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Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well.

I have written a lot of posts in here but used different text editors with varying experience. I have used MS Word, the native steem text editor and finally Typora which is by far the best one in my opinion and here's why.

When I was using MS word, the writing looked dirty and cluttered with all the markdown tags. Since there was no markdown support in it, I decided to start writing on the native steem editor but even that was not very satisfactory. It lagged sometimes which was probably due to my slow internet. But the biggest problem was that it bugged sometimes and after I hit post, it didn't show up on the blockchain and the post was lost. It happened a couple of times and although you can recall the main points and write it back, the time taken to write the original post was lost forever.

Then one day I stumbled upon Typora which is the best editor I have ever used.

It is very minimalistic so that there are no distractions while writing. It has 5 different themes including a dark theme which is very good for my eyes. It also has a word count button which shows the number of characters, words, lines and even minutes needed to read the post which is pretty nifty. But the best part is that it supports markdown and not just if you preview it like on the steem editor, it shows the end result of the tag used on the go.

Something like this
Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).jpg

That means you don't have to double check if you used the tag right like not leaving space after '#' to make a header or anything similar to that.

It also has a ton of other features that I haven't tried out yet.

So there you have it. Typora is a great app to write on.

You can download it from here

Tip: When copy/pasting the article from Typora to Steem editor click the source code mode which is on the bottom left corner and then copy it as shown in the picture below
Screenshot (5).png

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Typora

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
(The picture on top is unrelated and is under CC0 license)

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Just to start the obligatory editor flamewar.
Have you tried vim ? (or for that matter emacs).
Those are very nice, but they will run on your computer.
That way you have an offline copy of your post.


I haven't tried either of them but Typora is not an online editor. You'll have an offline copy on here as well.

Finally a post from you .Will sure check it out.Thanks for the suggestion.
Btw which IIT did you make it to?


This is really not a place to ask such questions


There's never a place to ask such questions.