Finals: The Dolbin School Book 4--Chapter 22 Professor Powers

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 Finals: The Dolbin School Book 4

I am serializing my next book here first before it is available anywhere else.  Previous chapter links available at the bottom of the post. 

After a week of tests, Jake’s final presentation was with Professor Powers.  His Independent Project was finally due. 

He walked out of Dr. Fisher’s final.  His head spinning from all the numbers and formulas that he had to remember.  

Bruce walked beside him, “What did you think?”

“My head hurts.  But I think I did okay.”

“Where are you headed now?” Bruce asked.

Jake pointed up.  “I’ve got my presentation with Professor Powers now.”  He pointed to his tablet he had tucked under his arm.

“Good luck.  I have mine with Mr. Banner now.  I’ll catch you later,” Bruce waved and headed towards the gym.  Jake found the stairwell and headed to the second floor.  Instead of striding up the stairs two at a time, he walked one by one.  Taking his time, his fingers tapped on his closed tablet.  He reached the top of the stairs and opened the door.  

Professor Powers office was two doors down on the left.  He walked in and went past the sitting area that contained photographs and antique chairs.  He paused and looked at photograph of a fishing boat.  Powers sitting on the boat holding a fishing rob with his right hand.

“Jake? Is that you?  I’m back here,” call out Professor Powers.  Jake walked into the office.  Powers was not behind his desk.  He was shuffling behind a bookshelf, putting books back onto shelves.  “I’ll be with you in a moment.  I have to put back some books a student brought me.  Go ahead and take a seat.”

Jake sat down in a leather chair that faced Powers’ desk.  He put his backpack on the floor beside him and put his tablet in his lap.  He nervously tapped the cover of his tablet.  Jake read all of Professor Powers college degrees.  There was a degree in education, a degree in psychology, a degree in history, and a degree in engineering, all from different universities from around the world. 

Powers appeared from behind the bookshelf.  The sleeve on his right arm was rolled up to the elbow.  His tie was loosened.  He sat down behind his desk.  “How are you?  How was Dr. Fisher’s math final?”

“Hard, but I think I did well.”

“How were your other exams?”

“Hard.  I did best on Mr. Banner’s physical education exam.”

Powers smiled and rocked in his chair.  “Not everyone does well on his exam, so I am glad to her that.”  He patted his desk. “Okay, so you’re here to present to me your presentation on the Dark Cloud.”

“Yeah, I am.”  Jake opened his tablet and put it on Powers’ desk.  He made a few swipes and a final tap and then a hologram of Mr. Brisbone appeared floating above Powers’ desk.

“Ah, yes.  Mr. Brisbone,” Powers said aloud to no-one-in-particular. 

From the tablet came Jake’s voice.  “Brisbone prison was named after Remell Brisbone, the first hea of security at Dolbin School for the Extraordinary.”

The hologram dissolved to a photograph of Dr. Howard Brackett.  Jake’s voice continued.  “Dr. Howard Brackett was once a distinguished professor here at Dolbin.”

“That’s up for debate,” Powers said under his breath.  Jake glanced at Powers.  He wondered if he had made a mistake by referencing Brackett.

Jake’s voice continued, “But Dr. Brackett wished that Extras could use their skills and abilities out in the open among Basics.  He had grown to disagree with the staff at Dolbin, that they should only openly use their skills and abilities on the campus, and not out in the real world.  Where he believed that they would be more helpful.”

Dr. Brackett dissolved into a photography of Dr. Raphel Anthony.  Jake’s voice continued “Dr. Raphel Anthony disagreed with Dr. Brackett.  Dr. Anthony pointed out that it was the Basics who used the atomic bomb.”  A mushroom cloud appeared over Dr. Powers desk with accompanying explosion sound.

“You were waiting for that effect weren’t you?” Powers glanced at Jake.

The presentation continued and the mushroom cloud gave way to a film of Dr. Anthony speaking to the school.  “We will not risk putting the entire world at war by showing ourselves, by being arrogant enough to think that we will be welcomed with open arms and easily accepted.”

Powers turned the presentation off.  “I want to hear from you what did you learn?  I can’t see that you copied some photographs and video clips from the library and the internet, and that you spoke over them.  But what do you think?  What did you learn?  Don’t tell me what the history is.  I know what the history is.”  He pointed to his history degree on the wall.  “I want to know what you learned and what your opinion is.”  He put his hand out and motioned for Jake to sit in the chair in front of his desk.  

Jake sat down in the chair.  His face red from embarrassment.  He leaned forward, his hands on his knees.

Powers smiled and leaned back in his chair.  “I don’t want you to be embarrassed.  You clearly have learned how to record and edit holograms.  Which is very cool, considering you have only been here a little over two months.  I know you know about the history of The Dark Cloud.”  Powers motioned to the now silent tablet.  “And you and I have spent the last month meeting and talking about The Dark Cloud.  You know things.  But what is it you think?”  Powers sat back in his chair

“I agree with both sides,” said Jake.  Powers remained expressionless.  “On one hand I wish I was allowed to lift cars over my head in from of Basics.  I could help people that way.  I also know how scared people can be.  I remember how frightened people were when they saw me throw Brad through the school window.  The principal and all the teachers that saw it, they weren’t interested in how cool it was that I could do it.  They were scared of me.  TV cameras and police cars appeared immediately at my school.  All because of me.  They were scared of me.  If it wasn’t for the suitmen that appeared, they may have hurt me.”

Jake stopped talking and looked around the room.  He didn’t make eye contact with Powers.  Professor Powers nodded his head.  “Good.  You made a connection with your research.  We haven’t talked about the day your Extra skills were noticed.”

“No.  I don’t think, I’ve talked about that day much with anybody.  But I understand Dr. Anthony’s position.  People were afraid of me that day.  And people fight back against things they are afraid of.”

“That’s a good observation.”

“The people who were a part of The Dark Cloud, or as they referred to it, Extras in the Open, I think some of them believed it was a good thing, that it was the right thing to do.”

Powers leaned forward in his chair, “Even those that wanted to subjugate Basics?  Those that wanted to impose their will on people who they considered less than them?  That was the right thing to do?”

“I don’t think everyone in the group believed that, or wanted that.  But they did believe that being open about their abilities was necessary.”

“But the sated goal of Extras in the Open was to lead or even better lord over Basics.”

“I think people just wanted a choice, and the name Extras in the Open sounds good and beneficial for everyone.”

“So maybe a different choice is needed?  Is that possibly something you discovered in your research?” Powers leaned forward and cocked an inquisitive eyebrow at Jake.

Jake thought for a moment and nodded his head, “Yeah, I guess it is.  I hadn’t thought about like that I guess.”

“Sometimes I need to talk with students during their presentations.  I know that you can do research and copy information.  I wanted to see how you connected the information you used.”

“I see.”

“But it seems in regards to the history you seem to agree with Dr. Anthony.  You believe that he was correct in coming up with the doctrine that Extras stay hidden.”

“Yeah.  Plus, he helped write the Doctrine in the late 40’s when the world was still dealing with the aftermath of World War II.  He knew that if humans were willing to use nuclear weapons on other humans, they would definitely use them on beings that they believed weren’t human.  Despite the fact that it would hurt other humans in the process.  So I think he was correct.”

Powers cocked an eye brow.  “That’s a good connection.  You’ve earned an A.”

Jake let out a sigh of relief.

“You didn’t think you would do well?” Powers asked.

“I’ve never had to present to my teacher before to get a final grade.  Normally, I take quizzes and tests on worksheets.  This was the first time I’ve had such a huge part of my grade based on a presentation.  I didn’t know what to expect.  Come to think of it, I haven’t had any worksheets since I’ve been here at Dolbin.”

“In the 21st century, worksheets do no one any good.  They just make it look like you’re doing something and that your teaching is teaching something.  Worksheets are lazy thinking.  In real life there are no worksheets.  But there are discussions among people, such as we just had.  There are presentations, you see people do presentations all the time on Youtube and Facebook.  People make things, and create videos, and they also write a lot.  But not worksheets, they are useless.  Teachers used to use them to help practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts, but with tablets and apps you can get the same practice, but make it fun and have it adapt to how you are doing.  If a student is having a hard time remembering their seven facts in multiplication, then the app that a math teacher would use would increase the amount of problems with 7s until the student got them correct.  You can’t do that with a worksheet.”

“Yeah my old school had like three computers in the back corner in the classroom.  We occasionally got to go to the computer lab, but all the other classes would also try to sign-up for the labs as well.  There isn’t enough technology.  That’s why a lot of kids hate school,” Jake lamented.

 “Then it’s a good thing that you are here.  We have lots of technology!” Powers smiled.  “So, you’re finished now with Finals week?”

“I guess I am.” 

“When do your parents get here?”


“So one last night here before the summer break!” said Powers.

Jake’s raised his eyebrows, “Yeah, I guess so.  I’ve been so worried about finals and this presentation that I didn’t even think about tonight being the last night here for a while.”

Powers chuckled, “Sorry for making you so worried.  I guess you could ask your parents to come a day later so you have some time to play around campus.”

“My mother would kill me if I called and asked them to come later.”

Powers guffawed, “I guess that would be true!  And I am sure your father wants to see you too.’  Powers stood up and put his hand out to Jake.  “Congratulations, on finishing your first few months here Mr. Cooper.  I am sorry that you have had such out of the ordinary events while here.  I am glad you were assigned to me for your Independent Project.  I look forward to seeing you next year, and your first full school year with us.”

“Will I have you as a professor next year?”

Powers shrugged his shoulders, “I won’t that until August.  Maybe you’ll be in my history class.”

Powers stuck out his hand, Jake shook it, “Thank you, professor.”

“Have a good summer, Mr. Cooper.”


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