fractions of a penny. Literally fractions of a penny. I just sold half a few days ago for 200 dollars each.”

btc chart.jpg

“What???” Melissa’s mouth fell open paralyzed again as she just barely stammered the one word she got out.

“Well what is it?” Asked Faro.

Frank looked at him blandly, “We have 20 million dollars, that’s all.”

The group erupted in cheers and celebration.

“Unbelievable!” exclaimed Faro.

“It was that Bitcoin thing.”

“You were right, Giuseppe! It does have legs!” exclaimed Georgeanne.

“So wait a minute,” began Faro snatching the receiver from Melissa so he could address Farkell. “Let me understand this. You invested less than 1000 dollars of bankster money in this bitcoin, and just now you got 20 million dollars of bankster money out of it, and no banksters profited off this deal or got a red cent out of it?”

“That's about the size of it.”

“Holy Cow! This is better than Kryptonite. At this rate we can bleed the banksters dry in less than a decade and leave their shriveled corpses to the turkey vultures!"

“Hahahaha! I knew you’d love it, you Dego bastard.”

“Farkell, you magnificent slippery old Frog! Get me some of that too!”

They popped a bottle of some kind of wine they had around the house in lieu of Champagne, which they just weren’t pretentious enough to keep around.

“Here’s to Bitcoin!”

“And here’s to our trip to Egypt!”

“And here’s to the death of Babylon’s banksters!”

“Now we can really move on getting this mockup done and start training!”

“That reminds me,” added Greaves nonchalantly. “You guys can stop with the lumber runs now. We’ll just buy what we need.”
And they all yucked it up and had a mirthful rest-of-the-day.

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Wow! 20 million dollars! Interesting chapter.

quite the cheerful read.
I just found you tho! I Must go back and catch up!

Please do. and thanks for coming!

Interesting story I like that bitcoin part thanx for sharing.....

If only. Right?

Hello friend @thornybastard, great post, I congratulate you, thanks for sharing

And thanks for your kind words!

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