#STRENGHT IN WEAKNESS...motivating the girl child.

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I was a young teenager growing in a neighborhood which was a place of abode for people of diverse culture, traditions, beliefs and religion all living together in” supposed harmony”. It was usually not an unfamiliar thing to witness a scene of a fight or some form of domestic dispute. I once witnessed a woman insult and physically assault a young girl of about 15years of age and her closest neighbors never made any attempt to rescue the poor girl from the grasp of the woman, I later found out that the young girl was working as a maid for the woman and had been accused of sleeping with the woman’s husband. I never got to find out if the girl was innocent as she was sent parking that same day leaving the woman with the brush to paint her own picture for anybody who cared to enquire about the incident (of course without the girl’s details included).

Most young people, particularly those who work as servants away from home are usually in harm’s way and are more vulnerable than their superiors. In the above paragraph, the girl was living with people who had no family ties with her and her parents lived in a far away state. All alone and so far away from home, she was more vulnerable to all sort of negative things. I easily we deduced that the woman that the woman was clearly not treating her well behind closed doors and it had probably gotten to the brim before she displayed the act publicly with nobody intervening. It was an episode that has barely left my memory and I can still vividly remember it, the girl was looking more like a high school girl as she was becoming more womanly every day, so it was easy for the woman to paint her black.
We all have the tendency to go astray from ethics and morals (universal or personal) but that’s where self-control comes to place.

The woman aforementioned is oblivious of the possibility of her “darling husband” molesting the girl rather being seduced by her. Her husband, the child molester, will never admit to such act if he hadn’t been caught red-handed, his lack of control over his desires has put a girl in a life-long misery and emotional trauma.

Here’s a typical experience of a vulnerable young girl and a man who lacks self-control:

The young maid is going about her usual chores; cleaning the house. Her boss’ husband is alone with her in the house. “Madam” (as she calls her boss) had left for work and the kids were in school already. “oga” (madam’s husband) enters the living room and suddenly acknowledges how endowed their maid was. He grabs her waist from behind startling her. She screams and wields the mop stick in her hand in an attempt to hit her assailant totally oblivious that it was oga. Turning to face him, she drops the mopstick and apologizes, he cajoles her with talks of how beautiful she was. Sensing what he was playing at she begins to plead instead for him to leave her alone to avoid any problem with her madam but he would not listen and being masculine and stronger, he defiled the young girl. She cries her eyes out and thinks of telling her madam but she knows her madam will not believe her over her husband so she keeps it all to her self.
Now, that’s clearly rape. Just one of the many outcomes of a vulnerable young woman and she has to live with that memory all her life. She’s driven into a state of melancholy but over time learns to live with the pain. Many young women have similar encounters like this but can not speak up because they feel ashamed.

While I’ve heard a lot of women say its in a man’s nature to cheat, I’d regard it as a way to live with a false truth that they have little or no control over. The man in the analogy above could have walked away from the temptation of having sex with his maid who probably was a virgin. He was enticed by her young body, curves and edges (like John Legend would say) and lust stood before him and he embraced it rather rebuke it. This same man will go on to blame the devil for his action (sure! It’s the devil’s birthright to get the blame). all evil is conceived in the heart first, brush the evil thought away or let it bud into a big bad deed.

Being assertive and sometimes aggressive in some situations such as the one cited above if necessary, when some people detect a soft spot, which could in other word be your vulnerable spot they want to take advantage of it. After all, the desire for supremacy and power is naturally embedded in every man and they’d do anything possible to get what they want. The girl-child particularly due to their “feeble nature” is really more vulnerable than their male counterparts.

Hello beautiful girls, be strong, it’s okay to feel afraid sometimes, it simply implies that you’re human but don’t let anybody take advantage of you because you have equal human rights like them. We all have weakness, don’t allow anyone exploit that.

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