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As I said at the start of this project, I have a few stories that are as yet, unfinished and I would like to see them finished.

I don’t know why I stopped writing these stories, because reading back, I do like them all.

My mind is a wonderful and terrible thing, I’m afraid. It has a… mind of its own, I suppose, and it flits from one idea to the next, a bit like someone that’s really enthusiastic about EVERYTHING - “Ohh! Look, that’s a great idea, write it down!” and as I’m writing that one, another pops into my head with: “Leave that for a moment! Write this one down! You can get back to that one later…” But I never do.

I suppose I really should include Ash and the Favour-Man’s sequel (as yet, untitled) and Daughters of Le Fey in this list, so we have eight titles I could work on and believe me, writing a novel is a full-time job in itself. My first book took two years to write (and eleven to publish).

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me which is your favourite story, which you would like to see completed and, if you can, please give me a reason (or two) why you liked it. A review, if you like. Nothing spectacular, I’m not going to critique anything you write, but it really would help me, so, as a favour…

Here's the list.

1 Diamonds and Deviants

Diamonds and Deviants is one of my favourite projects, but don’t let that sway you. It has a strong female lead and a LOT of paranormal creatures to play with. I tried to put too much into one book and I think I may even have three full novels worth of material, story and plot to work with.

2 Biker

Biker is heavily influenced by the stories Trev and a lot of our friends have gone through/witnessed/experienced/heard and it’s going to be a task to make sure everyone’s identity is hidden well enough to not get myself into trouble.

3 Finley Moran - Maelstrom Born

Finley is another paranormal/mythological-based storyline and it’s going to be more child-friendly (no swearing, sex or violent deaths) but that won’t detract from the storyline and plot. It’s an exciting time for Finley, things are just starting to happen in his world…

4 ‘Normal story’

Romance isn’t really my thing, but I gave it a go to see if I could do it. I suppose my forte is writing good characters and therefore, the story can be about anything as long as it’s interesting.

5 Children of Sol

Vampires with a twist – how the vampires started (and it’s not how you’d imagine). A little bit of creationism, gods and goddesses, deities and the like.

6 Ancients And Gods

The fourth of my Wolf Series (Blood on the Moon is the third) and I re-read this just yesterday – it surprised me because, while I remember it, I’d also forgotten I’d written it and it really did make me smile, like visiting an old friend.

Ash’s second adventure

Ash is my most recent creation. She had a really hard life and now it’s getting better… just one more job left to do.

Daughters of Le Fey
With the previous episodes.

Daughters of le Fey is a paranormal, spiritual story filled with historical fact and modern-day intrigue – I started this as a project to see if I could write something other than Werewolves.

Once I get the book finished and published, I promise each and every one of you that votes, and therefore helps me decide which to complete first, will receive a copy of it in printed form (I’ll even pay the postage).

Pictures from Google Free to Use and Pixabay Images

I’m in the process of editing Ash and the Favour-Man and it will be published and printed very soon.

Thank you for your help in this. The encouragement and enthusiasm has really helped motivate me to write more.

I appreciate it all – the upvotes, the conversations and the views and comments. Thank you so much!

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Although I don’t like horror stories, I like anything with magic, supernatural creatures and mythology. I also like historical stories. So that puts a framework around my picks. Starting with most favourite pick, working down to least.

Finlay Moran – The one I’m most excited to see develop. There was a lot in that first chapter that raised questions about who Finlay is, what should he have been called, what effect will his wrong name have on his destiny, who are all those people who had to be there and more. I can see the Rowling influence there, but I know you’ll put your own stamp on it. Or rather Finlay will.

Diamonds & Deviants – I think you posted more of this earlier then you did just now, because I remember being intrigued by it. Yes, it could be just another vamp story, and there are plenty of those around. But my feeling was that it was going to be waaay more interesting.

Daughters of Le Fey – I’m enjoying this and want to see where it goes. I like the historical theme and a new character’s view of Elizabeth. But despite the darkness of some of the themes, it is going along at a more gentle pace. So it’s not as compelling a read, on the surface, though ultimately it’s a satisfying read.

Children of Sol – I’m putting this after Daughters of Le Fey mainly because it’s not as far along and so I’m not hooked into any characters yet. But I like the premise of what happens when the vamp population is decimated and they have to find a new way of being. And I like the idea of earth being conceived as a game. It was very enjoyable to read it laid out that way. And I can’t wait to see what Lilith’s punishment is going to be. Because it looks like it’s going to set a cracking pace, if I’d read a bit more of it, it might have jumped up into 3rd or even 2nd place.

Ash’s story Part 2 – I also like stories about strong characters and Ash certainly is that. So I’m curious to find out how the years since the first book have formed her personality and character, and how she is going to live her adult life. Apart from revenge, what drives her? It would be disappointing not to see this finished at all, but I’m ok to put this lower on the list and see it play out in the fullness of time.

Ancients and Gods – the latest “Red” story. Much as I love these books, we’re still reading Blood on the Moon, and I know that you will work through this one in the appropriate time. So I’m putting this a way down my list of wishes, and would like to see some of the others done first.

Biker – Not far enough in for the characters to have me hooked yet. And so far, seems like it will be fairly “normal”. But hey, I did most of my partying in the 70’s and 80’s, so I’m interested to see what you make of the era.

The other “normal” story – So far, to me, it just seems like a fairly standard love story. But if that was the only story you were writing, I’d still be reading it to see what twists and turns you put in there. Cos you wouldn’t be able to help yourself, would you? The love interest guy creeps me out a bit (stalker, anyone?), and I can see why the family thought he was going to be a vamp, so there is certainly potential for things to not be what they seem…



I asked and you certainly delivered!

Thank you!


Well, you know me, I either say nothing or too much ;-)

Wow, you don't make it easy for us to choose, do you? And with such a wonderful selection, it's no wonder you want help to choose!

  1. For me, has to be Daughters of le Fey, because it's a combination of historical, modern-day and spiritual .... I find it most intriguing and most suited to my personal taste.

  2. Ancients and Gods - this would have been first with me (until I started reading Daughters of le Fey) because I have the others in this collection and have been waiting sooooo long for this one!

  3. Diamonds and Deviants - again, you are the only author of this (or similar) genres that entice me to read these books ... and on this one, you had me hooked long ago!

Whichever you choose, I know that I and all your readers will be absolutely spellbound and delighted! xox


Thank you for this. I do appreciate it!

Well, @michelle.gent. You have certainly handed us a task. So, let me steam ahead...

  1. I really got caught up with Ash. She is such as strong character and her story has taken so many twists and turns, I would really like to see this one through to the end.

  2. Diamonds and Deviants also has a strong female character. See, I really like good strong female characters. This story has a lot of promise to be another story with many plot twists, which I like. So, of course, I would like to see this one finished.

  3. I would like to see the "Normal One" advance more just because this is out of your normal genre. I want to see where you lead the characters and if you take it out of the realm of normal.

  4. Daughters of Le Fey has caught my attention. I like the paranormal, a bit of history and a new slant on the historical figure. I like the relaxed pace of the story. It is an easy read for a lazy Sunday afternoon. I book I could curl up with.

  5. Ancients And Gods, the fourth in your Wolf series I would also like to see finished. I am enjoying the series and they are a good read. It is easy to see why you are partial to these stories.

  6. Finley Moran - Maelstrom Born I would like to see more character development of Finley. You left with a lot of questions to answered and wanting to know more.

  7. Biker is a tease. I need to read more to get into it like I have the others. Since it does involve the memories and stories of real people the task will
    be more difficult than your other books. But i any case, tease me some

  8. Children of Sol this one as a difficult decision for me. I didn't get caught up in it as I was expecting. Perhaps it is because it is early in the story...


So... all of them then :D


Yup! I do like them all...lol

  1. Ash and the Favour Man Sequel. I can't say why exactly, but I loved that story, the Character developement of her was outstanding. With Robin, a chance to really flesh him out, and to let us know how Ash is doing after such a turbulent and tragic childhood. I am not adverse to an occasional flashback scene, and continuing with the story would give a chance to see more of Robin, and of how the two of them grew up, and where they are headed. I really loved that story.
  2. Finley Moran - Maelstrom Born: I just have to know why everyone was so shocked at the naming of the child. --

"“Finley,” Duncan said.
Everyone turned to glare at him. He didn’t notice. He grinned like a love-struck fool." ---

?Why that reaction? What name did they want for the child? It just really peaked my curiosity as to ""What's in a Name"" kind of way.

With my two fav's the remaining order:
3 Ancients And Gods - I am really enjoying the "Blood on the Moon" Story. The characters are so engrossing, getting really involved in liking and hating some of them.

4 Daughters of Le Fey - I like some of the historical parts mixed in with the story. I am curious to see how the interactions between the planes of existence take place. I have always been fascinated with people's ideas of between, after all space is mostly about between, what is between the atom and the nucleus, between the proton and the electron? Between is a concept that at times I find absolutely fascinating to think about.

5 Diamonds and Deviants: paranormal allows for a lot of interesting people to populate the story. When first reading this, I kept seeing it as a detective type story, and combine the two could be a challenge but could result in an interesting storyline.

The rest order wise I am not sure. I leave that to others. I enjoyed reading all of them, there is just too much candy in the store to pick all the pieces that I want. All I knows is if it is "written" I will read it. Thanks for letting us have a say.

I have some advantages to everyone else. Quite often when Michelle gets going she reads her days writing to me when I get home from work. That means I have much more insight into the stories and characters.
I have always likes Diamonds and Deviants. I do know the main character is so great everyone will be surprised. However I also know with detective stories it takes a lot of planning. Michelle does not plan her stories. They talk to her and she has said it before that she is sometimes surprised at what happens. That is true and I have heard her gasp before now at what she has just wrote.
I can’t remember which book it was but I remember she was not writing the story in chapter order but once written she would then place the chapter somewhere.
My order is
Diamonds and Deviants. Fantastic new lead female character
Finley. Great story and fantastic new characters
Children of Sol. The detail of the background to the creation is awesome.
Daughters of Le Fay. Been waiting on this for a long time.
Ash 2. I was amazed at how this just developed each night and was surprised when Michelle started another. Ash must still be talking.
Ancient and Gods. I love the Wolf books but fancy the others more.
Biker. Well I lived most of the things that happen even if it is told in a fictional way.
Normal. I wanted Michelle to write something commercial to bring in money and expand her readership.

I have always supported Michelle’s writing and am very straight with her, if asked to comment but everyone who is now commenting on her work is, encouraging her more than I ever could. Thank you.


Interesting that your order is very similar to mine. I've got 1&2 round the other way, and 3&4 round the other way, but the rest identical.


Yeah, but as he said, he knows something... 😉


Possibly I was subtly pointing out what a good picker I am :-)


Oh you're more than that ❤️


She has a way with words on paper not a doubt about that in any of our minds. I am glad that she shares with us. You have a wonderful wife, and I am sure that she thinks of you as a wonderful Husband. It shows in her works, if this was not the case then her works would be different than they are, so i am glad you both are able to share your loves with us. Still looking forward to the running Porsche Video, bet you are both excited about that.

Children of sol,,, i would like you to complete these because i feel people are enticed by these somwhat fictional or mythical stuffs that still look so real,,,, also, Ancient and Gods,, same reason too,,,, speaking for myself now, i will prefer these these two stories,, because thats just my spec of stories,, been used to it right from childhood,, i loved horror and mythical stories


Thank you. They're two of my favourites too!

I'd like normal story but somehow twist it into something super dark.


The Normal Story has to be that, I'm afraid. It's really easy for me to put a dark twist in there, but that's what I have the others for, so it has to stay 'Mills & Boon-esque' for now :)


AWwww .Make it very slice of life ish then.