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Finished, done, complete! Another week done and another book published! Yiked this marks four books in a row. Wow. I'm impressed with myself pumping out books on amazon one week after another in regular pattern with periodic consistency. That is four in four weeks.

Here it is:

Leta is a college girl that is graduating school and becomes obsessed with her masturbating older neighbor Matteo. She prances around her pool during the day when her parents aren't home for his view, but he never shows up until one day his nephew's airplane sails over their high fence and he sees her in a thong bikini. Find out if his obsession matches her's.

For this book it took a little longer because I followed the romance beats to make my story tighter, make the story more interesting. To make the premise a bit more engaging. I'd typically felt that you read smut to get off and that you'd want the quick action right away. I know when I read erotica I want to get to the exciting bits right away with as little exposition as possible.

If you haven' noticed, I like to put some sort of sex in my stories within the first 1000 words. I'm bending that rule a little bit with these next few stories. I'm following the romance beats.

I thought that "My Neighbor Obsession" would fall into the romance category because of it, but they put it in erotica. There is monogamy, there is a happily ever after, and the main characters are devoted only to each other. I guess there was just too much explicit sex and nudity; and masturbation from both of the main characters.

I'm pretty proud of this story, and see how my writing is getting better both from frequency (doing it every day) and from deliberately planning nad working on story.

"My Neighbor Obsession" is over 20,000 words! Yikes! That is a lot of words for what started as a shorter one week book. Check it out on amazon. It is free with Kindle unlimited (which you should get) or for $2.99 to buy outright.

My next book is Leta's friend Janelle, but from when they were just graduated high school, and Janelle's neighbor is going to find out about one of their parties and is going to "blackmail" Janelle into sex, and specifically making her his anal slut. Cody, the neighbor, is an asshole, and irritated by Janelle's spoiled rich girl attitude. He films a video walking through the party, and then catches her giving a football player head in the pool house. He threatens to show the video to her parents in exchange for "help around his house." Janelle is a slut, and agrees with resentment, but interest; Cody would be hot if he wasn't such a creepy jerk. Soon, she discovers she wants to be controlled and made into his private anal slut.

A few things about this new story.

Amazon is not kind to generic stories about sex and lovemaking like I've been writing. My Hill's Secrets stories, and others are too vanilla for amazon. Amazon is near impossible to find success without writing to a kink. Authors always talk about finding your niche and hitting it hard. I was always of the mind that my writing was so good that people would read something of mine and be so enthralled so excited and turned on by it regardless of the topic that they'd love what I wrote and read everything.

Not true. People search by keyword, and kink specific.

My best selling book is "Rec Center Backdoor." I know this because i check my stats all the time. It gets the most reads, the most buys, and is consistently my best selling book. It is a book about anal sex; all anal sex. I know that people are finding it by searching for "anal" or "backdoor" in the amazon search.

So I'm going to test it out. Will a book called, "The Neighbor's Backdoor Bargain" strike a chord with those anal sex readers? the coercive older neighbor readers? the slutty girl that gets her comeuppance? I'm hopeful that turning her into his anal slut I'll get a horde of new readers that like my anal sex stories.

This is purely a test in marketing and writing to market. Not a passion project (well i don't mind writing about interesting sex scenes), but this isn't a story like "Take Her," or even "Abusing the Game."

There is a reason why those erotica books on amazon have shitty titles that are like, "The backdoor nanny" or "The captive young teen learns new stuff." The explicit words are keyword driven to get downloads and purchases.

I'm arrogant and haven't debased myself too much yet to go that route entirely. Well, i guess i am with this new book. We'll see if it sells and maybe I'll keep pushing that niche's hole.

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Wooo congrats, lady! That is something to be proud of...four books in four weeks!

You have your strategy all planned. This is the ticket. Rock on!

Oh by the way, I'm an older man. Know of any younger girls so inclined?

science fiction, fantasy, erotica

You'll have to read the Leta's story and tell me if it is entertaining enough :) I'm working on another story with her friend Janelle who gets "blackmailed" by her older neighbor for some naughty backdoor action. For the amazon keywords.

Thank you for the encouragement! We'll see if planning things out leads to better successes in the future.

Okay, totally ordered through Amazon.

Haha. awesome! I can't wait for the feedback :) I hope you enjoy it.