The Nightmare Weaver

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A loom is spinning
Sweet dreams it weaves
Sweet dreams that are made of... terror
Because in the world of your subconscious
Surrealism rules
And one moment you're looking at a pretty red rose
Which the other turns into a grey pointy thorn that pierces through your hand
And your blood dripping from the wound is forming a pool at your feet
A pool that turns into an ocean and you're suddenly inside a boat floating on the red waters
With torn photographs for sails
And your oar is a long stick
That looks so much like the one Death is holding
In those grim films you watch
When he travels the souls across the seas of the Underworld

ruth-girl_steemit_nightmare weaver (4).JPG

Another loom
In the same room
Watch it as it turns that green flowery field into a ground of ashes
And you're left alone and naked
Feeling scared like a little child
Almost ready to cry
But unable to move
And suddenly
Huge tentacles appear in the sky and they start twirling around your hands and legs
You are a captive
And something is twisting your stomach so hard

ruth-girl_steemit_nightmare weaver2.JPG

Ah! A third loom
It's spinning too
And the angelic faces of your dead grandparents
Turn to demons
That not even Hell could hold
So it spewed them out
In your Dream
As it couldn't stand them

ruth-girl_steemit_nightmare weaver3.JPG

Oh, you poor thing
You want to sleep peacefully, don't you?
Those nightmares are killing your sleep
Dark circles under your eyes shout that, I can tell
You're a wreck
How long can you keep this thing going?
And the sleeping pills don't seem to work
The bad dreams always come
What did the doctor tell you?
Too much stress?
It's your boss, huh?
That scum asks too much of you
And you have a deadline to catch?
And a man to find?
And a kid or two to have?
How old are you?
30? 35?
How much time do you have?
And the other women around you?
Look at them, so pretty
So much pettier than you
You'll never get what you wanted
You think you don't deserve it
And you are right
Say it a few more times to yourself
Auto-suggestion is the best medicine
You'll never get what you wanted
You don't deserve what you wanted
But you deserve what you... dream
Those nightmares are real
You make them
And a low-life creature like you
A pitiful existence
Nothing more
The dark

ruth-girl_steemit_nightmare weaver1.JPG

Do you want to see the face behind the looms?
Who is spinning the wheel?
Hmm, I don't think you dare get much closer...
Do you?
You think it's time?
Can't take it anymore, you say?
Ok, ok
Come closer then
If you have a bold heart, do it
One step at a time
There you go
You're getting closer
And closer
It's not that hard
You're almost there
Can you see the person under the hood?
Their head is down?
Hmm, perhaps you could just take their hood off
I don't think they'll mind

ruth-girl_steemit_nightmare weaver4.JPG

Oh! No trembling hands, please!
Go on and grab that hood
It's not a big deal
Don't you want to know who weaves those nightmares of yours?
If I were you, I'd lift it
It's only a hood
A veil that separates you from the happiness of knowing.
Do it!
Ah! It's you?!

ruth-girl_steemit_nightmare weaver (2).JPG

Cross my heart, I didn't know
And I'd be surprised if you could find one inside me

The loom keeps spinning...

All images (not free for re-use) and story by @ruth-girl - Steemit, 2018

Thank you so much for your time!

Until my next post,
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Some kind of sick and incoherent thoughts, nothing more...


But I mean it was a coincidence with my spider posting.

Καλούλα είναι με τα μπαλάκια της 😁


Και πού να ξεπεταχτουν και τα μικρά της από τα μπαλάκια... 🕷️🕷️🕷️🕸️🕷️🕷️🕷️