Welcome to the Prey Ground (Comedy Open Mic 30)

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Mantis Preys

The first one to meet me when I returned from the States back to Korea was Mantis, an old friend who keeps watch and who has been preying for me and my family while we were gone. You might think it is a small thing but mosquitoes are the enemy. Mantis faithfully guards our playground keeping mosquitoes away from us and into his mouth. He has earned the right to call it his prey ground.

Great to be home

Not only does Mantis prey for us, he preys for the whole neighborhood. He usually sits on that ledge all night but at times he will venture anywhere in this territory. The sky is his limit. I took this picture the day we arrived in Korea. I was glad not to be sitting in the economy seat of an aircraft as I had been for the past 14 hours. I still can't believe I paid more than 1000 dollars to be tortured for so long.

No one can tell me I can't prey here

The first thing my kids did was take out the slip and slide we bought in America. The problem was that we have no grass in Korea and most of the ground is rocky. The kids put mats under it and had a blast. You don't have to tell kids to have fun.

Quick Chase that Ambulance!!

Seoul is still as busy as ever. This is taken in front of Independence Park. It's a great place to chase ambulances. One of the big changes you might have noticed in the picture is that a Korean electronics company made a new TV screen so more people can watch the parlor walls with higher resolution. Well, I'm more interested in ping pong and having fun than watching TV. Besides I can't afford one of those things. Who needs a TV when mantis poses for me in my front yard?

I hope you had a great summer.

Question of the day:

Do you have any creeps preying around your playground?

I nominate @cosmiccrimes and @rickellis to make a post for @comedyopenmic. Not that you are creeps or anything bad, it's just that I think you both have a great sense of humor.



Prey without ceasing

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Hi mineopoly,

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Thank you @comedyopenmic. My hat's off to the judges. But I know you guys want more than that.

I wish I had him/her preying for me. The fungus gnats get out of control in the grow room sometimes.


Yes @profanereviews,

Mantis would definitely keep you free of gnats.

Great shot

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Right @brett9980,

I held the camera and told him, "don't move."


Lol its great when animals listen

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Why did I read "quick chase that amburance" m😂


Some people prey on contingency.

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Haha Christopher, I’ve seen lots of creeping crawlers hanging around the lawn. The Mantis looked happy to see you or was that a fly in his mouth?😊 🙃


He is always excited. Honestly I could get closer but he twitched... kind of freaked me out.

I love mantises. Is that the plural? or is it manti?


I'm not sure. I keep getting a red correction on manti but mantises goes through. Somehow manti looks cleaner but I would say "mantises".

We're all praying on you!


That is a great encouragement/ threat... all I can answer is 'take a byte'.


we do have a lot of mantises here in korea. i remember there used to be even more back in the 90s! i used to catch them all the time 😆


Wow. That is cool. I wan't sure if he was going to bite me or not so I stayed some distance.


as long as you hold them behind the neck you should be fine.
i don't do it anymore because as i grow older i have more and more fear! 😆


Thanks. We might try it. I'm on my way home now.

howdy sir mineopoly! haha good to see you made it back home safely man, 14 hours~! oh that hurts just thinking about it. I'm sorry I missed some of your posts and I don't know why, I got Ginabot and I'm keeping close track with her so I don't know but I'll try not to let it happen.
God bless you guys! when does school start?


Oh we started school @janton,

I know it is hard to follow and interact. Don't worry about it. If you look at my blog you will see a post about a Texas bull. You will like it^^


what? dang I missed that mineopoly but I'm heading over there right now!