My childhood friend.

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When we are children we think as children that beautiful adventure!

Every morning you hear the sound of voices of children who walk down the street full of joy and enthusiasm. They go to different activities, some go to school, others go to sports and many others just play because the time of fun has come.

Mary and Tito are two very close friends they have known each other since they were born and the most fun of all their birthdays is the same day, they do everything together, they feel like brothers, they take care of each other and support each one of their goals and although they are only children they are very loyal!

Mary and Tito go to the park daily to play, because the world of children without games is like a blank canvas, they run and run all over the place and a simple bench goes from being a ship to a spaceship in seconds, which fun are the children!


At school they make company and support each other if there is any difficulty, there is nothing impossible for them, when you have a friend you have a brother.

Mary got sick and there is with her Tito remained, he gives Mary all his love, that's what friends are for. He takes her by the hand and sings a song; There is no better remedy than love for the heart. That's how Mary got better.

The children Mary and Tito return to play and the park illuminate, every day without fail, as I said before, a simple bench goes from being a ship to a spaceship in seconds, how fun children are!

If you have nice memories of your childhood friends resteem this post so that everyone can see how important it is to you!

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Thanks for sharing this post @miyexi,
It made me remember unforgettable friends of my childhood.
I think it's important to take time to recreate how beautiful it was to be children :)

Good content, very beautiful!