Just do it when you are ready- Humor

in #writing2 years ago (edited)


Bart from the Simpsons is so lazy and he procrastinate, you could tell from what he did to Nike logo which says "Just Do it".

I know some legendary procrastinators, I'm somewhat in between a pro and a noon too, my room needs laundry, my bathroom needs scrubbing and the entire apartment needs some mopping. Been postponing doing it all for days now, and I'm not sure u can afford a house cleaner now because the fee might be exuberant.

Many people like me are guilty of procrastinating, it sucks trying to get things done but too tired to do it instantaneously. Funny thing is, even the most hardworking people do procrastinate too hence its really not a matter of laziness. You could set all the reminders and memos for task to be executed and still not yield to it.

Seems procrastination is one of those things nature had put in place to keep reminding us humans that we are just a bit higher than animals and we are never equal to gods!

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