Thought Bubble Thursdays #1 - Assembling the League

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Salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt… Creative intro!!

Credits: Chibi Spider-Man & Chibi Batman

Y-You… You came back! :') These are not tears, there are just way too many ninjas cutting onions here. Keep it together, Jed. Stomach in, chest out. Ahem! Welcome to the first official edition of Thought Bubble Thursdays! Your (hopefully) weekly hub for all things geeky! What sets this apart from the other hundred geek spots scattered all over the internet? Good question! Read along to find out ;)

Initially, I didn't want to do an intro post, but I wanted Justice League to air for quite a bit more before I posted this. Hopefully, you've already gotten the chance to see it or are not deathly allergic to spoilers before you read this.



You're still here? Either you're really interested or you're a really great friend. Either way, thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope it doesn't disappoint. Let's get on with it, shall we?

Full Disclosure

Before we begin, I just want to make it clear that I'm a 10-1 Marvel guy. That is, for every 10 Marvel characters I'm fond of, I'm a fan of 1 DC character. Back then, it was mostly because Marvel was the overwhelming underdog in that fight. We'll get into detail regarding that in a bit. I always loved rooting for underdogs or things that most people prefer. Some call me a hipster or a contrarian, but I feel like I've just always been an investor. Buy low and all that. Call me anything, just don't call me a fanboy. Because I'm not.

So yeah, I just disclosed that because I want to make it clear that I'll try to be as unbiased as I can during this whole series. All of the things I will say are my opinion alone. I welcome any discussion in the comments section, so please feel free to chime in.

Marvel vs DC

Image Source

I won't discuss the whole history of the rivalry here, as it's been discussed over and over across the whole interweb. The rivalry between The Big Two of the comic book industry is even almost synonymous to modern comics itself. Throughout the years though, DC has always come out on top. Thanks to the widespread success of their characters in other media, the superhero genre was almost synonymous to DC's stable of heroes for the mainstream audience. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman — you couldn't mention the word "superhero" without evoking images of DC's "Trinity". The only bullets Marvel really had against them was Spider-Man and the X-Men (both properties which, ironically, Marvel Studios do not own the film rights to).

For those of you who aren't following who owns what, basically Marvel was going bankrupt during the late 80s and early 90s so they sold the rights of their franchises to different film companies. If you want a detailed history, you can find it elsewhere on the internet. Put simply, Marvel couldn't make movies of their own characters. How screwed up was that?

Fast forward to 2008, Marvel decided to produce a little independent film and hoped that their risk would pay off. Since they didn't have access to their most famous characters, they decided to use a then C-list character in hopes that it could usher in an era of prosperity. They had been working on its script since 2005, and they hung their hopes on a relatively unknown character to carry their studio to new heights. And, it did. The film turned into Iron Man.

Image Source

DC had been making hit after hit, but they were isolated from each other. So, when Marvel decided to pit a connected universe against the likes of Batman and Superman, it was definitely a gamble. $13B later, I'd say that it paid off. So, where did DC go wrong?


Something that Marvel is in danger of with the way things have been going. It's difficult to avoid it, that's why I'm rooting for DC to put up a competitive fight to keep Marvel on its toes. But, like I said, with the way things are going, that's easier said than done.

For years, DC rested on the success of Batman, Superman, The Flash and their other franchises. They were untouchable. Unfortunately, that led them to stagnate in terms of innovation. It's the age old tale of companies that have been too long without competition. I'm not a big fan of competitiveness, but this is the exception I could think of at the top of my head.

DCU means Desperately Catching Up?


It does seem so, doesn't it? Even with tons of movies under their belt, Marvel's recent success with their cinematic universe has made their limited movies seem like an afterthought. Sure, the Nolanverse was a work of cinematic brilliance, but it had already ended. While Marvel had already assembled their cadre of superheroes and elevated them from obscurity, DC had yet to unite their stable of heroes. With a rabid fanbase (and the Speed Force) behind them, they decided to play catch up.

While Marvel's ensemble movie was met with universal acclaim, DC's Justice League had mixed reviews, at best. So, with all the backstory out of the way, let's examine what went wrong.

Marvel had spent years carefully crafting their cinematic universe by sowing seeds through individual movies. They allowed the audience to get to know and develop a bond with their characters. Marvel had to do it though because Thor or Iron Man really didn't have the same recall as Superman or Batman. By the time Marvel was ready to put the band together, the audience was already rooting for the characters. They didn't need to insert backstories in The Avengers and they just went straight to the action. The result was a fun-filled romp that broke cinematic records and solidified the MCU's legacy.

On the other hand, when DC united the league, the only characters we ever got to really know was Cavill's Superman and Gadot's Wonder Woman. Sure, an argument could be made that Affleck's Batman was introduced in Batman v Superman as well, but we don't really know him know him. We know of Batman, because of his numerous iterations, but we don't know his Batman. He was supposed to be a grizzled veteran by the time BvS rolled in, but he didn't feel like "The World's Greatest Detective" that the comics has pushed over the years.

Cavill's Superman was the brooding Superman nobody cared for. Surprisingly, Justice League turned his character around. Apart from the weird moustache issue, the Superman in Justice League was probably the best version of the character on screen. A good balance of light-heartedness and sense of responsibility. In his previous appearances, he was strangely portrayed as a fish out water, even though he grew up as a country boy his whole life. He only ever became aware of his alien origins when he was a teenager. So, I don't really know why he was portrayed the way he was.

Image Source

Look, I actually hate Superman. He's too overpowered, and he's portrayed as someone who could do know wrong. I mean, where the hell in the world could one find Kryptonite!? In reality, he could've finished the main villain here anytime he wanted to. The reason why he was put in the backburner for half of the movie is because the League was quite unnecessary with Superman around.

Gadot's Wonder Woman was fine. She became a beacon that women rallied behind during her movie. It was a good movie, but it was too overhyped in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for representation, but if the agenda is surpassing the quality of the movie, then I don't think it's fair to judge it on that. She has a beautiful face, but she's no Amazon. If she was given more to do here, it would've been better.

Momoa's Aquaman? A total stranger. Fisher's Cyborg? A complete mystery (hashtag Cyborg is a Titan). Miller's Flash? Okay, so we've hit a sore spot for me. Indulge me for a second here. You see, my favorite DC character in the comics is Wally West. Who is Wally West you ask?

Ugh! Not you!
Image Source

There! That's better.
Image Source

Oh, he's only the second person (well, third if you really want to be technical about it) to wear the mantle of The Flash. As to why he's my favorite DC character, I'll reserve that for a future installment. In recent years, DC has been pushing the original Flash, Barry Allen, down everyone's throats. As to why, the reason eludes me. Barry had already died because he made a heroic sacrifice to save the universe. The freaking universe. Mind you, that's no small feat.

Image Source

For the longest time, Barry Allen was Buried Allen. His former sidekick Kid Flash, a.k.a. Wally West, took his uncle's superhero identity to honor his legacy. But, in comics, nobody stays dead for too long. Barry came back and took back the mantle of The Flash. At the time, Wally already had twins and he's fine with giving back the title. Well, that was before DC rebooted their entire universe and wiped Wally from existence. But, that's a whole different can of worms.

My point is, Barry and Wally were two different people. Barry was a noble, nervous scientist type and Wally was a blue collar car mechanic, but was portrayed as a light-hearted jokester in his animated iteration. Barry's hair is blonde and Wally is known for sporting red locks. Barry's life was marred with tragedy, having witnessed his mother's death and his father was wrongly accused of being the perpetrator. Wally grew up idolizing Th Flash, which turned out to be his uncle by marriage. Barry was all about sacrifice and hope, while Wally was all about living up to Barry's legacy. A lot of people prefer Barry, but I grew up with Wally West as The Flash. Heck, Barry Allen died before I was even born!

Ezra Miller portrayed Barry Allen, a fidgety, loner hipster whose father was framed for the death of his mother. He has black hair, and is the comic relief of the team. I get that DC wanted to combine the best defining traits of the two Flashes, but come on. Other than showing that Barry's father was locked up in jail, he portrayed a character more reminiscent of Wally West. Anyway, that second stretched for far too longer, didn't it? That's what happens when you're the fastest man… oh wait.

Basically, DC formed a group of characters that we should be familiar with on paper, but really don't know. In their haste, they sacrificed a lot of character building for the sake of world building. They took a top-down approach compared to Marvel's bottom-up approach. That's all well and good, I mean, it's been done before. Nothing wrong with that, just ask the other league of extraordinary gentlemen

Image Source

Have you heard the saying "if you can't beat them, join them"? Well, DC might've been listening attentively in class when that was taught, because they literally made The Avengers starring their own more well-known characters. I wanted to enumerate the similarities here, but most of my notes already line up with a video created by ScreenCrush. So, I'll save some space and embed the video here:

At the center of the similarities lies Joss Whedon, the man who directed The Avengers who was later tapped to pick up where Zack Snyder left off with Justice League. It's the very same reason why Justice League looks like a cobbled together, Frankenstein-like movie. Two directors who have such different visions both had input on the same film. Snyder's take was dark and gritty, while Whedon's was light and colorful. Some prefer the grittier take, but according to the data, those are a remarkably small few.

Zack Snyder really has a unique vision, but I don't think it's a popular notion. A unique vision, so I should be rooting for him, right? I tried to, but I really couldn't. I'm trying to find his quotes about superhero movies, but I can't seem to find the exact ones I remember. But, I will say this, I don't think that his vision is aligned with that of any fan of the genre. For someone making movies for public consumption, you would think that it's an important aspect.

In response to Spielberg's claim of the superhero genre being a passing fad, Snyder had this to say:

“I feel like [Spielberg’s] right. But I feel like Batman and Superman are transcendent of superhero movies in a way, because they’re Batman and Superman. They’re not just, like, the flavor of the week Ant-Man—not to be mean, but whatever it is. What is the next Blank-Man?”

Oh no you didn't. Don't go dissing on my boy Blankman!
Image Source

I enjoyed Justice League, but not as much as I should. In fact, I enjoyed it less than I enjoyed many of Marvel's movies. The main difference in their approach is that Marvel gives a sense that it's building up to something massive, while DC seems like it's just throwing out their big guns without a plan. There were a lot of plot points from the earlier movies that have since been dropped. I do hope that DC rights the ship before it gets lost. As I said, I want DC to succeed because I don't want Marvel to become complacent.

Super Saturation


Talking about Spielberg's claim of superhero's being a passing fad, there might be some truth to it, but as a comic book nerd, I seriously don't think so. However, we can't discount the fact that superhero movies have been churned out at a steady rate. That could've caused some saturation and could've turned off some of the viewing public. Perhaps people had already lost faith in the universe that DC had been building. Whatever the reason may be, this could play a huge factor in the lukewarm reception of Justice League. If the culmination movie Avenger's Infinity War fails to meet the lofty standards it had set up for itself, then we can revisit the saturation theory. But, for now, the fault lies in DC's court.

Or maybe, the reason why Justice League didn't succeed the way they had hoped, is because they already united a far superior league.

Image Source

I grew up watching this series, and through all its missteps, it presented one of the most compelling depictions of DC's premier heroes ever. If DC would've just presented a live-action version of the cartoon's pilot, it would've been far better. Each member had enough room to shine, and the villains' motivations were far more justified. It opened up a whole world for the cartoons, so why not do the same for live-action?

Where DC) we go from here?

Woah! I just noticed that I've been going on for almost as long as a Zack Snyder movie. A-yo! Sick burns aside, I feel like I need to wrap this up. This went a bit longer than expected because there were a lot of topics to discuss. The next iterations of this series would be more on point. You have my word.

As for DC? I feel like they should create a roadmap and just stick with the plan. With Flashpoint in the horizon, I feel like they're going to reset the board and start over fresh. I don't know if that'll work given the current climate, but it's worth a shot. To wrap this up, just because Snyder dissed Ant-Man, I'm going to pit all of their movies against Ant-Man to give an idea where they are right now.

Man of Steel vs Ant-Man? Hands down, Ant-Man.

Batman v Superman vs Ant-Man? Definitely Ant-Man.

Suicide Squad vs Ant-Man? Is this a joke? Ant-Man, of course.

Wonder Woman vs Ant-Man? It's a close one, but I'll give it to Ant-Man.

Justice League vs Ant-Man?


Oh come on, if the collection of DC's greatest superheroes would be defeated by the pint-sized Avenger, then you really need to start from scratch! I'll give credit where credit is due though, and give Justice League some props. Definitely the best DC movie by far.

Image Source

Will you come back next week? I'll make it worth your while.

What are your thoughts about Thought Bubble Thursdays? I'd love to know in the comments section.

Do you have opposing thoughts about my view of Justice League? Let's discuss.

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Marvel fan ALL THE WAY here, my whole family, in fact Spidey was my dad's, my brother's, my husband's and Ethan's favorite character by a long long shot. Ethan actually lived in a Spiderman costume for a year...then a Venom costume for another year haha!
As for me- Marvel's cast pick for Iron man was absolute, pure, unadulterated genius. Who does not love RDJ? I fucking Love him with a capital L.
I was a little sad Toby didn't stay on as Spiderman, I'm not sure if I'm in a minority here, but he was my favorite. It might have something to do with Ethan playing those movies night and day. And the Avengers Rock where for me the Justice League was meh. Actually my favorite portrayal of Superman was the first few seasons of Smallville, until it became a ridiculous soap opera- but it wasn't Clark's character that drew me into that show, it was Lex. If not for him I probably wouldn't have had any affinity for the teen hit.



Who does not love RDJ?

NO ONE!! The Godfather of the MCU. Mad props to him for turning his life around! One of my favorite actors even before his Tony Stark turn.

Spider-Man is just so relatable for everyone. He's the reason why I got into parkour when I was younger. Adults kept chastising me for putting up the horned finger sign when I was a kid, thinking that it's a "devil worshipper" hand gesture. In reality, I was always just doing the thwip flick of the wrist Spidey did when he's swinging haha!

It was sad seeing Toby go. Spider-Man 2 is still one of the most balanced films out there. I guess he just had to step down because he was already way too old. However, I did like the campiness of that film series while it lasted. The Venom portrayal in the third one angered me though, because I'm such a huge fan of the character. I hated Garfield's run, so it made me wish for Toby to step back into the role all the more.

I agree that the first seasons of Smallville was great, though I stuck around more because of Kristin Kreuk :/ I was entering puberty when that aired so I blame my hormones hahaha!

OH!! And before I forget! I know you're busy with life stuff, but SBD is selling like hotcakes as of late. You have to get in on the x10 action. With what you have in your wallet, you're going to get 2k easily sis!! Go get 'em!

Dang @jedau this was one heck of a thought bubble.
From my perspective, I never put much weight into whether it was Marvel or DC. Don't unfriend me! LOL

I'm all about the character development, dialogue, and whether I connect with the story because if they can put enough realism into the fantasy to make one believe, if only for a moment, that Joe Smith next door really could be a super hero (or villain) or mutant with amazing ability then the franchises have done their job well.

That being said, I have yet to watch Wonder Woman, Justice League, or any other movie but I enjoy the heck out of Thor, Iron Man and The Avengers. I cannot pinpoint why this is so except that I am fascinated with how each one can stand solo and you can almost watch them in any order, but even more brilliant is how they often throw in references to other characters or events and for those who've seen the movie their referencing, it's a fun easter egg and for those who haven't, it's not a devastating miss. I don't know if that makes any sense to you?


I had to restrain myself before I put too much to make the bubble burst haha! Being neutral about the whole thing is completely fine :)

It's a fine balance for sure, and I guess it depends on where their priorities lie. Some go for the uber-fantastical, not even caring about the phyics or logic of it all, while others go for that gritty realist feel that robs the viewers the heart of the source material. If filmmakers are able to figure out that balancing act, then it's pure magic!

That totally makes sense, especially since I'm the one who keeps track of all the easter eggs for my companions hahaha! I love the feeling every time I spot one, it's like a scavenger hunt. Marvel really did a good job connecting their movie universe. They've teased a lot of what came later earlier on. I just wish they integrated their TV properties with the movies better.

If you'll get a chance, I highly advice you to watch the DC side. They're currently in turmoil behind the scenes, but some of their movies are quite enjoyable. In comparison though, Marvel did a better job peppering their movies with easter eggs. I guess their writers are more into comic books than DC's writers.


With a recommendation like that, how could I resist?
I'm thinking... ANT MAN... I don't know why... could be those "subliminal messages" you were leaving behind. hehehe.


Oh really? I didn't notice haha! With the hill of compliments I threw Justice League, I for sure thought that people would swarm the theaters by now. Wonder Woman is still queen of the DCEU though, so you can watch that first then work yourself up from there. It's really been carrying the weight of the whole DC extended universe.


If you like character development, then I highly recommend the show "Godless" on Netflix, it is a mini-series actually - so only 7 eps and that is it forever. It's not superheroes but it takes place in the wild west; I just thought the char development was some of the best I'd ever seen.

Wow! so many thoughts running through my head!
First off, I'm a DC fan so you can suck it!! Just kidding, but I did grow up a DC fan, and primarily a fan of Superman - because I grew up watching those superman cartoons from the 50's (but I'm not THAT old).

Unfortunately, as much as I love superman, he is a TERRIBLE character to have in a movie, pretty much for the reason you laid out: he is virtually invincible. When Superman died in the last movie, I was really happy because I thought they had to get him out of the way for Aveng...I mean Justice League to work. But DC literally did the worst possible thing out of all possible options; here are the two options I was hoping for (other than keeping him dead): 1) He comes back, but as evil superman - they do their quick fight but he flies off not to be seen again in this movie, setting up the next movie with evil superman as the main "villian" they have to defeat/rescue. 2) Superman comes back as in the movie but he is still weak, and thus can't be invincible Superman to instantly save the day - that's too easy. But no, they had to take the easy, boring route of simply having Superman enter the scene to quickly save the day!!! Terrible!!

JL literally felt like a mashup of Snyder and Wheadon. I like both directors separately, but not together - the tone of their worlds just do not mesh, and I think we saw that in full force on this movie. The witty Wheadon quips don't work in the dark tones Snyder verse. I want one or the other.
This movie was so disappointing to me :(

Finally, I wholeheartedly disagree that Antman is better than Wonder Woman!! I'm on the fence about Antman vs Batman v Superman (extended cut) (have you seen the extended cut? I liked it a lot more); but I admit I'd probably give antman the nod in that one...maybe.

All in all, very good write up and I look forward to next thursday!!


Yes! This is the kind of discussion the TBTs would elicit!! :D It's interesting, but you know we're the opposite haha! Superman was the one that ultimately turned me away from DC! Especially when they did that race of "who's faster" between Superman vs The Flash. The freaking Flash. I mean, come on! The Flash has only one thing going for him--being the fastest man alive--and now they wanted to see if Superman--the man with a bajillion things going for him--is faster. I do like the Batman family and Flash family though, among other minor characters. Maybe because their villains are equally compelling. Plus, they have tons of weaknesses.

I do agree though that having him as a deus ex machina is a really terrible choice. I had thought about scenario 2 as well, but scenario 1 hmm that's definitely interesting. I did think that's what they envisioned for him with his resurrection and the Knightmare from Bvs, of him going rogue, but I don't know why they didn't follow through with it. They did make him more likable though, so there's the silver lining in that.

It did feel like a Frankenstein movie, which was quite disappointing since this was supposed to be their tentpole franchise. I agree that their styles really didn't mesh well. Your analysis of where it fell apart was definitely on point.

Finally, I wholeheartedly disagree that Antman is better than Wonder Woman!!

Hahaha! I did say it was a tough decision! HAHA! Ultimately, I think it boiled down to preference. Both their villains sucked, but I thought Ant-Man's supporting cast was better. Also, I watched Ant-Man multiple times already and it has aged well for me. I've watched Wonder Woman only once, so my stand could still change ;)

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, brother! A+ comment! Highly appreciated :D


I haven't actually followed comic books enough to know all the different stories that have happened, i.e. Superman racing Flash.

I need to rewatch Ant Man, I've only seen it once - and I did like it! I think a certain someone cough Gal Gadot cough may have been a deciding factor in my decision too :) I love Paul Rudd......but there is no denying that I also don't mind looking at GG for a few hours...


People diss on it because they think it's diet Iron Man, but if you look beyond that (and the meh villain) the movie is so much more. That's why I put it as a benchmark, because it's just so well balanced. I know I joked about it in the post, but I just used the Snyder quote to segue into it haha!

HAHAHA! Gal Gadot really pushed me into the door. I don't know if I would've enjoyed the movie without her. For a moment, she really did tip the scales into WW's favor. But, when I assessed the movies after not seeing GG's face for a few days, I came up with an impartial decision haha! Her face (and everything else) is just so distracting!


Well now you're really making me think I need to give Ant Man another watch. I've never thought of Ant Man as Iron Man lite but I can see how others would think that. Marvel definitely did an amazing job with their casting - RDJ and Rudd are perfect for those roles.


Man, they sure are! They really exude the characters. I guess that's another factor why I've been leaning towards Marvel--casting. Other than Gal, all the others were terribly miscasted, I feel.


I really like Cavill, and I actually though Affleck did a great job, at least in BvS - I thought batman in JL was a let down, you know, other than the whole movie being a let down. SS was terrible from top to bottom, which is a shame because I generally love David Ayer. Cybord, as a character in general, was just...uninteresting. But I don't put that on casting as much as writing - but hard to say since we've seen so little of him. I like where things are headed with Aquaman; I think the flash could be great too. But there is no question Marvel has killed it in almost every decision they have made.


I didn't like Cavill, that is until I watched what he did later during Justice League. Do you watch Supergirl? I actually like Tyler Hoechilin's Superman more than Cavill's. Ben Affleck was a good Bruce Wayne and a refreshing Batman, but I'm not sure if he wants to be the gritty The Dark Knight Returns version or a younger Batman.

The problem with Suicide Squad is they tried to go toe to toe with GotG, I feel. They completely missed the point of what made GotG special in the process. Had they made it in the vein of Deadpool instead, we would have a different conversation right now haha!

Cyborg, man, if he was instead played off as the young goof instead of "Barry Allen" he would've been more interesting. I know he isn't traditionally the goof, but I'm still leaning on him being the new guy.

I'll leave my judgment on Aquaman until I see his solo film. I like Jason Momoa, and his take was surely different. With Black Panther coming out, it would be interesting to see how they tackle Aquaman for sure. Undoubtedly, comparisons would be made to that and Thor.

Been waiting for a Paradox movie since BvS. Negan as Batman!


Haha! It's a shame that Affleck sexually assaulted Jeffrey Dean Morgan's wife in real life. Of all the people that could've assaulted your wife, it just had to be your son in a movie. Flashpoint is already in the works. I bet it's how they recast the actors and create a more cohesive universe. I'm not sure if it's already too late though.

I always find fault in people’s notions that “Super-Hero” movies are a passing fad, etc. The main flaw is that they try to cram tons of disparate material into a “comic book” genre. Comic books are a medium, not a genre. They encompass so many different genres and the movies have begun to reflect this more and more. If the so called “super hero” or “comic book” fad is ever to fade, it’ll only be because audiences have lost all interest in action/adventure, comedy, drama, thriller, horror, fantasy, sci-fi and beyond!


Right!? It's such a narrow way of thinking. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment! They could box them in all they want, it's not going to make their movies any better. You know, I sometimes feel that they're just projecting their insecurities. Comic book movies have been killing it as of late, and some people feel like their own style is yesterday's news. If only they took the time to explore the merits before they criticized. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, man. I appreciate it! :D

Some characters you list here. I'm just wondering what type of messages they imparted on the watchers and fans minds and hearts. Because that's what they do and that's what their intention partly is.
But regarding competition, in that Illuminati circles this doesn't count much. It's all a big extended family and it's very important if the parents or grandparents have already been part of the club, then only a phone call is needed. And, guess what, every movie is a big long chunk of advertisement (except for the independent and experimental ones -sorry, to tell you that) very precisely crafted and exectued, where messages are very skillfuly placed. About financing, there is a real thirller. For, instance, you certainlly know Lara Croft series. See, Maximillian Schell, the famous actor from Germany is Angelina Jolie godfather. Because she was a new actress then, the producers didn't know if the series will succeed, so they used a legislative loophole in Germany, and the whole series was already paid off when it hit the screens, every cent from then on was pure profit. Well, it made quite a hole in Germany's welfare system, but why would they take this in consideration as long as it pays them and their series off. Nice job, huh?


Yeah, that's a sad fact. They do need to make money whenever they can that's why movies are just one big product placement. It's not a perfect system, but I guess it's the tradeoff. If that brainwashes other people to buy products then that just keeps the capitalist wheel turning.

I've read of Angelina Jolie's casting there, and I'm not surprised about it. Nepotism is something that's all too prevalent, and while we always seek to abolish it for the sake of equality, it's something that's hard to eliminate. Perks of having power, I guess.


Oligarchy is what they like, no matter if the rest of humans doesn't like it.


Yeah, some people are selfish like that.

Batman vs All other superheroes? Batman and only Batman.


Because he's Batman!!!

They do say to always bet on black. And, what is darker than the Dark Knight? Riddle me this, riddle me that.

Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.

- Albert Einstein


That's right.

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If you're a DC fan, just watch Ironman 3 and Age of Ultron to make you feel better :p :p :p


I actually like Iron Man 3 haha! It's Iron Man 2 (and Thor 2) that I have problems with. Age of Ultron was fine. I mean, it's not quite what I expected, but it did a good job setting Civil War up.

Ha ha, you mentioned Marvel as the underdog and I'm off on a tangent, Underdog the greatest super hero of them all.


Haha! A+ reference! I wasn't quite fond of the movie, but I appreciate the callback to it hahaha!