Cardinal change in the energy system. Eloncity project.

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Hello dear subscribers, today we are continuing a series of publications about the new ICO project - Eloncity.


It has long been known that a lack of resources is a global problem for all mankind. Every year it is felt more and more sharply. Global problems are no less global solutions, therefore, combining blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, the Eloncity project is aimed at changing the current situation. The main task of the company is to preserve nature and to give an opportunity to use the available energy.

An alternative to existing electricity suppliers can be a decentralized platform that combines a network of millions of smaller networks and produces electricity. It does not sound much complicated, but in the modern world, everything is ready to implement the project.

Innovation of the project!


Many interconnected networks will produce electricity day and night, which will make electricity more affordable. Using blockchain reduces the cost of energy. The price will be set by the entire community and will change in real time. Artificial intelligence will be used for monitoring and averaging the price. The blockchain will make the system open, and all actions performed "transparent." This will enable any person to participate in the creation of electricity, thereby not only earning, but also receiving a fee. By making our own contribution to the provision of electricity to ourselves and others, we are making a step aimed at saving our planet. Such a decentralized platform based on the blockchain can solve the problems of shortage of electricity and exhaustible resources. Due to the large number of networks included in its composition, users will not only produce electricity, but also provide it themselves, without consuming anything from outside.


Excellence over other projects.

The undeniable advantages of this project:

  • The possibility of local electricity production anywhere in the world
  • Open and accessible platform
  • Rescuing the Earth's ecology (since electricity production on the Eloncity platform is environmentally friendly)
  • Innovative technology that combines blockchain and artificial intelligence
  • Creating an alternative renewable energy source
  • Alternative to existing monopolists in the field of electricity production
  • The low cost of electricity and the joint establishment of a fair price for electricity


  • Eloncity holds an 8-week official Bounty program to reward its supporters with CST tokens.
  • The date is from 8 June 2018 to 2 August 2018 (CST).
  • The Bounty program will allocate 1,500,000 Eloncity Tokens.

At the moment there is such information:
"If the total number of shares earned during the campaign exceeds the limit, we will adjust your bids based on the following formula:
"Your last number is Eloncity tokens = (Bounty Pool). The number of bets you earned. "

"If not, 1 bet = 1 Eloncity marker (CST)".

Bounty Distribution:

Bitcointalk - 20%
Content - 18%
Reddit - 6%
Telegram - 5%
Social Media - 48%
Special Task - 3%

The result.


At the moment the idea is not unique. It is worth noting that all previous projects related to power engineering on the detachment were not "shot". In the Eloncity project, the most serious team of like-minded people is gathered who know how to get a good result. Let's wait for the official white sheet. I would like him to meet expectations, because the project is really interesting and promising.

Mangust3d was with you. I'll see you in new posts. good luck to all.

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