Let's Blog Out Properly + How To Save Steem Resource Credits When Replying Comments

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Although I don't consider myself a blogging expert nor I am the blogging expert, I surely know that one of the things which guarantees a blogger's success is the feedback and interaction they might have with their fans, followers, readers, casual visitors, among others. To me is highly important to reply most, if not all of the comments I receive in any given blog I post, or at least I try my best to do so for it is completely understandable that answering everything might-can-is quite the task sometimes; Especially if you're a famous blogger; Not me though, or at least not yet, but we are working on it like most steemians do!


One of the issues, if we can call that an issue, I'm having nowadays is that I'm not that high in steempower therefore Resource Credits are quite scarce. That of course influences my daily posting and everyday blogging activities for it limits the number of times I can interact with my amazing followers. That's all on me though. I'm currently powering down in order to pay some debts, you see, we Venezuelans are living in constant hassles yet that does not necessarily mean we don't believe or intend to save steem, heck, there was a time where I had like 5k worth of steem and I didn't sell it because I firmly believed and still believe in the wonders our blockchain may achieve. Worry not though, there's always some room for improvisation, not all is bad. That's why I decided to dedicate a post to reply all the comments I've received on this week so my readers can rest assured they are not forgotten nor ignored.

Let's get started!

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Post: Seven77 Push Up Challenge Day #1

Unreplied Comments:

@robmojo "Let's hustle and do the challenge together man! It's never to late and everyone is welcomed. Let's bring Steem to the moon!"


Hell yeah champ! It's never to late to start something out and the best part is that we are the main characters! Cheers dude!

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Post: Seven77 Push Up Challenge Day #2 - Blackout Edition

Unreplied comments:
@roselifecoach "Keep up the #steem work @jonsnow1983!"

@blueeyes8960 "Good job, glad you have joined the challenge. Blackouts can't hold YOU back!"


Thanks for your comments mates! I love the #Seven77 challenge and of course blackouts ain't gonna keep me from posting or away from the challenge.

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Post: A Different Mindset...

Unreplied comments:

@jayna "I can’t imagine what it must be like to live in Venezuela today. But you are smart to change your mindset. That is one thing you can control, and that should really help with what you are going through."

@lizablove "You're doing a great job @jonshow1983 ♥ Baby steps and you'll get there!"

@plantstoplanks "It is really easy to close yourself off to the world sometimes, especially during bleak periods. I'm so glad you have been able to recognize that and make some positive changes! I know surrounding myself with positive people can be a game-changer in stepping out of my own comfort zone and pushing forward in good ways. I hope you continue to find small joys even in these (literally) dark times!"

@nurseanne84 "Its great to know that you are coping up. I just do a little chat with my friends and well, go for walks and just craft. craft. craft. To release my stress."


It's really hard @jayna but like you said, that is the only thing we can control so as long as everything is well up there, anything else is easier to approach. Thanks @lizablove hopefully I'll do better. You're absolutely right @plantstoplanks these are hard times yet as long as we hold breath anything positive might happen, I really appreciate it your kind words. Human contact is a must @nurseanne84 when one isolates oneself it gets dark and blurry.

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Post: Learn English With Snow Series Introduction + The Indefinite Article

Unreplied Comments:

@steemflow "Hey @jonsnow1983 loved the way you put up the basic. I truly believe a man do not need any certificate to prove his/ her capability. Having a strong foundation on any subject can prove the mettle. Though English is neither our mother language and I do face many issues...hope to coverup with basic things....thanks for sharing.."

@d00k13 "Hey @jonsnow1983, great job many will find this resource useful! We have a similar thing going on with DTube creators helping each other tackle the language this platform best supports, English."

@blueeyes8960 "Wow, I went to put my link in the Educational channel of discord and I see your post! I had a similar idea, though mine is MUCH simpler than yours - just vocabulary words. You went into a lot of detail, and I look forward to your series. It's been a long time since English class and I know I do a lot of things wrong these days grammar-wise."

@wonderwop "Great job, I felt like I was in school again. Mission accomplished. 👍👍"

@joanstewart "Shared to Twitter, sorry recharging upvote after weekend. Great way to help others with the English language."

@artbyclark "Congrats on the rally upvote 🙌😀"

@traciyork "Wicked awesome idea, @jonsnow1983! I'm a native speaker, and English still hurts my brain on a regular basis, so kudos to you for tackling this! 😂"

@fionasfavourites "Great post @jonsnow and a great idea. I am a former English online writing tutor and I know how hard it is to explain these concepts: you did a fabulous job. Articles are soooo hard to define and especially for speakers of languages that don't have them.
One comment: you talk about the "mute" "h" . Technically, we describe those letters as "silent". And a way you can help to describe words that start with the silent "h" is that when the word is spoken, the opening syllable (part of the word) sounds like a consonant.
Then, I want to pick up on @hlezama's comment: In modern English and informal English, sometimes "a" is used before "h", as is often the case with hotel. Historically, and you still find some people from Britain, who still talk about "an hotel".
Language is so interesting: country and regional dialects are so fascinating and I so admire people who learn another language to a level of competence that they can write in it - as you do! Congratulations! I look forward to your future posts and if you need a sounding board, drop me a note on Discord. Fiona"

@mattifer "Awesome post! I am both a native English speaker AND a (former) teacher of English so I was quite curious to read your post regarding the indefinite article. Nicely done! I'll certainly follow you and hope to see many more posts on the subject."

@papilloncharity "Nothing wrong here, but I stand corrected as both Marian and I are rusted, certified as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teachers.
We had a huge influx of French speaking refugees a long time ago and @papilloncharity decided to help them with their communication problems. I think we taught about 4000+ of them.
Since then we are working in other fields of need and the teaching has fallen by the wayside!
You are certainly performing a much needed task here my friend!

@dswigle "What a great idea! I give you 100% and wish I could do more! !tip"

@kaerpediem "I have always felt this way about English
I used to even read the Dictionary. A couple of new words a day, find out the meaning and try and use it in my conversations. It was fun until I discovered music... hahaha Very nicely done Steem On ;D"

@tryskele "I agree with @steemflow. There are plenty of English speakers that can't speak English LOL. Here's one for you. An M&M 😊 when I tutored in high school, this was one my 'student' had a hard time understanding. He held the M&M , saw it yet struggled a little bit with wanting to say A M&M. Especially since in Spanish their indefinite articles definitely do not perform like English's."


Oh boy! So many comments on this one which is awesome brothers. Bro @steemflow you're absolute it right, I'm a firm believer of self education; Every person in the world has a shot to learn something from scratch and on their own, mostly in this day and age with the emergence of Internet. Yooo @d00k13 Thanks for the heads up champ, will definitely check it out, I'm planning on uploading some video tutorials as well. I saw one of your posts yesterday @blueeyes8960 and I really love your initiative. @traciyork If learning our own language to perfection is quite the task, I can't possibly imagine when one tries a new one, but here we are. Thanks for the correction @fionasfavourites it sounds better and more natural when you say "silent h" instead of "mute h" I'm really glad you enjoyed the post. @mattifer It's really an honor to receive such comments from a native speaker and former teacher, it really motivates me. @papilloncharity like I said to marian, it really gladdens me a native speaker like my post, it's really flattering, Thanks you. @dswigle Thanks for the tip honey, so happy you liked it. As for the rest of you, I give my sincerest and warm appreciation!


Well folks That's it for today. Like I said throughout the post It really makes me happy when people take the time to actually read the posts, that's what blogging is about, amirite? I wish you good fortune in the wars to come brothers! See you on the next one!

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Stay tuned and STEEM ON!

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Ohhh!! What an interesting way to engage friends on Steemit without using too much RC! Thanks for the useful tip (((:

Hey! I took a dump in your wallet! Take a trip to the bathroom to claim your worthless SHIT!


Holy crap!

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A push to help you out ^_^ FS

Great idea for saving RCs

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This is a dope idea!

What a brilliant way to overcome the RC limitation! Thank you for taking the time to get back to each of us!

I have to say that it's an interesting way to reply a lot of comments in one go, saving RC! Although with around 150 SP you should not be worried about the RC problem even with this amount of comments every day :)

Good luck! :>

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This is a great way to get around to replying, Great job and great thinking there!

this is some excellent shit my friend!



I'm full of shit literally all of a sudden lol #fuckingblackouts btw

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LOL! Brilliant idea, @jonsnow1983! I'm wicked far behind in replying to comments, but it's more a case of poor time management on my part. Thanks for the shout out!

Well there you go...

I have gotten sooooo far behind on my comments, I hold this up as an example!

Thank you!


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Excellent advise! My heart goes out to those of you living in such terrible conditions in Venezuela, and you are in our thoughts and prayers. 🙏

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Good post @jonsnow1983 on saving RC.