Goodbye Olympics | Grooving to K-Pop

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Goodbye winter, goodbye snow fall,
Goodbye olympics we'll miss your call;
You brought us together, huddled home,
traveled athletes shared their milestones;
cried against their failures feared
what victories cost blood and tears.

Goodbye perfect tooth smiles in red red lipstick,
Goodbye perfect bodies earned through effort spent,
Goodbye Olympics, and the dreams you invented.
Goodbye athletes let your excellence not fade quick.


Goodnight 2018 Olympic games! I got home today after work just in enough time to watch the Korean and Chinese presentations for "goodybye." They were spectacular. I couldn't tell if it was projectors on the ground or if the ground itself was lighting up. I think it was projectors from overhead that produced the light show. I found the different asian cultures so radically different than American culture. I enjoyed it. I liked experiencing it. Then some awesome K-Pop! Hell yeah! EXO and CL. The best!

I wonder if they took their guidance from N'Sync and Backstreet boys and just made them better for today. I wonder if "good music" is universal. Like does excellent music transcend culture and just feel pleasurable? Some music is absolutely good once you become accustomed to it, but is there music that is just immediately pleasurable to hear? Who are the chemists that discover these innately pleasing music? Who are the scientists that are tracking pleasure centers like dopamine in blind test subjects? Like notes on their own are not necessarily good or pleasing on their own, but when they're combined in a specific order and duration they produce effects so profoundly powerful you can not help but twitch your feet and smile along with the song. I"m convinced that the future pop stars will be government mind control ambassadors that instill joy and happiness in the hordes of unwashed masses.

Can you tell I'm watching K-Pop while writing this to the end of the Olympics?

I'm going to be writing a few more paragraphs and get at least 1000 words in to my next Devon and the Prototype series. I'm out of the bathroom shower sex scene and into the bed. Transitions in sex are always difficult for me to write. I read @dinavice's latest entry into her "A slave in space" series. She is masterful. I long to write with the emotion, the specificness, and tantalizing ease she does. The latest version was very sexual and I loved every second of it. I appreciated how it flowed so naturally and easily through each section of Alexis's experience.

On to writing about Devon and her experience with the sex bot programmed by the Company to satisfy her every whim.

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I hope you had fun writing! I want to read about Devon and her sex bot!! :)