Democratic Socialism vs. National Socialism

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Charlotte in Denmark writes: NOTHING here is free - we pay through taxes ☝️ And most people work 37 hours - some more.

Does the word "FREE" trigger you?

Annnd most people think we have a forty hour work week in the US. Heh. Free is just a trigger word. No one believes it's free. It's collected in a tax on your wages. It's free like a highway is free or your streetlights or firemen and the police.

No Free Lunch!

Here in the United States, many people on the right like to say nothing is free to make themselves feel knowledgeable and important. Yet they work two jobs, over 50-60 hours per week with no paid lunch breaks and shitty pay, but at least they get to rant on social media about liberals. But the politicians (also known as drunks and cokehead politicians) that they vote for get free world-class healthcare and free university for their families, work only 126 days per year and give themselves regular pay raises. In other words, there's no free lunch for you. They must be laughing their asses off right now. Heck, If I had a kid I would be rearing him or her toward becoming a politician. Get paid to lie your ass off. Drink, party, grab a pussy!

At heart, I am a libertarian. But then I found out libertarians vote with Corporate Republicans most of the time. I like what they say not what they do. Even Bernie Sanders that bleeding heart liberal isn't as left as I thought he was. He votes with corporate Democrats most of the time. Imagine no government? :-)

Denmark Is Not This:


Two guys that I enjoyed, Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul have the most interesting things to say, but what they do is much different. Bernie is just a Social Democrat in the style of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) or similar to Denmark or Sweden today. He's not your grandpa's Socialist. Your grandfather probably fought WW2 for FDR. Mine did.

To be clear, Democratic Socialism does not replace Capitalism. Bernie Sanders' vision for America is - the "Denmark" meme above. Why though?

Anyway, I do like that ol' Bernie has always been able to cut deals with the right and end up in the center where we belong. This bird needs two wings to fly. Extremists on the right are going to make us crash. Their philosophies sound fucking awesome in Facebook memes, but the reality is rather disturbing. It's starting to sound like National Socialism. The media calls Trump a populist because they don't want to call it Nazism, but it is. However, if Trump doesn't change a thing (I doubt Wall St will let him), the markets will contiue to soar, job growth will continue, and unemployment will be non-existent. You can thank Obama for that or his administration, the Fed or Wall St. I don't care. But don't try and tell me that Obama was a commie liberal socialist Marxist. The far right told me he was gonna take my guns away, lock us up in a FEMA camp, steal our businesses, and rape us with his big black D! OUCH. Haha.

Obama was just another Corporate Democrat, like Bill "I need me a blowjob" Clinton. Is Obama a liberal at heart? Sure he is. Who cares? But our Presidents don't usually get to call the shots. Anyway, Obama is gone. Hillary lost. Trump won. Let's move on. Hey I don't care who wins the next election. I am already against the next President! :-)

Note: Part 2 about National Socialism coming soon.

It's time to move on and start thinking about our future. The one with robots. AI. Machines. Oh, my!

The future where people have no jobs! No work means no money right?!

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Do you live in Denmark? I hear the taxes are extortionate..


No I am American. I'm asking some friends over there now. Will add their replies to part 2.


It's around 40% for 90% of the population. Rich people pay a higher tax. But there are loopholes. It's complicated. Like here in America. I like a flat tax where everyone and every company pays 20%.


I agree with flat taxes, but maybe separate taxes for individuals and companies.