STACH Short Story Contest #20: Valentine Special- 199 words, a lovely prize pool, everyone wins!

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Hello Everyone, @ejemai here with the announcement for the STACH Short Story Contest #19.

What is a Short Story.

A short story is a story with a fully developed theme but significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel. It makes use of plot, resonance, and other dynamic components to a far greater degree than is typical of an anecdote. You can read it in less than 90 seconds.

Contest Rules:

•Write a Short Story based on the topic that will be given every week.
•Write an Original Short Story (Plagiarism will be flagged and reported).
•The Story must contain no more than 199 words.
•One entry per user.
•Story should be pasted in the comment section below, no links.
•Contestants are permitted to post their stories in an article on their blog, so they also get upvotes from the @stach trail.

Winners Selection.
Winners will be selected based on the topic, story plot, number of words and delivery as determined by the selected Judge. One word above 199, disqualifies the entry.

Contest Topic.

Write a 199 words story about MY VERY FIRST VALENTINE!
Share the experiences, good, bad or ugly.


For this special edition, I am putting aside a very juicy SBD loved-up prize pool. The story with the most interaction gets a 1SBD prize from @ejemai.

Everyone Wins.

Good luck guys!

Sharpen your writing skills and throw in some inspiring short stories.

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I became first aware of Valentine's day and its meaning in my first year in junior secondary school.
It was that same year my mother heard me talking about it and slapped me for gradually becoming a spoilt child.
My whole existence was riddled with confusion that day.
Every other valentine's day after that just passed promptly without my notice.

Seven years later in my first year in the University I had my first real Valentine experience.
The day was going to pass like the ones that had gone before because I had given it no thought not to talk about making plans.
I got hungry and decided to go buy noodles downstairs.
When I got to the gate of the lodge, my year 1 crush was coming in to see his friend.
As usual I blushed and nearly fell flat on my face but I regained my composure miraculously and continued on my way.

He was in his final year. I guess he knew I was crushing on him. And I felt I didnt stand a chance. He was just too fine and I couldn't keep up with Awka girls.
That same day, his very first words to me were
"Happy Valentine's day fine girl".
I still dont know if I replied because everything that followed after that passed in a love struck haze.
We went out to a pizza joint in his car.
Men and brethren the relationship that kicked off on valentine's day lasted 4months.
I was naive and he was an asshole.


Ehyaaa.. Nice story


Awwnn nice story but 4months I think u both could have done better


Ikr... We could have but i felt i was taken advantage of. Had to shift.

my first entry!
Andrew and I met in drama valley. The underlying gathering was entirely relaxed as a shared companion presented us. I was genial, yet no ringers went off in my mind. I helped myself to remember my new love delineate chose a hand to hand fighting dojo was an all the more encouraging gathering spot to become more acquainted with a man than the pools of hot springs. Carlin and I reconnected seven days after the fact in San Diego at a meeting put on by the Psychologist Jack Gibb to investigate his thoughts regarding the wellbeing and prosperity of gatherings and the general population in them.
True love never dies. He is my friend and also my closet member of my life. we went to hilly area to enjoy life. he is so simple the honest man in my life! I am so sad he was died last month through heart attack. Which is wrost time for me I can express it in my word! Love you Andrew !


Nice piece

Here is my entry:

It was in February and it was my first, my first girlfriend and my first valentine. I didn't know what to get her so i went with different random gifts. Bought her perfume, credit card Lolz, underwear (although my sister assisted with this, could have never done it on my own. Too shy to visit a ladies store), a big white teddy bear, flowers, hand bag... all sorts. When she saw everything she smiled and whispered to my ear (babe you didn't have to, all I want is for you to love and cherish me everyday till...) it got me thinking, the best gift on Val is to remain loyal and loving to your partner not in the gifts you want to buy.


So fast😄😄


Lolz it's something that happened to me so I don't see why it should be difficult to narrate my ordeal... Thanks for reading

Here's my entry.

It was all like a joke, I mean my first valentine experience. I was very young and I didn't know what it meant to celebrate valentine. I only noticed people putting on a touch of red in their attire lol. I had a female best friend in secondary school and decided to show this said love to her by getting her something (I had no idea what I was supposed to get for her). I had to consult a friend and he was like "get her a perfume". I thought about it and read a whole different meaning to it, "does it mean she has body odour"? Well, I was just a casual friend to her and since it was my first time to indulge in something like that, I bought the perfume and a roll-on for her. I gave it to her after school and she was really excited and overwhelmed simply because she's never received a valentine gift before. I noticed our friendship elevated immediately after the gesture I showed her.

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Perfume - ok, but roll-on deodorant?! Hilarious! You get an upvote from me for that!!


Lol, much thanks

Hello everyone, it's Kay on the Keys.
Here is my entry.

So on Valentine's day of 2015 I wanted to surprise my girlfriend, I planned to take her for a picnic, I packed for the picnic into the car, I called her later that evening, if she would love to step out possibly let's go somewhere out of the area, she said yes.
So I went over and picked her up, I had bought two same t-shirts one of each of us, which I have her one, she wore it because I was wearing mine, well I took her to a playground in Uyo popularly known as love Garden.
At the venue we found a space, thus we set it up well I brought out the drinks and the meats I roasted.
She asked me if she could choose a random couple at the playground to come join us to play games and the rest, I was happy to hear the gesture thus I supported the idea we found a couple possibly in their 22s and politely asked them to come join us, which they did happily, we had lots of fun, got to know more about each other.

I could remember vividly how it happened,it was the first day of January that year,i'd called to wish her happy new year,and the talk had gone haywire,"would you be my girlfriend"?,I had asked her out.
She was my crush and everything, and I'd always had a certain feeling around her, my friends would say, she did 'juju' for me,for I could talk about her nonstop,buy her gift and do her assignments,but I wouldn't express my feelings, perhaps she knew, for I was super duper caring and loving, any dumb ass should get the signal, but as smart as Vera was, she wasn't even paying attention,she wouldn't even notice, I was just her friends, like every other.
Vera hung up after my question and we stopped talking,she wouldn't even as much as borrow a pen from me,I became withdrawn, talking only when talked to.
She replied me on Valentine's Day, she sent a text as early as 2am in the morning,these were the exact words "maybe I couldn't process it, it's like a dream,the one you adore asking you out,i am sorry,I love you"
That was the beginning of an unending story, I don't think I'll ever forget val's day.

Friends Forever

My first Valentine was when I was 9 years old, we made drawings and hearts at school, to give them to our classmates and friends. The teacher, a loving and kind woman, always taught us that you had to be cordial and kind to everyone.

When we finished our drawings we all began to give them to the people we considered our best friends. I remember that there was a boy who was very strong in the class that was called Paul, he always bothered the girls, mocking them and taking their things away, to see them angry.

Paul was not a bad boy, but at that age I suppose bothering the girls was his way of showing them that he wanted to be his friend. That day I remember that when I finished delivering my drawings to my friends. When I got up from the desk to go to the teacher's desk, when I came back I found a beautiful card from Paul telling me that he wanted to be my friend, and his favorite toy was a cart that he gave me with the card.

It's been more than 20 years and we're still friends.


jjajajaja muyy buen relato, me hicistes reir con Paul! saludos amiga!


Gracias amiga, abrazos. ;)


Que lindo relato amiga!


Gracias amiga, me alegro que te gustara. Saludos ;)


I can still remember vividly the very first Valentine experience of my life, although am not a playboy type of a guy and neither did I have a girlfriend back then but the big boys in school then were my very good friends. Actually me and the big guy's have nothing in common but the single thread that attached me to them was the fact that i am a good player on the pitch of football.

I grew up as a devout Christian and train up by also a devout parents who never takes laziness, reckless act and bad attitude for granted. So having a girlfriend or dating a lady was not in my agenda then.

February 14 of one particular month. Early in the morning, it falls during the school day just like this one. The big guy's which are my friends together with me were holding their presents well wrapped with a lovely red thread and a short note attached to it. Wow, i feel amazed and isolated because know body was expecting gift from me and also i was neither expecting gift from anybody. Students always think Valentine was all about boyfriend and girlfriend stuff attached with the girl giving sex inreturn to show her love.

Not long enough, my friends began to receive gifts of different kinds from their female girlfriends and the guy's also in return exchange their gits with them. It was colour and also a day of love in the air.

My friends felt i was not part of the fun in the evening, because there was a party organized for lovers to celebrate the day. I personally did not attend because i never have a girlfriend. The next day was Friday, my friends came back and discuss how they all enjoyed their Valentine with their various girlfriends after the school hour. They promise to get me one ,so as to make the next Valentine also eventful for me. The rest are story for the gods. That is all about my first Valentine experience.

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To be sincere, I never considered VALENTINE to be a very special day. I usually never even notice the day and whenever I am reminded about it, I get somehow furious. I Ask myself, "Why would people just choose a day and call it a day of love?!"

I believe I did all this because I never fell in love.

This year, my friends, is my very first Valentine; this year I acknowledge VALENTINE, this year I call 14th of February (valentines day) , the day of love because this year I fell blatantly in LOVE.

How did this happen?
I really don't know how, because few years ago I never imagined myself feeling so helpless happy in love with anyone.

So, Today i am experiencing my first Valentine. I hope today would be everything I imagined about Valentine's Day.


Wow... I hope you have a beautiful memory of valentine celebration this year.


I hope so too.. Thanks alot

Here is my entry:

I was 20 years old in my sophomore year at the prestigious University of Port Harcourt, this was 2014. It was February 14 and as usual the ruckus about Valentine was high in the air, my lodge neighbors were already scheming how their day would go down. Every man got a Valentine and I was the odd one out.

Hence, my plan for that day was simple, ‘I'll attend lectures that day, return home cook myself a nice meal and watch House of Cards’. At about 4:30 PM, I returned to an almost empty lodge, everyone I know was out.

In no time I made myself a delicious pot of Jollof rice, I turned on my generator and turned on my TV to watch my intriguing ‘House of Cards’.

20 minutes into my movie, I heard a knock on my door, a female voice came through. I went to answer the door, I met a pretty neighbor who apparently didn't go out for Valentine grooves.

‘I want to charge my phone’, she said. ‘Come in’, I urged.

Nature had a funny way of linking me and Vanessa on Valentine’s day. Vanessa was my Valentine and later my girlfriend.



My entry

Well she was one of the cutest girls in our class and I still can't believe we dated what she saw I don't know but I guess I must have been lucky, we started the day on an awesome note she sent me a picture and I still have it I wouldn't loose it IMG-20180214-WA0000.jpg

Later that evening around 5pm Nigerian time we went out to jabi lake park, we had fun I played a game "rope in the bottle" won her a cute Teddy bear, we went for dinner at dunes that was the most expensive dinner ever had trust me February 15th the next day my pocket felt it😉 but I was so glad it was my first ever Valentine's day, my second kiss... It was awesome


so I heard about our new Neighbor That rented the next apartment close to my room, but as usual I was uninterested because, that's not my 1st neighbor, and I cared less, it was Monday morning and I prepared for work, my work is the type we call early go, late come, so no chance for pleasantries, it continued like that till on Saturday, my day off and I was awoken by loud music playing from the next room, (my new neibour) I hissed at the thought of a new neighbor already disturbing the peace of my environment, so I wore my clothes and stormed off to his door, knock knock, knock knock again, he opened and OMG there stood in front of me, a gorgeous drop dead handsome young man, winks ☺, my type of man, then I started stuttering, em em OK can u please reduce the volume of your music?? I was so nice so I was crushing immediately. Then we started seeing more often and exchanged glances occasionally ☺, then time went by and it was a day to Valentine, I was in my room as usual and he came ,I asked him in and we got talking, one thing led to the other, and he asked me to be his val!! Wow I was so happy, then on Valentine's Day we had the most amazing outing.....and thus began the journey of our love.
Thanks for reading.

Here is my entry.


I was in 100level, sitting in my room in school, and a friend walked into the room with my elder brother and his girlfriend, Took me along with them to a nice place, then left me and the girl alone while him (my bro) and his girlfriend left us.

A game was brought (truth and dare game) defaulter will have to buy drink, game was played for a couple of hours... Game was fun as I 1 given a lap dance and I got a French kiss and eventually I got to pay a fine when I was asked to kiss my brothers girlfriend.

After the game and all the fun, we had to come back home but then our funds got exhausted... Lol. The girls had to complete it though.

We got back home and it was the after party... I was given valentines gift (boxers and a wrist watch) I was amazed because she isn't my girl friend, never thought I'll get a thing on that day, but then it happened. It was such an unforgettable that I so cherish her for what she did. She is so loved!

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My very first Valentine

My first VAL taught me a vital lesson about relationships – NEVER ASSUME!
I was a secondary school student in an all-boys school. There was this girl living down the street, she was my friend’s sister and my first crush. In no time, we got closer and enjoyed each others company, always chatting and making out.

When our first valentine approached, I racked my head for what to give her, and alas, I remembered she likes Westlife songs. I bought their album, sat by our old stereo system and started writing down the lyrics of ‘My Love’. (silly loverboy!)

I wrapped the written lyrics in an envelop, added a romantic card, rose, cookies and sent to her via her junior brother. She enjoyed it, came over to my house and we made out for a long time. I was happy and felt I have landed myself a girlfriend, not knowing that I was only grooming her for another guy (smh!)

To cut the story short, a guy came along, stole her attention, she drifted, I confronted her, and she asked if we were in a relationship!

It took me a month to recover.

Well, everyone is dropping their experience, and here is mine.

It all started like a joke and it also ended like a joke too. Today makes it exactly 8 years when I started experiencing the power of love on Valentine's Day. There was a girl called tolani on my street, very beautiful and attractive. I have been looking for a way to lure her into my world, but hell nah! She gave me tough time that I had to let her be. Couple of months later, around January, her friend was celebrating her birthday in a popular lounge around and coincidentally, we bumped into each other while trying to place an order and I cleared her bills because it wasn't that exorbitant and I think that act out her engage in a conversation with me and that was how it all began and I was enjoying the roller coaster of her ride not until the twisted feminism of the slay queen syndrome got into her and every day our lives in that relationship is nothing but a trouble not until I saw another angel that understood the real power of and caring for an edible and strong fellow like me, I dropped tolani like I am dropping an "agbero" in Lagos and that was where my awful experience of Valentine's Day.
Happy Valentine to everyone!!!

My first valentine was during my senior year in high school. How we spent the day wasn’t so unique in anyway; still the regular movie and dinner thing. The only thing that was spectacular about it was the details of the outing. I am a Nigerian, but funny enough I was in England at the time and we met not long before now. I have always been a fan of the New England Patriots since I was very little. Normally, the routine had always been: go to the movies first before dinner, so you would have a bulk to talk about. We both just did the reverse. I was beginning to freak out; I didn’t know what to talk about. Luckily, he took me to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner. Coincidentally, the Patriots were playing against my date's favorite team.

My tension was eased, the dinner didn’t turn out awkward after all, and we didn’t stare at the food trying to find something to talk about. While playfully bashing each other’s team, we had tons of fun watching the game and getting to know each other. The movie was awesome and the Valentine’s Day experience was memorable.


My first Valentine's Day was not very appealing, but if it was very beautiful. Spent a couple of years ago, I was walking by the Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela with my girlfriend (which was at the time) and we just sit on the rocks to enjoy the scenery. I remember that we decided to go out without money, only to enjoy what nature and the world we put in the front, everything beautiful that God has given us and that without much to find we could enjoy whenever we were together. It was my first and one of my most beautiful Valentine's Day so far. At that time I was the happiest person in the world, and believe me I do not changed by anyone. At the end of the afternoon only I knelt down, I smiled and sang a couple of songs to close all with a gold brooch. I was the luckiest man in the world taking to that beautiful woman with me. Pleasant and beautiful memories.


A very beautiful story, one of those that reach your soul!!!


Those are the memories that remain for a lifetime, very beautiful story.


Nice one :)


Awesome :)

I could still remember very well when I was in SS3 Secondary school graduating Student. There was a girl called Rukayat, she is beautiful, pretty and cute. Since I joined the school she was my first crush and I was shy to talk to her not knowing she has the same feeling as I. I finally built my boldness and comfort her to be my friend and she accepted immediatly, since then we act like couples but we were friend to everybody's mine they thought we were dating.
One day my friend told me to propose to her and I replied "I don't want to lose her as a friend incase if she reject my proposal", my friend told me never to dull myself because many guys are after her and I got sad 😔. I still stick close to her to some extent that she do called me when doing her menstrual and I will go to her house and stay with her throughout the day and through there she developed interest in me.
Text Over Photo1518603738672.jpg

ON FEB 14th
She got to the class early before me because I was late then, without my notice in the public she knelt and said WILL YOU BE VAL AND MY LOVE FOREVER?. So I rise her immediately and hugged her with a big sound YES

Thanks to stach for this contest 😍.. Make me remember my Dear Rukayat.

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You got to give it to Femi, an expert in the game. I thought he had a telepathic ability as he knew the next action of his 'specimen'.
"Boy you dey dull, Beatrice dig you die" he said.
He just confirmed my thought but scared to act on it.

Mr. Amori entered our class. 80% of his period would be about 'when I was in Ghana' story instead of Geography. Perfect opportunity to plan for Valentine on Saturday.
Earlier I picked a paper with her name on it out of 12 other girls in BMV game.

I was half running to school on Monday morning. I looked across the classroom to catch a glimpse of her while catching my breath. My glance was met with the most aesthetic smile and the world seemed to stand till. I was restored by a sudden uproar...Oh all eyes have been on me while I was smiling romantically at my prize.
It was Femi's voice I heard amidst the uproar "O boy, she don get your password".
Then he whispered "you go gist me later". With the smile on my face i answered "no i don't kiss and tell, especially not with her".



A long time after having met my boyfriend we had our first Valentine's Day, it was a very fun adventure given that although we already had almost a year of relationship, we were always nervous and very sorry. He took me to the best restaurant in the city and did everything possible to make me happy, we ate a lot of delicious food, we ate a lot of ice cream and enjoyed a very romantic evening under the moonlight and a beautiful Jazz background, in a long time I felt loved and loved by someone who really knew that he would be with me for the rest of my life. Today, four years later, we continue to celebrate Valentine's Day in the same way, with much love and feeling, full of the happiness of being best friends, the best boyfriends in the world. I love you my love.

  ·  last year (edited)

Мy entry!
It so happened that on Valentine's Day, I was left alone in the student hostel.
I caught a cold and could not go to a cafe with friends.
It was sad, and I almost sobbed that it happened.
Sometimes I looked desperately out of the window and thought: "I now have a black streak in my life." Suddenly, the red balls in the shape of hearts shot up.
The balls stopped in the middle of my window and swayed in the wind.
What a miracle!
I looked out the window, but saw no one.
The ends of the ropes from the balls were tied to the trunk of a tree.
A little later there was a knock at the door.
When I opened the door, no one was there, but only on the floor was a teddy bear,
who was holding a note in the paws "I love you."
I looked around, but there was no one.
When the friends returned home, they saw that I slept with a bear in my hands and smile in my sleep.
The girls all asked: "Who brought the gift?"... I just smiled.
It was a timid Mishka from a parallel course ...

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Lizzy and i met during our days in the university, i had liked her the very first time i did set my eyes on her. She was light skinned and beautiful. I always thought she glowed like the sun yet i feard she might get burnt when she walked under the sun. I had made every possible effort to be close to her and that included going out of my comfort zone to do anything she asked me to do. Oh ! How excited i was when the big question "what do you want from me " came on the eve of valentine, i had been bold ,i had told her my mind. I loved her and i wanted her.
But the reply was negative, it wasnt possible because she was two years older than me.
Heartbroken i was, i switched off my phone and locked meself up in my room. Then around 4pm on valentine's day i heard a knock on my door when i opened the door, there she was standing with a cake in her hand she had changed her mind and quess what? It was also her birthday. And that was the begining of an everlasting love.

So it was February 14th and I woke up with a mission. I promise I'd show up at her class on valantines day, she is beautiful, she didn't believe me and I had a lot to prove.

The department of medicine is so far away from the faculty of management science. No vehicle takes people to this long treckable place, so I walk all the way to her faculty.

I get there after a long walk to freedom. Her lecturer was teaching statistics, he thinks I'm his students and I late, so he asks me questions, lots of them. I answer them cause I'm a boss in statistics and this is year 2 stuff.

I get into the class, all the boys were hailing me cause of the way I was dressed (as a medical student) and the way I answered the questions and rI saw her, in my mind she is very impressed.

I struggle for a sit right next to her and I said to her finally...happy valentines day dear...she had this blank expression on her face like she didn't know what I was saying...

After the class, she has a lot to handle cause she is the course rep. so she has a lot of work on her hand, so I waited patiently for 2hours before my brain told me she obviously doesn't have my time.

She was having course rep. duties so I searched everywhere for her just to find out she wasn't in the building.

So oh well!! That's was valantines for me!!

I let down all the boys in my generation and I wasn't going to do it further by calling her...

Pure Awesomeness- My Very First Valentine

When you've gotten used to a perfect love, you wouldn't settle for anything less.

Such was the life of Linda, a girl who had given up on happiness after her man of 4 years dumped her. They had been together since high school, and the world expected them to get married
Alas, fate had different plans for her!
Finally, Eric came into her life in her first year in college. She ignored him for a long time because she couldn't risk her heart getting shattered again.
Finally she gave in and he showed her love in its most selfless form.

On Valentine's day in 1996, he proposed to her in the most romantic way:
"Please give me the satisfaction of spending every other Valentine's day with you for as long as I live. Marry me, baby"

He stayed true to his word and loved her immensely as the years passed.
Until some days after the Valentine's day of 2007 when he died.
Her heart is yet to recover for she is yet to see a purely awesome love, the kind Eric could give.

images (27).jpeg

I had always prided myself as being emotionally strong; never too attached to anyone or anything.

Until I transferred to another high school and met the Vice principal. I immediately fell in love with him.
He fit every description I had ever fantasized about in my man. Also, very importantly: he was neither my classmate nor anywhere within my age bracket.
So I worked on my writing skills and kept showing him poems and short stories I wrote. He always encouraged me and gave the needed constructive criticism. He never flogged me. Everyone suspected us. I was happy!

On Valentine's day of 2009, I wrote a love poem which I titled "An Ode To A Wonderful Person". It was meant for him, but I was too shy to tell him that.
I took the poem to his office.

"Hello sir. I worked on this today. What do you think? "

"I'll go through it later, dear. Now, I want to ask you something"

Butterflies danced in my belly with anticipation "Go on, sir"

"You remember Miss Diane; you met her with me once. I want to propose to her today. What do you think?"

My soul burned

· sorry

  ·  last year (edited)

Memory of my first Valentine

Good times are never forgotten, especially when it comes to people who were part of your life.
When I was just starting high school, was a radical change in my life, I met new friends some very good and others not so good, I was was very popular because I liked to sing and at all the festivals I was one of the participants. When the month of February was approaching, the date of Valentine's Day there was a school-wide sharing, That day I was going to my classroom when my companion Omer he saw me coming down the stairs he ran towards me, He gave me a kiss on the mouth and a chocolate, although everything was very quick I had time to slap him, his prank was annoying me, but today I remember that day and I laugh of that experience, and I remember even more because that my friend died six years in an accident; I had the opportunity to share with him before your departure in a reunion of friendships where we took photographs and we remember that moment between laughs, I still remember that great person in the one that after adult became.

by: @edurley

My first Valentine

I fell in love with Martin in high school when we were 15 years old, I was attracted by his beautiful black eyes and his sweet smile, always ready to help anyone who needed it. Our first Valentine he picked me up at my house and invited me to lunch, but he told me that first we had to go to a place where he was a volunteer and he had promised to collaborate that day.

We walked hand in hand and I was surprised that he took me to a nursing home, there Martin was received with great affection by the grandparents and introduced me as his girlfriend, that day I heard the stories of those wonderful people and played table games where laughter and jokes were lacking. Then we left the asylum and went to lunch in a nearby restaurant where we talked about how well we had spent and how much we loved each other.

That Valentine's Day left me beautiful memories and that day I learned to pay more attention to my grandparents, to love them and listen to their wise advice, because today at 49 I too will soon be a grandmother.

I invited her to dinner, ever since I met her I never stopped thinking about her, we shared nice moments because we worked in the same company and little by little it was giving an attraction between the two.

I went to my house, took a bath and looked for the best clothes for the occasion, I went to look for her, when arrived and saw Marcela I could not even speak, my hands were sweating and I felt nervous. We were talking on the road, arrived at the place, entered and took a seat. Sitting there I had to confess my feelings and she also declared her love, we had a different night between stories and laughter. The night was over and we had to return to our homes, I left it and followed the road to my home; I arrived and parked my car, opened the door and my wife Anna was waiting for me, she screamed at me, threw objects in my face and threw me out of the house, at that time I had nowhere to go, just took a blanket and went to bed in the back of the car. I will never forget that…….
Valentine's Day
By @williamcarrasquero

I met him a few years ago, my mom presented it to me as my cousin, because he was the son of one of her cousins, and for that reason we were also him (someone strange to me). With the passing of the years in each family meeting we agreed, we talked about everything and we loved to dance together. Hector and I had a partner, and in the sight of all of us we were just cousins.

Little by little, he and I fell in love, we called each other on the phone and the desire to see each other was more frequent. It was already approaching what I call MY VERY FIRST VALENTINE! , fortunately, Hector comes up with a brilliant idea that day and invites me to share a lunch in a pleasant restaurant on the shores of Lake Maracaibo, we went sneaking around, we had lunch, we talked a little and from there we went to share a fun park located right there in the path of the Lake. Everything was beautiful, the day was in our favor, but the afternoon fell and everyone returned home. We do not mind having left our couples planted.

by @norkamoran


It was when I was in Junior Secondary School 3 somehow I got to know about valentine and made to understand that it is a season of love where people share gifts. The only person that came to my mind was my eldest sister Judith, studing at the University of Benin. I had missed her so much because she is someone I love and looked up to. I wanted to be like her in almost every way. Then i thought, what can be a good valentine gift for her. Besides February 14th was fast approaching.

About two day to vals day our neighbour's daughter had to travel to Benin from Asaba and it was sudden for me. I quickly drafted a note to my sister, telling her to manage the little money I was to use to get a gift for her valentine. Then wrapped my gift of ten naira 🙈 which was all I could save.

It turned out that after the semester ended my sister came home and was so full of thanks to me for sending her the ten naira. That it was a miracle money that came to her just at the nik of time. She told me that she made soup out of that ten naira. She needed money and there was no one travelling to send to our parents. I felt so happy because what I thought i did just for fun, turned out to be a saving grace for my sister.

Secondary school was fun, I loved going to school, not necessarily because I really loved learning. My clique of friends were the coolest, I loved hanging out with them. Coming from a Christian home, I never really knew what Valentine was all about talk less of falling in love. I got to witness what love was first hand from Jane, an influential members of my clique. I envied her because she had love, her boyfriend treated her like a queen. This made me crave for love.

I finally got what I wanted when Sam started showing interest in me. I had my very first Valentine with him.
That evening I sneaked out of the house to meet him, he was taking me for a friend's party. I was really excited, spending this evening with him would really be amazing. He got me a bottle of Smirnoff ice, I gulped one bottle after the other. I couldn't remember most of the happenings that evening. All I could remember was an exhilarating feeling that swept through my body as we partied. I woke up the next morning in a strange room, naked in a blood soaked bed, I had been raped.


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I felt the elbow of my friend who told me, "look who just arrived," I looked immediately and saw that tall and brunette girl. She sat at the top of the class, her name was Miriam and she was new to my school, from that first day I saw her I was delighted with her; I tried to approach her but my nerves were attacking me. Then I realized that Miriam had become very close to a girl I knew well, I confessed that I was crazy about her and asked her to help me get to know her.

It turned out that Miriam had a boyfriend, but that did not stop me, so one Valentine's Day I stole some flowers from a garden, I went to school and I saw her talking with her boyfriend and some friends, I was filled with courage and I stepped between the people, when I had her in front of me I handed her the flowers and I kissed her on the cheek, that caused a long and harmonious sound that was heard in the whole environment, I looked her straight in the eyes and I said, Happy Saint Valentine, and I retired knowing that from that moment she would be for me.

Wow! Amazing! My very first Valentine day experience
It was exactly 3pm when I returned home after the day's stress, freshened up and had my lunch. Got a call from my friend to meet him, although he called in the morning, and asked if I would like to go on a date with him, which I accepted, I left the house to where he was, we went to see a movie, afterwards we went to a seat out, had a long conversation which made me smile althrough, then he gave me a Valentine gift, and a note, telling me how beautiful I was and how much he loves me, I was extremely excited because I have never received a gift on a Valentine day.
We held hands for what seemed like forever, that was when he did it, it was warm and lovely, I'd never forget the feel of his lips on mine.
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Lovely piece dearie

My very first Valentine

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday, I woke up early and see the sun went up, I got out of bed and start my day with breakfast and a little run around the block, but when I got home I saw in my doorsteps a little box with a text “open for love”, I was intrigued and I open it, inside I found a rose with a card:
“you have to remember where we where two month ago - W”.
I started to think and I remembered that two months I was having my first date with my boyfriend, so I went to the place and I found quite a surprise, a path make with rose petals, when I got to the end I saw a table with candles, roses and chocolates, and obviously there was W. with a big smile in his face, he kiss me and said:
“I’m no prince but I hope this was princess worthy, happy valentine’s day”

In the shadow of permanent hope

It was the month of February of 1996 and my boyfriend, who is my current husband, was coming back from a training that he has always said that changed his life, and he surprised me by coming to my house with a big smile, around 7 o'clock at night from that Wednesday 14th while I was doing a college assignment telling me:

Today more than ever I'm sure I love you and will love you more every moment I can live by your side.

He hugged me and gave me two little chocolate-bear bears, joined in a kiss, and immediately took out his guitar and played a song he had composed for me called "Esperanza" ("Hope"). I was really excited and only managed to write his name and mine on a leaf of the tree that gave us shade in front of the house and I gave it to him after kissing him.
That leaf, fossilized, we still keep it, as living proof of a love that I hope will always be with us.



My Very First Valentine

My first Valentine was in JSS 1. This cute, small framed guy I was taller than gave me a plastic flower.

It was quite a surprise because I wouldn't even look him in the face. I was very shy and my relationship with most of the boys around me was either one of childhood familiarity or 'you make me very uncomfortable'.
He made me uncomfortable. Not in a way that made me scared or angry but in a way that was too funny for a child like me to comprehend.

But the girls thought it was cute and soon, I became the JSS 1 girl who received a flower from a boy in JSS 1.

Love meant something then. If someone liked you, no matter how much you pushed him away, he would still try. He would try to sit beside you in class. He would grab your hand and hold it tightly despite your discomfort. He would feed you because he thought you wanted something for recess. He would stammer to say the L word but say it anyway.

I know none of those things made sense but in retrospect, it felt more real than now

My Valentine's Day

Actually my first valentin was not the best, maybe one of the worst, my lover lives in another city with a difference of 4 hours, was approaching February 14, Valentine's Day and was very excited to go see it, I wanted it surprise with a beautiful gift and many chocolates, prepare me for the long trip, which was a bit exhausting because I went by bus with the great hope of surprising him and spend the day with him, on arrival I write to know where it is, and she says that in a meeting, I had nowhere to go, so I decided to go to her brother's house, where she received me very carefully, eager to see him. I call her again for our meeting, but he did not answer, she wanted to fall in surprise. his work, his brother insisted with a mysterious attitude that waited, which seemed strange to me, then I took a taxi back to work, and to my surprise I came out holding hands with another girl, his new valentin, was so much my eye and disappointment that I went in tears and destroyed his gift.

Love makes you vulnerable, it's like giving someone the license to do with your heart whatever they deem fit. I never really believed in the thing called love, this made my life less complicated. But nobody plans to fall, it just happens. I fell for Chuka like a stack of dominoes. So sweet he was, I couldn't just resist him. Every moment with him was amazing. Valentine brought with it a romantic spirit, which possessed Chuka. He made me feel so special like I was the only girl in the world. For everything he made me feel, I was going to give him a special present.
That day, he took me to places I've never been to, he treated me to the best of cuisines, and the music was lovely.
We retired home that evening, and I gave him something I've never given anyone, the gift was given in love.
Looking back now, I wished I hadn't given it to him, I'd have kept it back. Something that valuable shouldn't have been given to the dog of a man, but the love of the moment made me lose my virginity. After that Valentine, I'd never been the same.



@missfaith life continues. Just let go, There're better guys out there


yeah, thanks


love is beautiful hun, you just met the wrong partner.




Never gift something that valuable to a guy, no matter how much you love him.


I've learnt my lesson, thanks


when in love, people do stupid things. love makes you blind to your stupidity.


yeah, right


Love, love, love. I don't think I'd be able to fall in love again. It's just so fake and selfish. You shouldn't have been through blind.






Love cost nothing, but what we pay emotionally is massive.


Your story is quite touching, sorry you were treated that way.


love sucks at time, but we have to give it a chance


many people lose their virginity on a Valentine's Day. it's something they do for love


Story of my life. Don't worry, you'd find your true love.


Most people would pretend they love you because they want something from you


Cool story, in spite of what happened, love is still beautiful


ehyaa, sorry dear, it wasn't your fault. You never saw it coming


your experience is not something new, girls go through that every single day.


sorry hun, you were fooled, boys can be crazy and wicked at times.


OMG, you shouldn't have. You were blinded by love


sorry dear

My dream in the day of lovers

In July at my best friend's party, Miguel was the boy who most caught my attention, tall, white skin, brown hair and honey-colored eyes, oh I blushed just looking at him, I really wanted to meet him but I was very shy and did not approach me, spent a few days, was in line to pay at the bakery and he stood in front of me, I was surprised, and I thought this time I have to talk to you, I did not understand the price of a product, we crossed looks time stopped at that moment, said hey I think I've seen you before! At Susana's party, right? Does it provoke an ice cream? And that's how our love arose, our first date, when we were savoring our ice cream, Miguel moved away and after a while I saw him come with a bouquet of roses and a sign saying "Do you want to be my girlfriend?", It was so much my emotion and astonishment that I did not realize it was February 14, Valentine's Day and was there melted by the boy of my dreams and without planning my first Valentine next to him.


February 14th. A day that never ceases to flood my head with dreadful memories.

I was 15, it was my first valentine ever. I felt so excited because I was asked on a date to the special valentine school dance. I planned to wear the customary valentine colours and I had decided on a pretty white dress and a cute little red bow in my hair.

The dance wasn't till 6pm and I was really anxious. My date finally arrived and we left for the dance. For an hour everything was going splendid then it was time to dance. We moved to the floor with everyone else and I noticed several students staring at my dress, girls especially and I assumed they liked and were jealous of it.

The stares began to increase and whispers accompanied it. I excused myself to the bathroom to check on things. I discovered that the back of my white dress was covered in dark red stains.

I had gotten my period and everyone had seen. I was so humiliated I hid in the bathroom and cried my eyes out.

My date didn't even bother to check on me.

My first Valentine experience was cool; I was in my first year in college about that time when I invited my boyfriend over to my lodge to spend some time together. We made some food together and that was the fun part of the food thing. He really was a good cook. He watched movies, cuddled, and got talking for as long as we had things to talk about. According to Aristotle, simplicity is said to be the best sophistication. The whole valentine experience was so simple, yet so cute and sweet.

The funniest thing is that the valentine’s date paved a tradition for our subsequent dates. When we hung out casually we usually end up doing those exact things and order food together at the zenith of the entire outing. I love simplicity and I think that played a huge factor in why I loved my first valentine so much. I really love conversations on dates like this so I get to know much about the person I am dealing with before anything else happens.

My very first valentine

Hey stranger, I heard from behind. I didn't want to look back. I was almost sure the person was not referring to me... I kept on walking then I heard it again. At this point I had to look back.
What a dark skinned, handsome, well dressed guy. But as a sharp girl I had to keep a straight face.
He walked closer and started talking about how he couldn't get his eyes off me the whole time. He went on and on. But as I can remember the conversation ended with him asking me to be his val.
Valentine's day came, he was outside my house waiting for me. We went to an eatery, had dinner, talked for a while. Time was far spent and I asked him to take me back home. When we got to my door, he told me he had a confession to make. Then he started by saying his friends dared him to go out with me, that he didn't really like me, that In fact, he's gay. PLEASE SHOOT ME!. I was really pissed. I didn't know what to say so I walked into my room and cried all night.

We had dated for several months before the Val thing came around. We had pleasant moments as grown up fellows in a relationship, romantic one for that matter. Myself and my boyfriend were nothing less than best friends for all these moment, but then we realized we never went on an actual first date, thus as the valentine day was counting down, we were putting plans in place for our memorable date. When the countdown came to a stop with a romantic buzz in the air, he rented us a canoe; got a picnic for us and we spent that day canoeing around: it was so much fun! Floating around on the surface of water in the safety of that canoe was the most mind blowing thing about that day for me. I really do have phobia for water, but with him in the canoe, it felt so different. As my skin stroke through the molecules of air around the water space, it really had a soothing sensation. And then after that we went to see a movie at the cinema. We made sure to cover all the bases — food, exercise, adventure, movies, and love.

That day I woke up early because my boyfriend Frank would pass by me to go for a walk to the Andean paramo, suddenly they rang the bell of my house and it was him, who brought a beautiful bouquet of red roses, we hugged and kissed and very tenderly with specific words he told me how much he loved me and what I meant to him. After saying goodbye to my mother, we started the trip to Merida, it was a spectacular trip, I treated myself like a princess, everything was like a fairy tale. On the night when we returned to Valera he took me to a restaurant where he had reserved a special table for both of us, we enjoyed a delicious meal, the music of a mariachi that the same contract, while the group was singing, an innkeeper arrived with a cake that had a ornament red heart chest. The super excited took the heart and opened it telling me: MY LOVE DO YOU WANT TO MARRY WITH ME? I with tears in my eyes and my heart beating a thousand times I told him IF I ACCEPT! Today we celebrate 20 years of happy marriage and we love each other like the first day.

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I still remember with nostalgia that day when our lips melted full of love to celebrate our first Valentine's Day.

I asked for permission to go out with my boyfriend and after so much insisting I got it.

We went to the cinema and then to eat in a very nice place in the city, there he gave me my gift and a letter where he declared his love.

On the way home, my father was waiting for me. When my boyfriend saw him, he turned white as a paper so he did not want to kiss me before he left because of the horrible pressure from the other side of the window.

My father finally told him:

"¡Son you are on the right way, you were responsible to bring her at the agreed time!"

My boyfriend breathed a sigh of relief because he thought that for some reason my father was going to claim him.

Today after 16 years we continue celebrating the love now materialized in our three beautiful children. We still paddle in the same way declaring our love that grows bigger over the years. I can only say: "Thank you, my God."




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Each time I remember my first Valentine's day, i smile because it was actually a scam. 😂 😂

Back then in navy school, Valentine's day wasn't like the usual "lovers day", like we all know about. For the junior secondary section, Valentine's day is all about "exchange of gifts".
So, every Valentine's day, every students submit his/her Wrapped packaged gift to the Class Teacher. The teacher labels the gifts with particular numbers and also write down those numbers in a little piece of folded paper. There after, a lot is cast With those pieces of paper, for students to pick. Whatever number you pick, the gift item labelled with the number is yours.

It was Valentine's day, the teacher brought the wrapped packaged gifts out to the front class and we picked the little pieces of paper, whatever number you see, u locate d gift labelled with that number and it's yours. There was this particular gift everyone wished for because it was the biggest. Luckily for me, i was the one that picked the gift. My friends applauded me and were all eager to see what was inside. I was unnecessarily uncomfortable because the gift was to light but decided to wave every negative thoughts away.

I and my friends hurried to the Hostel, to see what was packaged for me, to my greatest surprise I opened it, only to see a pack of eclairs sweet and a singing Valentine card.

It was my biggest scam ever, my Nickname became "eclairs sweet". till I finished navy school.

February 14th

I always found St Valentine stupid. I saw that bunch of people walking hand in hand and it seemed silly to me that they were celebrating something that doesn’t exist: love. For me, love was always no more than a lost cause, one of the many faces of the lie and a way to disguise the loneliness that each one of us carries inside. I used to throw away the roses they sent me for Valentine's Day. I only kept the ones my father sent me, maybe because those were the only ones I felt mine. Never the chocolates gave me as much disgust as the chocolates in the form of heart and never a card had made me want to cause a fire like those that they sent to me at February 14th; Maybe because none of those gifts ever came from you. You were never a romantic, me neither, but sometimes I wanted you to hug me tightly, whispering to me an "I love you" but that never happened: as your gifts never arrived for Valentine's Day, only your farewell arrived. Only your flight arrived. What a coincidence that day was fourteen.

My first Valentine

This experience was actually something annoying in that moment, but now it gives me a lot of laughter. I was only 10 years old and I was sitting in a bench at the school, when surprisingly a romantic lover gave me the ugliest gift that I had received... it was a few tendrils extremely large, gilded and of an exaggerated design, used and extremely damaged, I suppose that the tendrils were from his mother . It was a moment really unpleasant and I felt sorry for the boy because he thought that with that gift I could fall in love.

After 7 years of that moment is when I can say a better Valentine's story. This was actually my first Valentine, because I shared it with my beloved husband. We took the habit to write a letter every 16 of each month. Our first Valentine was a super long letter with words that really came from his heart. I remember that moment while I am writing this short story and my heart goes back to the feelings of that day. Today I have shared 23 years of Valentine with my lover writer of romantic letters.

Bola was my first love and we have been dating for three months, when February 14 came along we wanted to make it a moment to remember. It was going to be our very first experience so we went shopping. I bought myself a tuxedo and she bought a red blouse with a black skirt to match. Surprisingly, my father was also in the mood to celebrate and asked me to bring a date for the occasion. I was happy I was not going to do a hide and seek love with Bola now that my father was accepting the fact I am growing up. Needless to say I was sixteen.

My father threw a lavish party and all invited guests were soon dancing to a host of Celine Dion love songs. I managed to sneak Bola into a quiet place but my father was smarter than me. Before we could get into some nefarious business, he plucked us out into the open. But one thing I would always respect him for was the way he preserved our dignity. But Bola and I still managed to share our first kiss; that has stayed with me till today.

Cupid's Revange

We met on the day of the artificial spring, when everyone loves the color red and the balloons of hearts. We were united by our indifference for that day and that’s how we expressed it to our group, those couples who had taken us without us knowing. And of course, to not do bad thirds we end up walking together, talking to kill time, because none believed that we could fall in love with the other, even less on a day like that. "What a great heresy fall in love on Valentine's Day!" a little voice said in our mind...

We started to be heretics without knowing it.

I guess that's how it feels to be a pagan. You feel invaded by a strange energy that tells you, "don’t do it" but you end up doing it. How could I not fall in love with that sharp mind that could find irony in every place? No, I couldn't do anything. Cupid was making fun. That was his revenge for our indifference to his festivity.

Then, I saw a red rose. I knew that it was already late. I needed to deliver it to you. I had fallen in love.


My Valentines Day Mishap

She knew she was beautiful, that was the one thing she was definitely sure about, so when I saw her and she smiled at me, I knew my valentines day was gonna be interesting.

I steeled my mind and calmed myself, walking up to such a beautiful woman was no easy task for any man, even if she had given me the greenlight. I approached her and introduced myself, "Hi, I'm Francis and I couldn't help but notice that you were all alone over here" I said. She introduced herself as Sasha Roman...I should have taken a hint from the name.

We talked and laughed for what seemed like forever and I was convinced that she was Gods Valenting day gift for me seeing as the is was my first v-day outing. As the clock approached 11pm, I whispered into her ear, "How bout we blow this joint and head back to my place", "Thought you'd never ask" she said.

Within a matter of minutes we were at my place, clothes off and enjoying each others very physical company. By morning I woke up to her hand stretched out in front of me "That'll be 5000 naira" she said.

My very first valentine

I had spent just one week in my new school, things were different, everything was new. I was still trying to adapt. It was a boarding school, the boys and girls stayed in different dormitories. Like one of the girls told me, one has to have a boyfriend in the senior class else the person will be in "big soup". But I didn't want to be in a relationship till I leave secondary school. The second week turned out to be torture for me. The guys were all around me, asking me out and all.
One day I was walking to the class and one senior called me, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I refused. Before I would say the reason why I got a hot slap. I didn't understand. It looked like being in a relationship was a by-force thing.
Just then another guy walked to the scene and scared the first one away. I was so grateful. He told me that he'd help me get away from the other guys if I went out with him on valentine's day. He said it'll be nothing harmful, just a meal and back home.

So my crush was this fine girl in my class, we were in jss2 then.
Well, she was really smart and pretty, what could possibly be wrong with her? Well, her breath kinda sucked... So just valentine's day close when talking and you'll be fine...
So it was valentine's day, me a sensitive considerate young boy thought, what could I get her that she could use? Say no more, I got this very pretty... wait for it... TOOTHBRUSH...
I went out to school that evening, we were in boarding school, saw her and happily, with pride, gave her my gift. She smiled and opened it, then everything change, had a frown on her face and before I could ask "sup"... She slapped my face... then walked away.
Well, that was my first valentine's day.

This handsome man with a smiling face and thick hair on the dating site seemed so nice that I agreed to meet with him on Valentine's Day!
I imagined our happy meeting, our identical interests and heart-to-heart talks.
And then a long happy life together!

Yes, I have heard a lot about spoof on the Internet, but I faced this for the first time!

An old, lame, half-bald man appeared at the meeting in the park.
This man had haggard look and his face twitched from a nervous tic.

I tried to force myself to talk to him, but my words were only that I must rush off somewhere ...
Somehow having got rid of him, I hurried home, but on the way suddenly laughed.

It was so wonderful that this ugly deceiver is not with me!
And this warm day of the outgoing winter was so beautiful.
The February sun shone brightly, as in the spring.
Snow melted, showing grass under it.
I looked at the happy couples and was happy with their happiness and with beauty of this February day.

Passing by the seller of tulips, I bought the biggest bouquet for myself!


My very first Valentine


Alex was my best childhood friend. We played every weekends, and our parents were friends. He was 11 years old and I was 9. I remember that on Friday, February 14, 1975, after leaving school, he gave me a delicious chocolate cookie. He made me laugh as usual with his jokes and told me that his dad will invite us to his small farm outside the city and that he would give me a surprise.

That Sunday our families met in the field and Alex's father had bought a mare. Alex was happy and in a carelessness of his father, he mounted it, riding on the outskirts, until the mare broke out. The mare slowed down violently and Alex fell to the ground on his back and our parents took him to the hospital.

Months later, Alex began to have problems with his legs and they became paralyzed. He was diagnosed with a tumor in the spinal cord that was being imprisoned by the injury he had in the vertebrae. He was operated on for the tumor but never recovered. Seven months after the accident, he died. I will always remember him as my first love.

My entry...

It started in high school, I was a few friends and I always had a bad temper face that made people sometimes not come near me, the boy I liked was a year older than me and stayed with the group of popular, I had not the slightest hope. A friend in common introduced us and we established a nice friendship but we were just friends, although her gaze when crossing us in the corridors confused me and filled me with hope, her smile killed me, Valentine's Day and most of my friends arrived they received balloons, stuffed animals, flowers and cards from their lovers, while I just watched, and it was at the end of the afternoon when I was sitting on one of the benches in the patio, when a beautiful red rose appeared in front of my face, he I had come in the back, I was petrified my cheeks became more red than the same rose and asked me to be his girlfriend, from that day to the present 22 years later there is a February 14 that I miss a rose, it is still my boyfriend, husband and great unconditional love.

February 14, a day many anticipated for with lots of plans some racking their brains on what to get for their loved ones or where to take them to while others where always on the receiving side planning on how to receive gifts from people.
I always wandered what the fuss was about, it was so annoying that i deliberately didnot go anywhere on valentine's day or maybe my real anger was because i was lonely..."who cares about valentine's day" i said to myself
A new year started and i found someone, we grew fond of each other and some how i found myself also anticipating for this day...strange!
February 14th came and we went on a romantic lunch date, later we went for comedy night and then we exchanged our gifts. It was so lovely i said to myself i was missing out. I narrated my former "hate" for valentine and he said, "valentine is a day set aside for us to show those we love we care although we do that everyday but you know dear....there is just something magical about val's day".

My very first valentine was when I was in Jss3. I don't give attention to "special"dates like valentine and the rest. I don't believe that a date should be set side to show love to those we care about but forget about my anti-valentine campaign. Here is my story.

When I got to school on valentine's Day ,I saw my classmate folding some piece of paper which contains every girl's name in the class and asking the boys to pick one each. The rule was that we were suppose to exchange gift with any girl we picked, luckily for me I picked a girl who I didn't like,so I didn't care about getting her any gift and also I didn't care much about valentine. Although I didn't get her any gift she still went ahead to get me an expensive gift ,which made me feel a little bit bad so I got a jewelry set.

My first was in 2k16. I was a PH boy dating a Lasgidi girl (long distance relationships… ikr). I was staying with my big bro and being the lady’s man he is, he had plans for the day. I on the other hand had zero plans but to buy airtime and call said far-away-girlfriend. Around noon, my brother dumped my lonely ass for his hot date (as expected) and I called my girl. First ring, she didn’t pick. Second one, she did. Wherever she was, she was with a lot of friends and as soon as she answered, they started screaming. I mean they literally went wild. It was all noise for the first minute then there was silence. She ran somewhere quiet and told me she loved me so much. I asked what the noise was about and she said they had bet on whose boyfriend would call first. She said she had no doubt I would call first. We talked for an hour and said I love you a lot and then she went to claim her chocolate winnings.

We broke up last December though… lol. Nothing lasts forever

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My very first valentine with my girlfriend was 2014 Valentine's day.
I told ma girlfriend to first get to Ibom tropicana entertainment center at Udo udoma Road in Uyo, that I'll be joining her after my lectures in school. She agreed, not telling me she'll be going there with host of friends 😂😂😂. When I eventually got there, I was welcomed thus "we were waiting for you". Me, was like, really? 😳😳😳😳 Woow nice meeting you pretty Queens.
Ladies, sorry keeping you waiting, please what would you like to take: friend A answered "I'll be fine with pizza and roasted children", friend B answered "u kno I've been taking pizza too much these days, would go for shawama", friend C took her turn "I do love poga", all of them mentioning different costly stuffs. My Bby was like "Jezzzzzz, you ladies wanna kill ma boo?"
Me, was like with only 5k in ma wallet?🙆🙆. I then started remembering ma mother's advice one after the other.
Ok, not to fall their hands, I excused ma Bby and ask her outside
Me: "Babe how about these host of friends? Don't they have boyfriends?" my Bby was like "no na just wanted to surprise you darl"
Me: really?
She: yea Bby
Me: so now that boys wallet no level nko?
She: no na, you're rich. You could use the POS.
Me: 🙆🙆🙆🙆. Ok let's continue with the surprises ☺☺😊😊😂😂😂.
We went in. Fortunately one of the attendants there was ma tight friend. I texted her "pls come over to where I am with the fine ladies. Just pretend we don't know each other. As I will order for pizza, roasted chicken, shawama etc, just reply 'all have finished except popcorn'". She complied. I then ordered for popcorn and soft drinks, that's how we all took popcorn and soft drinks, watch movies and left.
That's how God saved me😊😊😊😊


My first Valentine experience was epic and eventful. As we all know as a youth we all see Valentine as a period to catch fun and go on a date with the one you love.

i have been saving some cash against the rain day, the Valentine day to show that babe that you are up to the task by taking her out to various places, eating different kind of food in eatry and the rest.

There was this radiant and extravagant lady in my neighborhood. Although my parents most never get to know that i am developing a feeling for the girl. I was able to ask her out but she bluntly refused my request.

Then comes this great opportunity February 14th,although i have been saving some money for that day. I never let the feelings die. A Friend of my told me of how her boyfriend suddenly quite the relationship for another lady. Hmm, i see it as an opportunity to play my card and see how she will play along.

After long talking she agreed to go on a date with me on Valentine's Day. On that day i put on my best clothes, wear a nice perfume,pick my wallet and off i go. We actually visited few eatry to eat and also have a chat on how to level up our relationship.

That was i hook her up and we suddenly become best lovers in the neighborhood. Happy Valentine to everybody, make sure you find your soulmate today


You can feel the longing of my eyes as I watch from the other side of the room, it's my first Valentine next to him, together ... but far away, he ignores me every time our eyes meet, but I'm sure it's just a facade, and I confirm it when I see how a smile is drawn on his lips while he looks at me out of the corner of my eye knowing my confusion; I roll my eyes because of his malpractice.
He comes towards me, he puts himself at my height, he looks me in the eyes and whispers:
-Follow me
I do not know if it's lack of pride, but I get up and go after him, until no one can see us, stops, squeezes me in his arms and inhales his scent, while telling me everything I need to know to stay by his side being happy, Knowing that it is the only place where I would like to be on a day like today.


As I dropped the call, I slapped the window gently with my cheek. Fighting those tears was a huge task.
How could he break up with me this period? Couldn't he wait until everything about val was done?

"Hello! Please can I make a call with your phone?" Another gentleman again!

I heard that but I ignored in the best way I could. I hated the male gender at that moment.
He rephrased the word and just when I replied, the tears came out.

"Come-on, don't tell me it's the Valentine disappointment" he laughed.

"What else could be?" before I knew it I was on his shoulders weeping. I felt so much comfort on a stranger's shoulder.

My stranger friend, after a long conversation, took me out. We ate, had photo sessions, partied. Afterwards, I boarded a bus heading home, I realised we never exchanged contacts.

I wrote out my contact on a piece of paper and intended sneaking it into his pockets, but he was gone. I searched around the park, he was gone.
All the fun, happiness and love that young man showed me disappeared in a sec.

Sakura's first love . Sakura is a high school girl, intelligent and shy, she was always the first in class.
One day a new Literature teacher arrived at the school. " Good morning," says the handsome young professor. Sakura looked back and immediately fell in love with him, his friends said wow how handsome, ... Sakura quiet said nothing because all her attention was only for her teacher ..

Sakura one day decided to confess to her teacher what she felt ... but the teacher was always in a hurry and could not talk to him ... then the girl did not want to study. the teacher immediately noticed the change in her ... and told her What's up Sakura because you do not pay attention? She was staring at him and said: I'm in love, but that person does not love me ... the professor smiled and said: as you know, you already asked him? , she replied, no! ... then I take her hands saying: you must tell her because maybe he feels the same for you too ..
A Valentine's Day: Sakura was once again the first in her class ... and he was proud of her ...!



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I was a normal student girl of my last year at the University and I was doing my internships in a large company. I was not waiting to flirt with anyone. I did not want to enter into any emotional relationship other than a friendship with my co-workers. But then YOU ARRIVED! Never in my life had I met someone so wonderful, full of ideas and fantastic thoughts. From the moment we started talking I realized that your mind complemented mine. My fantasies and my crazy things you understood perfectly and you always laughed at my bad jokes but, not everything was perfect: you liked one of my friends !! I supported how you looked at her tenderly and how you said how beautiful she was and how much you liked her. At first I did not care because we were just friends, but it turns out that for me you had become something else and I was beginning to realize something very new: I had completely fallen in love with you !! Discovering this feeling was difficult because you wanted to be with someone completely different from me. Now you are with her. I hope you have a great life.

"Sometimes, although it hurts, the best you can do is to say goodbye".



I was 13 years old when I heard some of my classmates in School talking about how they bought gifts for their girlfriends during the previous valentine. I was amazed because that was my first time of hearing about valentine. So, I asked them about Valentine. And they said it was all about showing love to your lover: so my mind was seared on that belief alone.
On the 14th February, 2000, my mom took me to a shopping mall in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, where we bought so many gifts. My heart was filled with honey when she told me "Emmy, you are going to give these to your true love". To my greatest surprise, she took me to an orphanage home where we gave ninety percent of the items. I was filled with so much anger. More exasperating, the gifts left were given to some beggars along our street. Then she told me "valentine is all about LOVE not just for people you know, but to everyone your love can reach. It is all about putting a smile on someone's face without expecting anything in return; these good deeds you would get double in the future (KARMA)".


I really don't remember my first Valentine, but am going to tell y'all bout the one I remember.

images (2).jpeg

I was still in school, precisely ss3, my then girlfriend "vwillaims" also had her birthday on the 14th of February. I was so freaking confused, because she was from a rich home (she had everything she needed then).

After many days of thinking the day finally arrived, I had to go to school early so as to get something from the super market. On getting back I got trashed by "Mr basil". I took it like a big boy I was, since people where looking(i almost died of pain).

To cut they long story short, we had to wait until after school since she was in ss3B while I was in ss3A. It was a really long wait, I was so scared "what if she doesn't like this" I kept asking myself.

Then I heard the time keepers bell, I was so scared. She then walked into my classroom. We sat down for awhile. The I told her I got a gift for her, I brought out a bracelet with tiny hearts around it, the joy in her face was priceless.

Its so funny, and I don't like to tell it to friends, but for the sake of this contest I will.

My boyfriend called me to come to a night show, a very popular Nigerian celebrity will be performing there, so I sneaked out of the house.

I went to his house but we ended up not going to the show.

We spent the night at his place, first of all, he gave me a box and made me promise him that I would not open it until I get home. And so I did.

We flexed real good at his boys quarter, he has a three bedroom flat on the same compound, but we usually use his B.Q on days like this.

I was so glad, it was my first val, and I was glad it was him, we drank till I got drunk.

He took me to his room to have some rest, but I couldn't sleep due to the noisy music from his car.

So I came back outside, he noticed me, and gave me this exceptional sexy look, i couldn't bear it, so I held him back to the room, and we had great sex.

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I gave her the kiss of her life.

You wanna know how?

Latifat came with her mom to our house, I was quite young, but I was a young bad boy.

It was on a valentine day, so they came to visit us.

Since Latifa's mom was looking very beautiful, what do you think Latifat will look like?

She appeared like an angel.

I couldn't resist her seductive look on me.

After my mom and Latifa's mom went upstairs to gist, and checkout some new designers, leaving both of us down stairs in the living room, I childishly asked "Latifat, will you be my val" with a broad smile on, and she happily answered, "Sure I will".

We both thought we were playing, we entered the visitors room which was next to the living room, I touched her and she didn't complain, I noticed she wanted to be touched, so I made for her boobs, though it wasn't so big but it could contain my hand.

We kissed softly, and I grinned my middle bodily on her, while my hand was still devouring her boobs.

She moaned gently.

But unfortunately our moms caught us and gave us serious punishment.

Nice dear.. Good and somehow difficult coz shirt stories are difficult to write in my point if view

My first valentine experience wasn't with my husband though, but I really loved the guy, his name is Bolaji, but everybody called him Burlarj.

He came to my house on Valentine's day, 14th february 2013.

He met my mum at the entrance and he asked for me.

Mama called me, immediately after I saw him I shouted, its been a while since we had contact.

I gave him a sweet hug and he pecked me gently on my cheek, and said "Pretty would you be my val?"

So I smiled back at him and look back at my mums face she smiled at me and I nodded desperately, he took me out, we had fun, went to the shop rite, we also went to the galleria.

That night he engaged me.

I was so happy that I forgot my wristwatch in the toilet when I had to dust my jean due to the little wine that spilled on it, I even forgot my phone with him.

I could have married Burlarj but he died some weeks later from a car accident.

I still feel his pain till date, because I experienced my first val with him.

My boyfriend had an accident some weeks before the val and he was yet to recover.

So I went to a very big store in the estate where I live to get him things.

I bought him a very good dark and expensive shade, a black and white tie, and a Rolex wristwatch.

He's fund of Black's.

He was so happy when he saw all this, and he promised me a car when he gets better as my val gift.

Am still hoping he gets better on time, he use to be very romantic when he was OK, before the accident, he his a very handsome man, tall and fair, with curly beards, so smart and agile, if he hadn't loosed his legs am sure we could have had the best Valentine on planet earth.

My entry
My first Valentine I met him in high school, I was studying fifth year and I was fourth year. A unique love story, full of nobility, madness, love, respect. We complemented ourselves in an incredible way, a couple of years passed and we had to physically separate ourselves for studies. It was sad for both of us, but that is the way it was, but that was not an impediment to fill in details every two days and feed our love, nor was it to stop celebrating our Valentine's Day. Life has placed us many tests and has made us stronger, because neither distance nor any other test could separate us. After 6 years here we continue, when there is love, there is no distance that separates us from that special person.

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My first valentine was kinda crazy though...

So many years ago in secondary school, (CMS) there was this beautiful Muslim girl (RASHIDAT) I had a serious crush on (would I Say crush ok I really loved her but i couldn't cook up the courage to approach her) so for about 4 months to valentine I started saving my break money to buy her a gift. ( I actually wanted to buy her a teddy bear but my money wasn't enough so I went for a not too expensive watch) and a few days to the D-day I bought it and hid it under my hostel bed, Far from prying eyes.

Finally Valentine's day arrived and "love was in the air", I wrapped the gift in a box with my name on it and sneaked it into her bag.

During break time she saw it and confronted me about it I admitted it was me she said she loved it, I didn't know what came over me and I asked her out she accepted we went on a date to the school canteen had some buns and zobo....
Our love lasted for years until I had admission into University of uyo which was quite far from j-town she went to study abroad so we parted ways.
We still chat on FB though and I could kill for a chance to see her again


Valentine had come and gone but never really celebrated it, this story is titled

Valentine with Heavens Date.

It began on the 4th of February, I visited a friend to discuss on how to make the Valentine special he told me he had plans to visit an orphanage home giving them supplies, he told me of the support he received from steemians and I was pleased, I decided to key in and visit IDP camps, made a post about it but got no suppprt so I was very disappointed and almost gave up, on the 13th day of February I called my woman crush and she asked me playfully if I was a stalker, being that she had made it known to me that she was engaged but I kept giving in. Although she said it in a playful tone I knew there was some seriousness,I've tried hard in getting my woman crush and just because I had no support on my project I felt like giving up, no! With full steem ☺️ I called two of my friends went to the market bought items and off to IDP camp we went,seeing the joy in the faces of the widows and little children gave me a certain joy which words can't explain.

This is my entry

They say you can't find love on social media, but I met the love of my life on badoo. Rukky was like a God-send, immediately we met, we knew we were as good a match, like rice & stew, there was only one problem, she was in Lagos, and I, PortHarcourt.

We'd been dating online for 3 months, when February came around, and for the first time, I looked forward to Valentines day, since I was to spend valentine with her.

I left PortHarcourt on the eve of 14th February, so as to get to Lagos by the morning of 14th. That night, the vehicle I boarded was robbed, and I was stripped of all my belongings, including my phone, in which Rukky's contact was stored. When I got to Lagos, I didn't know where to go, or what to do, as it was my first visit, so I sat at the Park for the whole day. Just as I was going to leave the park, I saw Rukky being wheeled into the park, by a woman who seemed to be her mother. Rukky was in a wheel chair !.... But I loved her no less.

  My real first noticed valentine left me a sour taste. 

Just admitted into the university as a teenager, my emotions where surging with itches, I needed a companion to scratch it.

 In the process, I met a couple of friends; we turn out to be fun of ourselves.  

I barely had rounded-up with my registration when I met Stephanie, she was sleek.  We started talking and the talk went far, naturally we fell in love; it grew from ground level to the roof top.  

Everything was cool until some eventualities preceding valentine occurred.  I resided off campus and preferred to take my sweetheart to my friend’s house for fun time, but the consequence was grave.  

With the best intention I exposed my girl to the venom of a viper who over time started talking with my angelic-demon and talk went far and I started hearing the whisper on twitter. 

On Valentine I was called by my demonic-angel who said in plane words right before my naked eyes that she was in love with my venomous friend and she had a friend who can fill the void hoping we still stay friends; we could even hang out on the weekend.  

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It was in SS1, I had my first crush. Beautiful, intelligent, quiet and humble-so I thought. The subject of dating is practically unknown to me, I was just 14.

Then St. Valentine precious day came and I have devised a perfect plan of how to woo her. I scribbled down a lovely poem on a paper and squeeze it into her hands at break time-then fled. Guess what- she took it to the principal.

The moment I saw Madam Erhaon in our class after break armed with thick canes and her devilish smile, I knew it was over. She excused the teacher, gave a long sermon on purity, future, loving God and not playing around and now she has a culprit, then she brought out my poem and read it to the class.

The rest is left to your imagination, SweetSadMemories

But I love her!!!

My entry)

February is considered a month of love, not only for those who have already found a couple, but also for those who are in search. I met my ex-boyfriend virtually - in the dating application. Soon we wanted to meet and this day fell on the 14th of February.

Agreed to meet at a cafe, and I came there much earlier. I ordered my coffee and immediately paid for myself. A guy came, sat down at a table. The waitress approached us, he ordered coffee. The guy was really nice - he studied anthropologist, so the conversation wrapped up on the topic of opening the doors in front of women and other feminist topics. In short, our opinions did not coincide.

The meeting was over, we were already leaving, and he went to the cashier's office to pay the bill. I did not even come up, because I already paid for my coffee. When we left the cafe, he grumbled something like "What kind of equality, when not even offered to pay." I was so weighed that I showed him the check, and then he fell silent. It turns out the waitress forgot and my coffee was paid twice.

It was about 15 years ago. The guy invited me to a date in the center of Riga and, leading me in circles, brought me to a popular restaurant, which usually did not get enough places. But it so happened that on that day I was already dining there with a business client, and we were served by the same waitress who greeted me with the phrase "And again hello, did you like it here?".

The guy in a misunderstanding looks at me, and I reply that I had lunch here a few hours ago. Probably, it was not worth it to say, because he changed at the same moment - he took the vodka, drank it and began to sob and reproach me that I ruined the whole surprise. I felt like a bad movie - there are happy couples sitting around, and opposite me is a sobbing drunk guy. It was our last date...


Today i make a vow that i will always be your.

you are my beginning and my end!

you are the one i desire .
So everyOne should hear me out to the WORDS I declare. You will be more "THAN JUST A WIFE"

Through storm you are always they. it is only right that I make this little offer "YOU ARE THE WITNESS TO MY LIFE"

to all the ladies that i have loved GOODBYE .
Just found my missing RIB!
i love you


So yh, i have never been lucky in love. it turns out to go sideways always. Anyway, my very first valentine. Hmmm, that's a while back.

His name was Ade and it was a pretty interesting day. You see, i had never met him before that very day which happened to be the lover’s day. We had agreed to meet at the spot we always talked out meeting. We were so specific, right down to the exact position. I know! Just wait for it.

So it was the “Vday” and i had gotten a new dress, you know, to look all pretty for him. We agreed we would not tell each other what we were wearing in order to make it more interesting. He was there prompt and early but as for me, well, it a girl’s prerogative to be late so i was. There he was in all his glory and i was absolutely in love. I had no idea it was about to end.

So there he was, everything I pictured. His smile was mesmorizing and then he said to me, hi, nice to meet you. Let’s sit and wait for my girlfriend…

Love right? WRONG!!!

My Very First Valentine

The butterflies were having a field day with the walls of my stomach. It wasn’t enough. I played with every posture on earth, looking for the perfect stare, the coolest angle. Excitement has never known me this much since my dad leaped for joy on the day of my birth.

The waiting lingered on. A sweat of despair trickled down the bridge between my eyes. Determined to stay positive, I called forth my cell phone, plugged in my ear buds and tapped on the playlist housing her voice notes. I lost my self-there for the next thirty minutes.

By the time I made it back from the voice-jungle, the TV set on the counter had beat me to people’s attention.

The language was English. Then it turned to Klingon. Then I saw Lola, her body lying on the coal tars of Third Mainland bridge and her soul rapturing its way to the sky.

In half frenzy, I launched onto the street trampling and pushing. Running.

A short prayer tipped off my lips.

“Lord, either revive her or allow the angel of death to kill me. I have a date!”


"MY FIRST DAY OF SAN VALENTIN" hello @ejemai my story begins a date like today 14.02.91 I marry the person who thought he loved me, everything was nice before we got married and what I experienced was the worst, I thought that I would be happy but it was not as I expected it, so my name is called my partner I thank my God that I realized in time, I separated from him and I did not see him again. Now I live with another person that now I am very happy, but I do not regret for being a son with him and I adore him. poreso must realize in time of the person who will fall in love and not go to the first. But that if I say how beautiful is the love you have towards others. I say goodbye I hope you like it.san valentin.jpg

Ouch, a short story of puppy love (199 words)

My first girlfriend broke up with me on Valentines day. Her name was Tracy, her surname sounded like Jacks, and the song “Tracy Jacks” by Blur was popular at the time, thankfully she never bulldozed my house! I think I was 15.

Our mutual friend decided she would play matchmaker, but neither her, nor Tracy told me she had just split up with a guy. Her mum thought I was a thug, she loved her ex though, he organised his whole class to beat me up after school one day for 'stealing' Tracy away from him, and I was the thug!? The beating was minor, it just proved to me that he was a coward, he did karate, but he wouldn't take me on by himself.

I was flattered by the attention from Tracy, and she was pretty too! I had saved money from my paper round, and bought her some roses (much cheaper than they are now) Belgian chocolates, and, because I'm a classy guy, a necklace from Argos! I arrived at her house all groomed and ready to go out, she took the gifts and said “Thanks, but my mum won't let me see you anymore!” Ouch.


My entry

I was home playing video game when a call came into my phone, i took a glance at my phone it was my crush calling.
I quickly paused the game and picked her call, we were done with pleasantries when she asked if am out on a date, i answered yes that i was on a date with my PS3 pad that i can cancel it if she wants to see me, she laughed and said i should meet her at a fancy restaurant which was close to my house.

I quickly went to the restaurant, she was already seated and was looking gorgeous in her outfit, i gave her a smile and went over to her table. We had fun and as we were about departing from each other she handed me a box saying open it when you get home.

I got home and quickly opened my gift. She had gotten me the shoe i wanted to buy when cash comes in and the latest edition of WWE game series. I was so excited and i gave her a call to thank her and also fixed a date to surprise her with my own gift.

My First Valentine

My first Valentine was at 15 where maybe love had another kind of meaning that I have today, did not involve so much feeling, so I consumed the doubts that could mean such a day, much less had an idea t