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The last child or familiar is called the youngest. With that status dikeluarga, indeed you will find a spoiled figure because rich overflow of affection. His presence will always be missed. The figure of a child who never grown, but always desperately trying to break the assumption.

Being the youngest, then you will be dealing with parents who are very selective and difficult to remove his daughter. Until (maybe) you'll get used to living closer to your mother-in-law.

Being the youngest, made him unfamiliar. Then you will see that he always wants to be in the comfort zone. Make sure later still sleep in a comfortable mattress, eat well, dress well, adequate facilities.

Because the youngest is sometimes very dependent everything to the person who is comfortable for him, be prepared for your time for him. Give your hands and feet to help him even to find something he forgot to keep it.

But believe me, as the youngest who will then be the wife's status, she will be the real mother and wife. A good mother who teaches, educates, and bestows love as she receives, to her children, that is your children.
A lovable and cheerful figure is a warmer in the middle of the family, the laughter spreader. He's a good listener and communicative, you'll be comfortable chatting a lot before bedtime comes.

Believe me, a young woman will drop her choice to the person who makes her comfortable and calm. Just as if he were in the middle of his family. Then he will have extraordinary loyalty.

Because the youngest, has a broad and leading insight, because he has additional teachers and reflect from the experience of his older brothers. She even tried not to demand beyond what her husband could afford.

Because the youngest you will meet, he who loves freedom, does not like to be dominated. But be calm, as long as you appreciate and give confidence, he will greatly maintain that trust and not run away from his responsibilities and obligations.

As long as you are capable of being a good and loving priest of the family, he will respect you as the love that will lead him and his family to heaven.

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Nice posting.

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