Fear not. There will be light! The light will shine everyday. Brightly.

After Suffixes, I'll do a NUMBERS post. Then, I'll compile a full INDEX of all the posts I've uploaded over the past 6 months, That will take about 1 week.

And then ..... DAILY "VOCAB-ABILITY 1x1" posts!! Coming Soon!!!

Those daily posts will give you a chance not only to review each entry, but also to practice using each word that appears in the entries. And proper usage of the words will be rewarded with UPVOTES.

I expect you'll get a steady stream (streeem!) of upvotes.

Unfortunately, if very many people reply, my upvote weight might decrease a bit. But people who give a bad usage reply will get only a 1% upvote, or 0%. If anyone uses each word in a proper sentence which conveys the meaning of the word in context, they'll get a 10%. (Maybe a bit more, but don't tell everyone that! :-) )

All right, all right. I will be waiting for the 1x1 posts!

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