Love Life and Live Free (MY mini biography of my writing history)

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well here is the short version of how I went from homeless to having beautiful family..
poetry coming soon been writing again
Okay So its been a long time coming for me to tell a little bit of my story...Its about how putting your heart and mind to work can save yourself from despair. I've been a poet for as long as I can remember From being a Kid to having Kids... through out the years ive had the pleasure of working on music and songs (mostly fun) but with some awesome people. I started writing in around 7-8th grade when I began expanding my music interests. I filled up a few online blogs with some years of writing... of course its gone now even the printed versions... BUT I DID NOT GIVE UP !!!... I filled up journals to no end of which prolly lay destroyed off in landfills to this day breaking back down into the earth... I lost hope many times... I started trying to memorize more and more writing made it too about 4 or 5 i got stuck in my head....afters loosing my first wave of journals after and in college. I lived in Sarasota FL. I found my self homeless out of jail due to Drugs so... I ended up moving to Alabama...i wound up homeless there too eventually and around meth head( and yes i was the only one working) at a chicken plant might I add... i was trying to turn my life around. I was able to find a place for 2 month (more meth holding the place down). Naturally i didnt stay long as i was trying to get away from the Drugs. So I moved off to work release to finish some Dui fines off. Eventually after that i ended up on a greyhound back to Sarasota Florida where this story started. I was homeless here for about 3 years working trying to stay healthy, maybe a little self loathing involved. I was in a Dark place some days no money, no food, even stealing food, Sleeping in parks and around the city... I made most of my money through day labor... It wasn't the work that was so tough( it did really suck sometimes). Being around so many drug users and homeless when trying to stay off drugs.. well it just makes things harder... At this point even while being homeless for 3 years i was done with the Drugs and it was nice... I still struggled with some drinking at the time but it was hard to sleep homeless sometimes. Afraid of who will walk up and rob you in your sleep. If the cops will wake you up or not. It just left me feel so vulnerable sometimes. Eventually i ended up back in jail on felony drug charge ( wasn't using was making money the wrong way though). I still remained sober but used the excuse of making money to be up to no good. All the while going through all this i was sad alone but pushing on like It was just my repentance, or something. I hadn't exactly been an angle ya know. One day during this shitstorm of a life I met my love Amelia. We met in a park she found me sleeping(very fresh though still homeless). We ended up cuddling and talking for hours it wasn't long before. she was there everyday, even while i was locked up everyday since weave met almost. She had 2 little boys which i fell in love with too. It took me 3-4 years 2 with her to finally break away from being homeless..AND DAMNIT i worked hard.. NOW we know our new BABY BOY Finnegan Marcus Smith and it makes me wanna cry how proud of us I am. YOU CAN NEVER GIVE UP !!!!! i just went from being homeless a year ago to now i own a car an apartment computers, BURST hard drives, Have a youtube channel, Furniture a TV i never dreamed I could do this but due diligence pays off, I trade and buy cryptos, stocks, magic cards, im building a website. im staking coins lending coins mining coins streaming for coins. more coins please!!!!
I used to write for hours and hours on end when i was younger 20-23... I am starting my poetry again so please follow if you'd like to read more of my story... I will post deeper on subjects if people wish I believe in this world and love it so lets all do this making the world a better place !!!

THIS was on a trip to Denver, Colorado

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Good to hear that you turned it all around, that's a great story!


Thanks alot follow me up ill be adding more to the story!!! and going into more detail its quite the process im used to just writing poetry


I'm already following :) and if you wanted to just write poetry, then that's great as well. I have enough poetry to kill a flock of seagulls and 2 horses.

I love you so much dear, we've been trough so much all these years, and I love you more than ever.