For This Is Not What I See in You

in writing •  3 months ago

A world I never want to know. Some place I stumbled into, and found my fears cast out before me.

A place I never want to know whose fears smell rotten, ruined, and old.

A place I never want to know, and yet, I do. It’s a place I knew intimately, and shared in its sorrows for far too many moons.

A place, I pray, I’ll lead you from with feeble hands and a grieving heart.

A place I know too well, my friend, for this day I find you here.

Take my hand dear one, and walk from this place that is all you have ever known.

Hold my eyes in your gaze, for this is not what I see in you.

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A beautiful and inspiration piece. Fear is a liar and disempower, for sure:)


Well said. :)

Life takes us to the encounter of unexplored places. Interesting prose friend @lydon.sipe

Knowing someone is there to support the "better" you can be the difference between the living and the fallen.


Wow, so true and so sobering.

something new, lydon - as Lear says, it smells of mortality :)


It is. Hmm, hadn’t considered that, but now I see it. :)


Thank you, Melinda!

Beautiful thoughts you reflect while writing this one :)

Lovely sentiments, Lydon, beautifully stated.




Thank you, friend!

We just have to look at the best from people and not what the mistakes that they had done @lydon.sipe.
It's a thoughtful poem you made there.