"Powering Dow" any views on this guys???

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So, I'm gonna be brief...(well try to be anyways)

We invest time, effort and our own money in to this platform. Why? To be apart of an expanding community of talented / passionate & knowledgeable group of individuals, who want to make a change for the good in this world.

Sounds great right ?

However, this world is unfortunatley run by that thing (yes you've guessed it) by money. Without it were fucked, simple, no two ways about it, the more you have, the more freedom you have (putting it bluntly). Unless of course your happy living on a pittance (minimum wage) or catch your own animals and have your own eco home of course, then, money does not apply. Which is an extremley low percent of the population, so to those who don't catch there own animals and grow there own fruit and live in there own eco home, then please carry on reading.

So, here we are coming to my point (long-winded I do apologise if it seems that way, but, having autism, its difficult not to long wind most things I'm passionate about in life).

Anywaaysss so, i was thinking the other day "imagine if the Steemit coin rises to over $1000 to its own coin". How amazing right? Yes (if you have plenty of its own coin of course) while thinking like this, it then dawned on me "I actually have fuck all steemit coin".

Yet, from what I've gathered over a short space of time of using this platform, one of the main purposes of creating our accounts in the first place, is to build upon our "steempower" right?

Unless of course I'm completely mistaken, but this seems to be the main factor. Building upon our "rep" and there for, also helping others get noticed (through our own voting power) Again, sounds great right?..

But....and this is a big but....I've been advised by quite a few people on this platform that it's all about investing in "steempower" yet, if you take in to account the volitile market of crypto currency and how rapid the crypto currency fluctuates, compared to the amount of time of transfering your steempower back in to Steem coin, it becomes a very alarming prospect.

Right now If the steemit coin rose to $1000 to the coin, I would have (in terms of coin value) around $25,000 with the amount of steemit coin I have and a further almost $200,000 in steem power.

Sounds awesome right?

Well, in terms of its coin value, I certainly wouldnt snub 25k under most means, but with the volatility of the market, that, "almost" $200,000 of Steem power I currently have in this context, it could easily dwindle down in a matter of days if not hours to half its value / quarter / quarter of that and so on, thus eventually making the amount my account worth right now in futuristic value, a hell of a lot less exciting, in terms of value.

Now not only do we have this issue of this volitile market, but then we also have to take in to the fact that when it comes to converting our Steen power to steemit coin called "powering down" we can only recieve around 7/8 % of our overall steempower amount once a week...

Soooo I'm no mathematician, but, to me, right now looking at it from a futuristic point of view in terms of being optimistic about the steemit currency and platform, basically what I feel is the best option right now???

Have a fucking back up off steemit coin!!!

and don't listen to anyone else when it comes down to this, because however it may go in the future, right now (untill the platform changes its policies) I seriously advise those who are considering investing all there money or efforts in to steempower, is to just hold on to at least some of there investment with its main factor which is, the Steemit coin...

I may be out of my depth and may receive a lot of abuse or people telling me how wrong I am for feeling like this, but, all i know right now, is to have as much steemit coin I can possibly have at this moment to give me some security that if this this ever happens in the future, I've at least protected my account value as best as i possibly could...

I don't expect this post to reach anything in terms of upvotes or comments but hopefully to those who have taken the time to read (who haven't used this platform for long or even to those who have) that you will appreciate my efforts on this.

Much love to you all


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You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

Which is an extremley low percent of the population, so to those who don't catch there own animals and grow there own fruit and live in there own eco home, then please carry on reading.
It should be their own instead of there own.