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Good day distinguished ladies and gentlemen, my name remains @jenniferjulius and as usual its so humbling to write you all again. Have you ever wondered why celebrity marriages hit the rocks quicker than any other marriages, well in my post today I'll be outlying some key facts as at why this marriages fail and how we can learn from them. Please read on.

Lack of together time.
They barely spend time with each other alone because its either one is outside the country or the other has to be on set. Yes they probably do it for the betterment of their family and so that their children will have a better life but why lose the reason you ended up together(Love) just to prove this point. No matter how busy your schedule is, you both need to spend quality time together. Go on vacations, chill in the bitch together and create beautiful memories with each other.

Too much ego.
Celebrities who are used to having everyone cater to them may be resentful when their partners are demanding of their attention too. This may seem like too much work when they can find others who won't expect as much from them. Their ego is always on display against each other. And trust me it isn't so easy going when you have two people who has money, fame and power living together. While considering about your desires, you should put that of your partner as well, that's how it works.

Growing apart.
If you don't grow together in a relationship, you might eventually grow apart. Most celebrities want to be bigger than their partners in all ramifications of life so they lice their lives in their home like a competition. You should support your partner through a new project, discuss possible ideas with them instead of doing everything about your lives Solo. You're partner is a huge part of you so it is your responsibility to help them grow instead of leaving them behind because you want to be the bigger one.

Constant temptations.
While I think this may be normal for every relationship, I think celebrities have double the normal amount. Celebrities meet beautiful and handsome people everyday as fans. If you're an actor and you constantly play roles of romantic parts, you're quick to get tempted if you all know what I mean. And what about a male musician who gets DMs from girls and women of so many class, size and height. It's not new that so many celebrity marriage break up due to constant cheating. They're just human and are prone to making mistakes, they'll say their line of career is responsible but one can eliminate some temptation sometimes except this celebrities' think they'll never get caught.

Refusing to grow their family.
Because of their career, it's either man or the woman wouldn't want a baby at the moment to focus more on their career. When it gets out of hand and the man constantly brings the topic up, it might lead to them signing their divorce paper if the woman still disagrees about having a baby at that moment of her life because she wants no distractions about getting to the apex of her career. Some celebrities' treat the career better that building and growing their family. Their priority is their career and not babies at the moment. Somenof this female celebrities' believe having babies will make them too fat and it will destroy their body shape, my dear that's why there's something in existence like "Workout" and "gym." So many people change body wise when they give birth but they constantly visit the gym to rebuild their body back to slim and sexy, you shouldn't be lazy to get your body back to a summer body after child birth.

We should learn from all this listed above. Having a baby cant stop you from still being a star, everybody needs a break afterall. Mercy Johnson Okojie took time off acting just so she could grow her family and now she has 3 babies(2 girls and a boy), she has worked on her body and can now go back to acting again. Create time for your partners out of you busy schedule. Fix time for your alone time with your spouse to keep the fire burning in your relationship. Try and flee from temptations because they destroy your marriage. Grow with your partner, they're are not your competition. They should be your muse and inspiration. Swallow your pride and consider the desires of your partner too.


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