Andromeda, a novel by Joe Nobel, Part 33 -- continued after a long pause

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A story of love, perseverance, and redemption, told in the context of sex, slavery, bondage, gods, and the cold war.

I’ve been absent from Steemit for quite a while. Several of you have inquired about my whereabouts. Thank you for your thoughts and concerns. I am alive and well. A perfect storm of confluences, mishaps, obligations, and illness descended upon me in the latter part of the autumn of 2017. Some of you may know I received a kidney transplant last March. Although, the new kidney had restored a lot ... a whole lot ... of my energy; it wasn’t a panacea to all my ills. Ups and downs are to be expected. And that last down happened at the most inopportune moment.

Maybe I’ll write a story about it one day. I’ll wait until I can make it a comedy.

As for those of you following Andromeda, and for those I might entice into picking up on my continuing episodes of Anna, aka Andromeda here’s a brief synopsis to jiggle your minds. As Anna suffers not one, but two, sex crazed masters: the Soviet General Uri Konstentine the commander of Soviet forces in occupied Budapest after the failed 1956 revolution; and the ancient Norse god, Odin;

Oh, by the way, Anna and her fellow sex slaves summoned Odin in a desperate attempt at asking for help in escape from their locked-up flat in the heart of Budapest. And, General Konstantine kidnapped Anna in a failed attempt to rendezvous with her handler while on her first mission for the CIA.

This post picks up after the three girls, Anna, Liudmilla, and Aida, summoned Odin. Upon his arrival, the sex-crazed god split time into three paths, in each path he had sex worthy of a god with one of the girls, hard enough, long enough, and rough enough to call it sexual torture. Only in the morning, did Odin bring the three paths of time together with each of the three remembering a very different tale of their nights.

Of course, after sex, Odin raided their pantry, and had himself a feast worthy of, well a god. He left the girls with dirty dishes and wondering how they could explain to the general why the larder is empty.

The slaves routine quickly fell into servicing two masters. Whenever their Soviet General was off at work rounding up dissidents and revolutionaries, or when he fell asleep after a night if sadomasochistic sex, Odin would make an appearance, filled with his own perverted ideas of fun.

The three performed a ceremony, with a circle, pentagram, candles, and flowers in the corners. It was a dismal failure. They knew it had failed when they saw Odin laughing at them, looking in from outside the window.

“It wouldn’t bother me so much,” Liudmila said, “if we weren’t on the third floor.”

“So, he can float on air,” Anna said, “big deal.” She walked over to the window and opened it. “Well, what are you waiting for?”

Odin stepped in to land on the very solid wood parquet.

“Is this any way to show your respect?” Odin said with a frowning pout. “I see you’re having a ceremony to cast me away. After all the things I’ve done for you?”

“Odin, you’re killing us!” Anna said. “We’re sore from top to bottom. We haven’t had any sleep since you showed up. This is the second time you’re here today, and that's not even counting last night. Leave us alone!”

“We’ll give you a blowjob,” Liudmila said. “But then leave us alone for the rest of today and tonight so we can sleep.”

“Alright,” he said after thinking for a moment, “but there will be rest for only two of you. The one who wins, she who catches it, I will take away and give unto her my full attention for the rest of the day.”

The girls looked at each other. They nodded in agreement.

Anna didn’t like the idea, for whichever two of them lucked out will still anguish over the girl getting Odin’s “attention”. Nonetheless, she found herself descending to her knees next to Aida and Liudmila. Then she watched as Odin pulled down his fly and released his cock. It sprang to life, staring her in the face. She decided she might as well go first and not delay the inevitable. She knew in the back of her mind that Odin prefers her and would rig the contest so she would “win”.

She took his organ in her hands, squeezed its base between her fingers and watched the blood well up in its tip, making it all the harder, and hotter, and redder than before. Then she took him in her mouth, felt his heat around her lips. Then she let him slide in deep. Felt him on her tongue and on the roof of her mouth.

His fingers curled into her hair. He guided her motions, rocking her slowly back and forth, up and down on his shaft. He counted out ten strokes, then pulled Anna's head back.

Anna gasped for a breath of air then watched Odin turn to Liudmila. Liudmila, too, took him in without a moment of hesitation. Like Anna, bobbing up and down on his shaft for ten long strokes before he pulled her off to move on to Aida.
He let them each their share of strokes in succession, guiding each of them with his hands on the back of their heads. Although General Uri Konstantine had his three slaves line up on their knees in front of him when he came home, he rarely followed through and used his slaves this way. That act was mostly symbolic for their master. But Odin, he wasn’t one to rest on such subtleties as he took each of his girls by the head and guided their mouths onto his waiting pole. Then again, Odin was more used to smoting his enemies with a fireball or a bolt of lightning, no subtleties needed. Or, maybe, just maybe, Odin’s methods were far too subtle for Anna to realize. She had just started playing these thoughts through when it had come to her turn again. As he curled his fingers into her hair and pushed himself deep into her mouth, Anna knew he was about to give her his load. So much for subtleties.

Anna fell into a state of delirium as Odin filled her up when he came. It was a state in which she was neither conscious nor unconscious. Without eyes or arms, or even legs or a body, she struggled to pull him away from her lest she choke. Then as fast as it came, the sensation was over. She became fully conscious again. Or, perhaps, hyper-conscious of everything around her. And she was no longer in her familiar flat.

... to be continued ...

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