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I don't have a problem with using physical violence. Academics will claim that severe inequality within a population raises male violence within the population.
This isn't true. The academics don't know what they are talking about. They are merely writing about "other" from their high throne of wealth and/or privilege, like a white American man with no black friends writing a book about being black in America.

They claim male violence increases, but that isn't true. It merely changes. We ignore most violence, pretending it to be civil, or acceptable, or because merely most suffer from human cognitive limitations and cannot visualise or perceive this violence in the same graphic way as physical violence.

Economic violence is one of the easiest ones to see. It's preventing domestic abuse victims from leaving their abusers. It's sending people to the streets. Starving them to death. Sanctioning them as if they are a country to be warred with.

Some men physically hit women to maintain them as resources. Others use money and opportunity as violence to maintain them as resources (Harvey Weinstein Economics); like the many male owned businesses specifically hiring women to hit on, knowing they have economic violence over them if they refuse.

Some men physically punch their employers. Others with fiat (money) take them to court (economic violence). (I do both.)

So the academics talk about these men who become more "primitive", but that isn't true. The same people robbing you, are the same people I have civil chats with on the street. It is true they become more male dominated, but that is because physical violence is king in their world, and men are generally stronger.

So maybe you think they are more primitive for using their fists? The animal homo sapien uses tools to solve its problems. Fiat (money) is a tool. If the animal homo sapien doesn't have the necessary tools, it uses it hands (a multi-functionary tool). They are just doing what everyone else is doing. Using violence to maintain and control resources.

The problem we struggle with that makes us turn to violence is resource distribution in a system that doesn't work. We all use violence in an attempt to solve this problem. Whether it be physical, mental, economic or whatever, violence is violence. This is the nature of our system. We are all as violent as each other. Forced into an unsustainable game of ever shrinking resources for an ever growing number of people; despite the fact that scarcity is false, and only created as an illusion to keep prices up and sell products, despite the effect this has on our real world lives.

I will use whatever means of violence available on anyone or any institution who gets in my way. It's just a game they are playing, but I am not playing.

Irish Writer, Poet, & Fighter

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