the history of filkhana tragedy ✌✌✌✌✌

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Intense love sometimes does not allow me to live.
So that day Captain Abid came out of the house for ten to ten days.

Who knows dear dearly, maybe the court taught the court. It was said that the sky would fly back to the sky. Not returning ...

She could not accept that she could not go away saying she did not say anything. He also fell into the lap of death with intense love.

Those who love to say that in this world of deceit, they will be silent for a long time in this incident .. What a weird! In addition to blood ties, how much a person can depend on other people ...

Father's favorite.
One of the best fathers of the world.
He could have survived, but he did not. He pushed himself out of the fire and entered the fire godown itself. Where are my copper?

Wanted to be a spoiled. To find out, fire broke out in the fire. Did the fire know that this crazy father found peace within the dead?
If you knew the fire and shame!

Today only 23 coffins have come in this country.
The 23rd Concluded Novel
I am ashamed to think that we celebrate this fun day in front of the eyes of their relatives.

Are we anything less than burnt?
I'm really feeling guilt after seeing their tears today.

I'm less scared of losing the match. I do not remember anything.
Their hardship is now my hardship!

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