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This is a story about a boy who lost both of his parents to a religious riot in Nigeria at the age of 11 and had to seek asylum in England. Today he is one of the best footballers in the world.

It was a sunny thursday morning in Kaduna, a city in northern Nigeria, the time was exactly 7:17am. Wilfred and his family had woken up like every other morning. His father and mother were Christian missionaries and headed a church in the community where they lived.

Wilfred was already set for school. And was waiting for his mom who was readying to go drop him off. Then there was a loud bang! People were running and screaming, mothers, fathers, children all in disarray, there was chaos everywhere. Wilfred peeped from the window of his house and was shocked by what he saw. His neighbor who happens to be his best friends dad was lying headless on the ground 15 meters away from their house. Mom! Mom! he cried out, something bad is going on, Tony's dad doesn't have a head anymore.

Wilfred peeped from a window

His mother already heard the noise but didn't think it was a riot taking place until she heard what Wilfred said and knew something serious was going on. At this point she ran out, and chills ran through her spine when she found Mr Ogonna her neighbor lying headless on the ground. She knew their house was the next target. So she bolted the door, ran with Wilfred to the kitchen, there was an opening in the ceiling. She lifted Wilfred up and hid him in the ceiling. By this time the Islamist were already banging on their door, she knew it was only a short while before the door would be brought down.

At the time there was no mobile phone service in Nigeria so there was no way she could reach out to her husband who had gone out at about 6am for his daily morning outreach to know if he was safe. The banging on the door continued and after a few minutes the door came crashing to the ground. “Kashe ta, ta ƙazantu", a Language known in Nigeria as Hausa which means (kill her, she is unclean). Wilfred's mom was beheaded in spite of her pleas with her son watching from the ceiling just above her head. The Islamist searched the entire house to see if there was anyone else and could not find anyone, to their dismay they left because they were frustrated and thirsty for blood, they had hoped to kill Wilfred's father and everyone else in the house. A lot of people lost their lives, some entire families were slaughtered in the inferno.

The riot lasted for over 13Hrs

The riot lasted for over 13 hours. And had calmed down at around 9pm. Wilfred who was shocked and in fear with his school uniform on was still in the ceiling. He heard voices in the house, they were people from his church who had come to deliver the message of the death of his father who had been killed while on his outreach to his mother only to meet her headless body lying on the ground with flies around it. Wilfred could recognize the voices. So he cried out “i am here please help me!"

To be continued on Tuesday...

This story is originally written by me @slausonboy and is only available exclusively on steemit

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I still don't understand why the Islam did find some sort of pleasure killing the Christians 💔.
This incident is a wrong sight for a young child to behold, because he might grow up with vengeance at heart..
Nice episode tho, I am intrigued already.


Generally islam doesn't teach or advise anyone to kill. A set of people carry out this insane acts for their own selfish interests and jealousy. I am glad you enjoyed the story

From tears to greatness by @slausonboy is a nice piece. But I must say this situation still happens. Little children having to experience this horrifying human genocide at such a tender age. Situations like this usually creates a vacuum in ones heart which could predispose such an individual into having conditions such as depression, PTSD amongst others. It hurts so much to be present watching from a corner to see a loved one being beheaded. That mental picture is always going to be remembered. That memory is going to be there forever and I really hope he doesn't develop PTSD.

I can't wait for the rest of the story. Thanks for sharing this with us!


Thanks a great deal @sandravibes. It is true that situations like this still happens, recently little children in Nigerian middle belt lost their parents and siblings to the killings by Fulani herdsmen, most of them we might never get to find out what happens to them afterwards.

This sounds like a very traumatic and horrifying thing for Wilfred to have to witness and experience.

I have a note about photo credits, when quoting an image source you should provide the link to the actual source, not merely quote google. Think about how you would feel if someone put your story on their website and just said it was just from google? I'm not being mean just helpful, I hope.


Thank you so much @pqlenator. I'll try to put a link to the photos next time. Thanks for the contribution

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