Poll:62 Have you ever written a book?

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Many people say one day i will write a book about this or that but how many of us actually do it in numbers it`s hard to count. It might be a new undertaking but most writers will tell you that there is something about writing a book that will immortalize you in history.

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Poll:62 Have you ever written a book?

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#Poll:62 Have you ever written a book?

i AM the story :)

no, seriously, to hold the candle to my masters who shaped my thinking partly, van voght, zelazny , vance ... i don't think i could master it enough to even get close to them

If I can do this, then nobody will be happier than me!!

Not yet, but I thinking about it @theopinion

You are post is excellent.but I not write a book

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Your post writing very good.I like your post topic

You are post is excellent