Improvised gourmet burger after returning from a weekend out.

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Here are my ingredients. Start with an apple. Peel. Cut to circles. Cored. Melt butter in a non-stick pan. Saute apple slices until soft. Apples sizzling in butter. Make sure butter does not burn. Meanwhile, I sliced some Jarlsburg for the cheese on top. Then, I cubed the rest of the apples, along with what was left of the Jarlsburg. I put them in plastic baggies. This will be my mid-morning snack tomorrow at work. So far, apple wheels and cheese slices. Peel onion. Slice half. Put the other half away in a baggie for some other day. Add olive oil right in the pat used to saute apple slices. Let what's left of the butter add a dimension to the olive oil. Saute onions until soft and translucent. My hot peppers. I decided to go with the Italian, saving the Jalepeno for some other project. It looks like the onions are ready. Now it's time for the hamburger pattie. I wish I had fresh ground black pepper to add to the top right now. Turned over for the first time. Time for the bread. I have Tuscan Panne. They are large slices, so I cut one in half as my bun and popped it in the toaster. Oh a whim, I added some hot sauce to the burger. My hot sauce. Burger ready for cheese. Cheese added on top. Melting nicely. Jarlsburg is not the easiest to melt, so be careful if you're using that, like me. While that's going on, slice your hot pepper. Time to put it all together. Add the cheeseburger. And apple slices. Sauted onions. Hot peppers. Mustard, mayonaise, ketchup. I wish I had barbecue sauce. Sorry about the fuzzy picture. Here it is. I wish I could invite you over for one. Here is the remaining organic beef. I browned it (with some of the left over hot Italian peppers.) I'll do something for breakfast with them in the morning. If any of you have an idea what I can do with ground beef for breakfast, post a reply. I am on the East Coast USA. I'm sure many of you in Asia, Africa, and Europe will be up while I'm sleeping. If any of you come up with an idea by (my) morning and I use it, I'll send you some SBD. Think of it as a contest.
It's Sunday night. I just got home after a weekend visiting family. I looked in the fridge to see what I have. I always improvise to create perfectly delicious dishes for myself with what I have on hand.

Tonight, I have half a package of organic ground beef. I used the other half before the weekend, so tonight is pretty much the last night for it. Also have: apples, onions, bread, hot Italian peppers, even hotter Jalapeno peppers, a bit of Jarlesburg cheese, hot sauce, mustard with whole mustard seeds, mayonaise, and a drop of ketchup at the end of the bottle. No hamburger buns, but in the spirit of improvising, the bread will do.

Here is what I made.

Story in pictures.

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make an omelette with the ground beef pocketed inside! I should share some food shots too -- but I don't cook much.


Ah ha. Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I put cream cheese on toast of rustic bread, the sprinkled the ground beef on that. Wasn't bad. Slices of hot pepper on top of that. Yeah, hot pepper for breakfast!!!!

Since you're the only responder that makes you the winner. I'll pop .50 sbd your way.

This looks amazing and delish!