That is one more reason why Steemit / steem / decentralization HAVE to work!!

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I know I have found my secret paradise. Just can't help it... Everything makes perfect sense when I am close to the sea. I always get that feeling of freedom, like I was meant to be there. I also know that many of you don't have the luxury to enjoy a beautiful beach after a 3 minute ride with the car... so from that perspective I kinda feel blessed. For some others this may sound weird, or enjoy doing other things, which is totally understandable....

But...who can resist to this beauty? Certainly not me...
The water, the colors, the soft breeze touching your ideal world!

The sad news? A family had found shelter at this beach, after banks seized their house due to debts....2rd straight night for them being homeless...and hopeless. It would be completely inappropriate to upload a picture, but you could see father's desperation...He was devastated...
We promised them, that we would help them in every possible way and you could see that it was what they needed to hear most. They didn't ask for anything...they didn't beg...
Proud family!

21st century...cruelty at its finest....
That is one more reason why Steemit / steem / decentralization HAVE to work!!


Until next time...
Stay awesome!
Cheers @mindtrap

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πολυ καλο το αρθρο σου @mindtrap και εξισου διακριτικος ο τροπος που περιγραφεις το δραμμα αυτων των ανθρωπων... και ναι ...αν μπορουμε και οπως μπορουμε πρεπει αν βοηθησουμε ο ενας τον αλλο...γιατι απο την κυβερνηση μας προκοπη δε προκειται να δουμε...ο,τι κανουμε μεταξυ μας


Ευχαριστω φιλε μου. Οπως ειπα και στον @giosou απο σημερα κιολας θα τους παρεχουμε τα αναγκαια. Αν ομως δουμε οτι η κατασταση τους χειροτερευει και δεν εχουν στηριξη απο δικους τους φιλους- συγγενεις θα σας ενημερωσω και θα βγαλω και φωτογραφικο υλικο επισης και οσοι μπορουν και θελουν βοηθανε. Θα φανει τις αμεσως επομενες μερες. Σ´ευχεριστω για τα καλα σου λογια

Αν υπάρχει τρόπος να τους βοηθήσουμε ως Ελληνική κοινότητα Steemit εγώ είμαι μέσα.
Καλημέρα να έχεις !


Ευχαριστω πολυ! Επειδη ειμαστε μεγαλη παρεουλα εκει που πηγαινουμε αλλα τπυς ειδαμε χτες πρωτη μερα αποφασισαμε να τους βοηθησουμε εμεις σε πρωτη φαση. Ειτε με φαγητο η ειδη πρωτης αναγκης. Το μεγαλυτερο αγχος τους ηταν αν τους καταλαβουν και τους διωξουν απο εκει...
Αν προκυψει τετοιο θεμα μαζικης βοηθειας θα σας ενημερωσω. Ευχαριστω και παλι


Και εγώ σε ευχαριστώ που έδειξες την ανθρωπιά σου με πράξεις . Είμαι σε αναμονή .Καλό είναι να οργανωθούμε πριν τους βρει ο χειμώνας εκεί !

If I were a politician, I would limit the power of the banks. I would lower the high interest rates, which must pay especially poor people! I would forbid putting families and other people in a debt trap and in a vicious circle !! And I would forbid to throw people out of their own home !!! I know how hard you have to fight in life, there is also poverty here too


You are such a sweet person, @suntree. If you were a politician they wouldn't allow you to do all the things you mentioned though. Countries are run by central banks, not governments. The government is put in place to make you believe you have freedom of choice; you don't.


Then I would do all this if I were the head of the central banks :)


You'd never reach that position with this mentality.

Maybe someone does not need his camping trailers right now and could lend it to the family


Maybe...but now we have to find the family first...

The colors make your eyes stay stuck in the photo


I agree. But that means you only checked the photo and didn't read the article at all...
If you had read it, you would have made a different comment.
Thanks for stopping by


Oh no!
You were very precise in what you comment there, but I always keep the good things of the post, and I really liked the photography.

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