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Are you writing a book or planning to write one? It is a task that often entails research, organization, editing, and much more. Now, since writing a book in itself isn’t a walk in the park, you need a software that will make this venture easier.

As you surf the internet on the best book writing software as you work on the literature review online, you will find different options that many swear by. Each writer is unique and so is their needs. We will list down, the various software you can use in writing your book, and be giving you details, about its, good and bad.

The final decision will still be on you; they include:

• Scrivener- Word Processor
It is a tool that comes in handy to the writer, in the early stages of writing. After all, it is a writing tool made by writers for other writers. It is useful concerning breaking down the book into chapters and organizing them.

With the “binder” view, you can reorganize the chapters and sections with ease. If you have a target to reach each day, you can create goals that depend on word count and track your progress, too. Sometimes distractions can keep you from focusing on the task at hand.

Use the composition mode to keep clutter, at bay. In addition to this, Scrivener allows you to format the book for publishing on Barnes & Noble or Amazon. This feature comes with the challenge of difficulty in formatting, though.

Also, once you bring in an editor, Scrivener may not be useful. And thus, it makes collaboration, difficult.

• Google Docs- Word Processor
Google Docs is a familiar tool for many. You have probably used it in your thesis when you finally found the ideal research paper title generator When you work on a project using Microsoft Word, you may lose it all, if you don’t save it, for a while and somehow your computer shuts down.

Compared to Google Docs, you don’t need to keep saving your work, every few seconds. It even doesn’t have a save button, as it saves your work as you type. Google Docs has a voice typing feature for those who are verbal processors.

Maybe your thoughts are faster than how you type; this will be a game changer for you. You can also convert your content into various formats, be it PDF, .docx, or .epub. If you are creating a book with a custom size, you will need to install the Page Layout Tool, as an add-on.

This add-on will help you to create pages with a custom size, a feature that Google Docs in itself, doesn’t have. Google Docs is best for short writing.

• yWriter- Word Processor
If you are looking for simple yet effective writing software, you should try yWriter. It’s free to use, so you won’t have to incur any costs as you try it out. Using for both novelists and non-fiction writers is easy.

Though, its design is by an author who was aiming at creating an excellent fiction writing software. It’s downloadable, so you don’t have to waste struggling with restraint from distractions. This software also doesn’t have fancy “extras” that could distract you.

It is useful for the organization and breaking down the book into chapters and scenes. The focus on stages makes your writing manageable. This feature is similar to that of Scrivener. It also helps you to keep tabs on everything and their location.

On matters of saving your work, yWriter creates snapshot backups of your work, and stores it automatically. However, yWriter doesn’t work with Mac PC’s yet. When you want to create eBooks, you have to use a separate tool, e.g., Calibre. It also doesn’t come with templates.

• Google Sheets- SpreadSheet
When you are writing a book with many pages, you need a tool that will distill it down. It’s where Google Sheets come in. Just at a glance, you can see the different elements of the book, including the chapter title generator.

It is useful in keeping track of your outlines, scenes list, tracking your characters, etc. It also makes collaboration comfortable as you can share the documents with editors, writing partners and beta readers, to get feedback on your work.

• Focus Writer- Productivity
Sometimes we need an extra push to keep our eyes on the price. That’s where a productivity app comes in. This software helps in eliminating distraction so that you can write.

Its features allow you to hide apps. You can also customize the way the text appears in the document. For the old school writers, you can add the sound effects of a typewriter. Maybe your ideas flow when you hear the sound of one as you key in words.

With Focus Writer, you can also track your progress. Its main limitation is that, if you are going to go back to your work to edit, then, this may not be the right app for you.

• Hemingway-Editor
It is an editing tool to help you improve the clarity of your writing. That is, you get the services of a grade school teacher. It will help you make your writing both bold and clear. And it is rigorous.

You have the option of working with it online, but it doesn’t have a save feature and no way to export the contents. And if you have written several pages, this may not be an ideal option. But with the desktop app, you can toggle between editing and writing modes.

You need to pay for the desktop app, though. Hemingway will grade your writing depending on its readability and other factors. It will also analyze the way you use adverbs and adjectives, in the content.

If you are using the desktop app, you will be able to export the document in PDF or Word format. And you can also work offline, using it.

• StoryShop- Outlines
Different parts of your writing to make a book, a success. That includes character development, world building, elements, etc. With Story Shop, you can write your book, create story beats and build worlds, with just a single application. To help you write your story faster, you can use the given story templates.

You can track various aspects of your characters, from their relationships to attributes, using character cards. It allows you to keep references and research in an easy to access, place. It includes reference links, images, and also timeline details.

However, you can only export the document in a .docx format. And also, its free version doesn’t offer much whereas the subscription model is pretty steep.

You still need to have something to write. These tools and software will only make it easy to write and perhaps, a quicker way to get to the end.

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